Friday, November 18, 2016

Surprise the Mermaid in Your Life with a Fin Fun Monofin or Mermaidens as a Gift This Holiday Season -- Save $5 Off Your Next Order! .@usfg

Both of my girls love the water.  We have been doing swimming lessons for about two years now, and they can't get enough of the water.  Go figure, after we take our above ground pool down, they decide they love swimming and the water. But, thankfully, we have a local fitness center that has an indoor heated pool and offers their swim lessons, so the girls can swim whenever they want.  And, usually when they are there, the kids are in school, so they get the whole pool to themselves. :-)

When the girls are not pretending to be mermaids in the water, they love watching their mermaid movies or creating artwork depicting them as mermaids.  I am guessing they were mermaids in another life...or, really really love the water and the whole idea about mermaids.

So, this Christmas, I can't wait to surprise the girls with their very own Fin Fun Mermaidens to snuggle in and keep warm.  Here is more about these cute and oh so stylish mermaid tails, in case your child is asking for one, too...they seem to be a hot item kids are asking for this holiday season.


For mermaids who desire an entire wardrobe of stylish, eye-catching tails, Fin Fun offers an amazing selection of high-quality mermaid tail designs inspired by the beauty of the sea and nature. The Fin Fun Mermaidens collection features tails based on the beloved Mermaiden Princess characters, each with a unique personality and story, which can be found on the kid-friendly site. The Limited Edition collection combines fantasy with nature's beauty in spectacular designs that have a shimmery, shiny look and feel. 

In addition the mermaid tail to snuggle up and lounge in, older children and those comfortable with the water would love their very own Fin Fun Monofin.  Maybe down the road when my girls are a little better in the water, I will get them a Fin Fun Monofin of their own.  But, in the meantime, here is more about these cool mermaid tails for the water and swimming - for the true mermaid in your life. :-)


The patented Fin Fun Monofin (available for separate purchase) provides natural mermaid motion for smooth swimming at the pool, lake or beach. 

Feet are not strapped in, making removal of the Monofin easy, with just one tug and a kick. The open tail bottom makes it easy to insert and remove the Monofin (required for swimming), while also avoiding trapped air and allowing mermaids to walk on land. 

These award-winning Fin Fun products are designed for a realistic mermaid experience that also provides maximum safety, comfort and performance. 

The premium quality and attention to detail has made them a celebrity favorite, as well as the best-selling mermaid tail brand in the world! 

To learn more about the Fin Fun Monofin or Mermaiden tails, visit  And, right now just for Inspired by Savannah readers, you can save $5 off your nex order over at Fin Fun.  Just use promo code USFAMILY16 to save $5 Off Any Order!  Act fast as this coupon code is only valid for a limited time.


  1. We love swimming in our house too and we would so love to try this.
    heather [email protected]

  2. That is adorable! What girl wouldn't want a mermaid tail!?