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Cubetto from Primo Toys is the only Screen-Less Coding Program for Kids Ages 3+ #cubetto #ad

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign for Primo Toys. I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own.

Primo Toys

Learn coding through play

I use a variety of curriculum and programs when putting together lesson plans and teaching my girls as part of our homeschooling.  Because both of my girls are hands-on learning, I love Waldorf and Montessori inspired learning, as they both focus on hands on learning and learning through play over teaching with common core standards or pushing worksheet after worksheet without really experiencing or learning firsthand about a topic.  

Being a fan of Montessori-based learning and products, I was excited to hear about Cubetto, an award-winning, Montessori-approved coding toy that teaches children ages 3 and up the basics of computer programming through the use of colorful blocks, a friendly wooden robot named Cubetto, a physical programming console and beautifully illustrated maps and activity book to make learning more enjoyable and fun.

kids playing with cubetto interface board

Created by Primo Toys, Cubetto, is the first and only screen-less programming system, powered by a revolutionary coding language made up of colorful blocks that children use to write their first codes and computer programs.  Really neat if you ask me! :-)

Cubetto removes the complexity of language and screens from coding. Helping children get a head start in one of the most valuable skills for the world we live in.

What I love so much about the Cubetto playset is that it includes everything your child will need to learn how to code, while also developing computational thinking skills that will help them understand basic coding principles, all while a child learns naturally and at their own pace. Cubetto provides gender-neutral play that boosts a child’s creativity, critical thinking, spatial awareness and communication skills.  

A playful programming language you can touch. Montessori approved, and LOGO Turtle inspired. Learn programming away from the screen.

This coding playset is also the only coding toy that can be used by sighted and non-sighted children in the same setting, creating an equal learning environment that promotes inclusive play. And, by combining movement, touch and sound, Cubetto also helps children with disabilities strengthen their sequencing and communication skills.  So, this coding playset is a win-win for all kids and their learning abilities.

complete cubetto adventure pack with cubetto wooden toy robot, interface, user manual, and world map

Your Cubetto comes with everything your little one needs to begin their coding adventure.

My husband is a computer programming and has been using online based coding programs with the girls to try and teach them basic coding.  Savannah, who is 6.5 picks it up quicker than Bella. But, then when the code begins to get more difficult, both girls get frustrated and don't feel like coding anymore.  But, my husband sees how excited they get when they write a successful computer program.  He just wishes there was a more age appropriate program out there for them, and one that doesn't require using a computer, as we only have one computer for school and two girls, so they grow tired waiting for their turn. 

When I told my husband about Cubetto and showed him the video below, he said this is what he had been looking for.  And, he, too, was excited to see it was Montessori-approved.  After the holidays, we plan to purchase a Cubetto playset for the girls and incorporate into their learning in the new year.  I know they will love, and I am excited to see them learning what Daddy does. 

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all five cubetto adventure packs

Cubetto is available for purchase on for $225, or $245 when bundled with the Cubetto Activity Pack, which offers four additional world maps and matching story books. (Activity Pack priced $65 if sold separately).   


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Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign for Primo Toys. I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own.

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