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BIZ Doesn't Play Around When It Comes to Removing Stains on Clothes (Review)

Disclosure:  I was provided with complimentary product from Biz to help facilitate a review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Last month I was asked to be a Biz Ambassador for 2017.  I jumped at the opportunity after I checked out the BIZ website and learned all about this stain fighting product.  

Why was I so excited to become a BIZ ambassador? Being a mom to two little girls, I find myself trying to get the girls' clothes clean each and every time I go to do a loud of laundry.  They seem to get stains on everything...every time.  Are your kids the same way?  Oh, and don't get me started on the husband, who goes through two sets of clothes a day -- his work clothes and his gym clothes.  I wish I could throw out his gym clothes as they not only wreak of perspiration, but the stains around his neckline and armpit area always seem to come back darker each time he wears them, even after all the pre-soaking and scrubbing I do.  I have been in a never ending battle it seems with stains on my family's clothes for some time now, and it felt like a calling when I got the email from the folks at BIZ, and read all about how great this product line is in getting stains out.  Maybe once and for all, my failed stain fighting days would be a thing of the past. :-)

I thought that my daily laundry days would be over after the girls were potty trained.  But, then that time came and went and I found myself still in the laundry room daily, either doing a load or two of laundry, or pre-treating and soaking the girls' clothes.  I went from cleaning accident, baby formula and food stains to cleaning blood stains from them picking their noses and causing a nose blood, tougher food stains that included ketchup and mustard spills, and grass and mud stains.  It is funny, back when they were little, the stains used to be centralized -- usually on the knees where they would crawl around, or around their neck area, where a bib should have been to catch spills.  Now, the stains the girls get are everywhere -- the front of their shirts, around the sleeve cuffs, on the backsides off their pants and all down the front of their pants.  Makes me wonder what the girls are doing to get so dirty, and if they do this just to challenge my stain removal abilities.

If you live on the East Coast, then you have probably been experiencing some crazy weather lately. Prior to a blizzard last week, we had a few days of upper 60's weather.  The beginning of this week was a wash out with rain Monday through Wednesday. But, then the sun popped out today and it was a balmy (just kidding) 48 degrees.  This warmer weather streak was just a tease, as tomorrow we are in for another snow storm, which will bring a few inches of snow, along with freezing rain, ice and then rain at the end.  So much for spring, right?!  My girls took full advantage of the nice weather today as they knew they would be inside tomorrow and maybe Saturday, as they aren't fans of the cold weather or snow.  They lived it up outside where the ground was muddy and their playscapes and swing set were wet and muddy.  So, you can only imagine what they looked like when they came inside to change.  They were all smiles from having a blast outside, as they had the brilliant idea of filling a small bucket they found with muddy water and slide down the slide feet first into it.  I, on, the other hand, just shook my head, as I knew it would be another day in the laundry room, pre-soaking, scrubbing and soaking clothes overnight to try and loosen the mud and grass stains on their clothes...or, would I? 

Thanks to BIZ, which I have been using for the past couple of weeks, I have been able to cut down the time I spend in the laundry room tending to stains, and don't have to cringe as much when I see the girls come in with a stained outfit, or spill chocolate milk, juice or dipping sauce on their clothes, because I know I have BIZ in my corner.  

Here is more about BIZ in case you aren't familiar with this brand...

"BIZ® was the first enzyme based pre-soak and color-safe bleach that moms have trusted to remove stains from the family's laundry for more than 40 years. First invented in 1968 by Procter & Gamble researcher Charles McCarty, Biz was introduced nationally as a "pre-soak" or "color-safe bleach" and later re-positioned as a "detergent booster." In 1994 Biz, like many P&G brands, was re-released in an "ultra" formula (making it highly concentrated so that less of the product would be needed to achieve the same cleaning results). 

Why Biz is Better...

Different stains require different ingredients to eliminate them. Science shows that there is no one single ingredient that cleans everything well. So why doesn't every brand put all of these ingredients in? Probably because it costs more to do that. But BIZ® didn't cut any corners... Biz has more stain fighters than other brands. That's why it works better."



Like I said, I have only been using BIZ for a couple weeks, but I have seen a world of difference with my family's clothes.  Everything I am pulling out of the wash and dryer is cleaner and fresher smelling.  The whites are so much whiter and the colors are bright as if they are brand new.  I have never had this experience with other stain fighter products in the past, as I found they either dulled the color of the clothes, or really didn't help lift the stains...just faded them along with the colors of the clothes.  

Even my husband's white gym t-shirts he wears look vibrant and smell fresh.  I admit I did a sniff test as I couldn't believe it myself the first time I pulled his gym clothes out of the wash and saw just how clean BIZ got them.  It was truly amazing! And, then the same thing happened when I washed a loud of stained clothes from the girls.  Wow!  I am not one to get excited about laundry but now that I use BIZ, I find myself looking forward to tackling a stain that I know other products I would have reached for in the past would not be able to handle.  

Biz has proven to be an amazing stain fighter, and I am just another of the many fans of their products, which include the liquid version I was sent, along with a powder, booster packs and even an on-the-go pen, which I have to pick up and have on hand when I am out and about with the girls and they spill something on their clothes.

I am so excited to be a BIZ ambassador and can't wait to sample their other products and share my thoughts and first-hand experienc using these products on my family's clothes.  And, be on the lookout for giveaways for BIZ products in the future. :-)

In the meantime, make sure you stay connected with Biz on their social channels for news, special offers, giveaways and more...

Biz Official WEBSITE

Disclosure:  I was provided with complimentary product from Biz to help facilitate a review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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