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Holiday Gift Ideas for Him -- Man Toolz Launches Skincare Line for the Everyday Man - Includes Monthly Subscription Box, Too! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Manly man's solution to tackling the toughest skincare needs - delivered to your doorstep

Doug Brown Founder of Man Toolz / Doug Brown, Founder Man Toolz (PRNewsFoto/Man Toolz)

My husband is all about monthly subscription boxes delivered to the door.  I thought this was only popular to women, but turns out men are fans to. Why? Partly because they hate to shop, and also because they love to get mail (like we do!).  So, when I told my husband about Man Toolz, a  new men's skincare and grooming company designed for the average guy, he asked if they would be sending along a box for him to review.  He is all about pampering his skin, even though it takes a beating when working on the job or in the gym. So, after hearing about this new premier line of men's skincare products which can be delivered right to your door each monthly, he was intrigued.  

Man Toolz is a new skincare line that provides an affordable, easy to follow skincare routine, available with a monthly subscription option. 

Last week my husband received his first box of Man Toolz skincare products.  His first reaction at seeing the box it came in was..."Cool." 

It was a manly box he said, even before opening it.  And, once he opened it and saw the three skincare products for men, he couldn't wait to try them out.  Usually when he cares for his skin, he will use  facial cleanser, lotion when it gets dry and at times a blackhead or pimple cream when he gets an occasional breakout.  But, that was the extent of what he would use.  He is not one to keep up on what skincare products to use.  So, he was happy to have the folks at Man Toolz put together a box of skincare products that will help him care for his skin.  

Here is more about the Man Toolz skincare products that my husband was sent and is loving...

"The American-made collection includes three core products with a proprietary formula to tackle the toughest dirt and grease while cleansing impurities, resurfacing the skin and providing added moisture for hydration. Man Toolz skincare products include:

Dirt Removal Multi-Tool Cleanser
  • Dirt Removal Multi-Tool Body Wash, 8oz ($9.95) – Dual-strength cleanser for face, hair and body.
Grime Elimination Face Cleanser
  • Grime Elimination Face Cleanser, 4oz ($11.95) – Designed to tackle any man's facial problems.
Resurfacing Moisturizer
  • Resurfacing Moisturizer, 2oz ($13.95) – Hydrating tool to replenish and resurface the face.

The line comes as an answer to men who don't enjoy shopping for skincare and struggle with product differentiation. Man Toolz will ship a monthly Tool Box, for $27.99, complete with the three core products. The cost for men is only about a dollar a day. The monthly Man Toolz delivery removes the hassle of having to leave the house to search for quality skin care."


Not only does this new monthly skincare subscription for men help men care for their skin, but they are also helping making a difference in other people's lives.  How you ask?  "Man Toolz cares about more than just skin; the company also strives to make a difference by giving a portion of sales to organizations that provide assistance in educating individuals in the skilled trades. By simply using the right 'toolz' for your skin, you also help build lives and careers."  How great is that!  I personally love when a company gives back by donating part of your purchase to wonderful causes and organizations.  It is always nice to give back, while you shop for products you love and use everyday. And, my husband is now a fan of Man Toolz, and has already asked me to sign him up for a monthly subscription, so he doesn't have to worry about running out of his new favorite skincare line that is making his skin feel great.  I have even seen and felt an improvement in the overall look and feel of his skin, after only a week of using the American-made collection (the three core products mentioned above).

So, if you are still scratching your head and wondering what to get your husband, boyfriend, brother, son or special guy in your life, why not consider signing him up for a monthly subscription to the new Man Toolz skincare line.  Once they try this new skincare line out for themselves, they will be thanking you time and again for introducing them to this amazing skincare line and for helping them finally properly care for their skin.

Tool Box
Monthly Subscription Service is only $29.99 for one-time purchase, or save 6% by signing up for a subscription (which you can cancel at any time)

Head on over to Man Toolz and place an order today.  You can sign up for a subscription service or buy products individually.


About Man Toolz:

Man Toolz™ is a men's skincare and grooming company that provides effective ingredients and simple solutions designed for the everyday guy. Created to streamline the skin care process for menMan Toolz delivers a monthly tool box of proprietary skincare products, providing an easy answer to searching and shopping. For more information, please visit

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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