Friday, February 3, 2017

Shit Happens -- An Adult Game Perfect for Game Night with Friends or Even as Part of Your Valentine's Day (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.


Last Friday night we were finally able to host game night at our house.  Usually we try to do at least once a month, but due to colds and stomach bugs going around, everyone's busy schedules and life in general, we have had to postpone game night for a few month. So, it was nice to have a group of friends over with their kids to have pizza, play some family games, then have kids watch a movie while the adults played some fun adult games.  I had a new game I was sent to review, that I couldn't wait to see the reaction from our guests. Can you guess what game it was?  I bet you couldn't guess it.  I am not one for out there games, so our friends had no idea what game I going to have them help me review.  And, when I showed them the game box, I wish I had my camera ready to snap photos as some laughed, others turned red, and the others were left scratching their head on what the game was all about.

Have you heard of this game?  I hadn't until I was sent a copy to play.  And, I have to say, after looking through the cards prior to playing with a group, I found myself laughing and blushing...but more laughing than anything else.  I wondered how others would rank the cards, and what types of conversations the cards would spark, or have people sharing some crazy oh there stories that would have us all laughing.

A Fun Inappropriate Game You Will Want to Play Again and Again

The game rules are easy.  You have to rank card -- which is better or worse.  Then, check your rank against the Misery Index.  If the index agrees with your ranking then you score a point.  The first person to correctly rank 10 cards and have them match the Misery Index, wins!  With 200 Shit Happens cards, this game is going to have everyone around the table laughing and having a blast.

The Rules Alone Will Have You Laughing -- Beware They Are Offensive! :-)

With Valentine's Day fast approaching this game would make a great to an at-home date night.  After dinner, take out this game and surprise your loved one with this out there game about shitty events and see how they would rank the cards. 

How would you rank these cards?  
Remember this not just a fun game, but is a strategic one as well! :-)

This is definitely one game that will make Valentine's Day unique and memorable.  You will be setting another date night to play this hilarious game, just so you can laugh away the stress in your life, and just enjoy each other's company, or the company of friends and family willing to sit down at the table and play this offensive, but true-to-life party game.  You are surely going to have people talking, and even running out to the story to secretly buy this game for themselves. :-)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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