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Malt Shop Cookies -- The Best Kept Secret for Mail Order Malted Milk Cookies (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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Delicious Cookies Made with Malted Milk

Growing up, what was your favorite cookie?  Next to my Italian grandmother's cookies, I would have to save malt cookies my Mom would make.  This was the first cookie she learned how to make as a child from her mother, and she used to make all the time for my brothers and I.  We thought these were the norm for cookies, until we started having friends over and they tried the cookies.  They were quick to respond with "that was different" or "that doesn't taste like the chocolate chip cookies my Mom makes."  But, after a couple more bites they were hooked, too.   My mom would usually get a phone call after asking for her recipe from our friends' moms, or they would ask what type of cookie it was.  This is when we learned malt cookies were unique, and that some people have not have the pleasure of trying.  Fast forward to today and now I am making malt cookies for my girls, and introducing their friends to this tasty cookie.  

Have you tried malt cookies before?  They have been around for a long time...ask a Baby Boomer you know and they will probably rave about these cookies.  When you get them talking about malt cookies they will probably ask why or if you know where to get some, as they probably miss the flavor.  When they do, be sure to tell them to check out Malt Shop Cookies.  I was recently told about this site and had the opportunity to review a personalized bucket of their cookies for inclusion in my holiday gift guide.  And, while they don't taste like my Mom's malt cookies (come on, who can cook or bake better than your own Mom), they hit the spot and remind those who grew up enjoying malt cookies about childhood memories of dipping these cookies in a cold glass of milk, enjoying hot out of your grandmother or mother's oven, or at a holiday party.  Memories of your childhood enjoying malt cookies will come rushing back to you once you take a bite of a malt cookie from the folks at Malt Shop Cookies.

So, what are malt cookies for those who haven't tried this popular cookie?  As the name suggests, these cookies are made with malted milk, hence the unique flavor you may not expect with a cookie.

"Malted Milk is best known as the flavor that gave birth to every Malt Shop, Soda Fountain, Diner and Lunch Counter all across the USA. It is that. But times change. It’s still got that fine and sweet finishing touch flavor. But Malted Milk also offers something else. Made from malted barley, wheat and whole milk, it’s a natural, completely natural, preservative. That means our (your) cookies stay soft and moist for a long, long time. No artificial preservatives needed. Just an all natural way to deliver the wonderful flavor that it is. So, Malted Milk in a cookie? The way it was meant to be."

I don't know about you, but it is hard for me to find a good cookie at the market that tastes fresh baked.  Cookies on the shelves have so many preservatives and ingredients that you leave you scratching your head.  And, the bakery leaves you wishing you just made a batch of cookies yourself.  But, if you are busy parent on the go, finding time to get in the kitchen and bake is hard to do.  I stay home with my girls all day, but find that my time is limited when it comes to baking and cooking, as we always seem to be doing something or on the go.  

So, I was excited when I found out Malt Shop Cookies, as I love to order food online and have it delivered to the house.  Tasty treats like this always come in handy especially around the holidays when I have family and friends stopping by to visit.  I can now offer them malt cookies, and introduce to them to malted milk flavored cookies for the first time, or reminisce with them about our childhoods enjoying these cookies.  And, because I know so many people from my childhood, as well as my parents and other relatives who are Baby Boomers, having an online shop like Malt Shop Cookies comes in handy for birthday and holiday gift ideas, as everyone loves tasty treats, especially when they arrive on your doorstep unexpectedly. :-)

Like I said, I was sent a sample tin of malt cookies from the folks at Malt Shop Cookies.  They wanted me to see their personalized tins you can customized with a personal message and photo, to surprise that special someone in your life with malt cookies.  Check out the cute tin I was sent, which included 3 of their malt cookies flavors to sample with my family...

Isn't this a cute idea?  I loved the cute dog on the cover, but the best part were the cookies that were inside the tin. :-)  When you order from Malt Shop Cookies you can choose to fin your personalized tin (or even a gift bag) with any of their three flavors (with more flavors to come) -- chocolate chip, double chocolate and mocha chocolate.  

Want to try all three flavors?  Then, choose their variety pack and they will include 18 cookies in their medium tin - (6) Chocolate Chip (6) Mocha Chocolate and (6) Double Chocolate.  Or, opt for the large tin and get 36 cookies in total: (12) Chocolate Chip, (12) Mocha Chocolate and (12) Double Chocolate.

My mouth is watering just looking at these photos of the cookie from Malt Shop Cookies, and remembering just how good they tasted.  My favorite was chocolate chip, while my husband and girls raved about the double chocolate ones.  It was nice to sit around the table with cold glasses of milk dipping our malt cookies in the cup and then taking little bites, savoring the flavor of these cookies.  I kept telling my girls that these were my favorite cookies growing up, and how I would teach them to make these cookies when they get a little older.  But, in the meantime, I can now get my malt cookie fix by ordering online at Malt Shop Cookies whenever I want.  And, you can, too!  So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to Malt Shop Cookies today and place an order to surprise someone you love with a personalized malt cookie tin, or just buy a tin for yourself to enjoy or so you can put these cookies out on your Christmas dessert table.  

Once you try these cookies you will see why I and so many others can't get enough of them! :-)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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  1. I have never heard of these cookies until I read about them on your blog. I so want to try the mocha chocolate ones.
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