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Kids Will Have a Blast Learning About Outer Space with their In My Room Space Expedition Kit -- Includes Virtual Reality Goggles (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

We have been all about Outer Space and astronomy lately, as that is what I taught the girls last month as part of their homeschooling curriculum.  They had previously showed interest in the stars and learning about planets, so I spent time putting together a fun lesson plan that included a trip to a local planetarium, fun arts and crafts projects where they build their own solar system, and used a handful of educational projects to tie what they were learning together.  One item in particular they we loved was the In My Room Space Expedition from Uncle Milton.

More about this kit:

"In My Room Space Expedition: Project hundreds of stars and constellations on your walls with the Star Planetarium. Use the activity guide with the goggles to discover more about the wonders of space as you also see augmented reality planet images come to life. 

Then, put on your Explorer goggles and go on a 360° virtual reality journey into our Milky Way galaxy! Available Fall, 2016. SRP

Key Features:

  • This interactive 4-in-1 experience combines exciting virtual reality and augmented reality technology with hands-on planetarium activities and real STEM learning as you travel through our solar system!
  • The star planetarium projects hundreds of stars on your walls at the touch of a button. See different constellations as you set to specific dates and seasons. Includes cosmic night light.
  • Use the explorer activity guide poster with your planetarium to learn about constellations, space expeditions, and more. Find answers and the VR/AR cards that unlock exciting virtual adventures.
  • Use the high-quality virtual reality goggles with your smart phone and the free app to go on amazing 360-degree journeys through our solar system. The VR goggles also work with many other VR apps.
  • Use the 3D augmented reality cards with your VR goggles to view interactive 3D model images of planets and spacecraft in your hand! NOTE: cards are required to unlock VR and AR experiences in app.
  • Includes virtual reality (VR) headset, free app, 9 augmented reality and VR cards, star planetarium, and explorer activity guide poster
  • Works with smart phones between 2 7/8 and 3-inches wide and 4 3/4 and 6 1/8 inches long. Requires Android version 4.3 or newer or iOS version 8.4 or newer.
  • Part of the Uncle Milton Virtual Explorer line of products where real and virtual play connect. Part of a STEM-based educational program inspiring kids to learn about and discover their world."

This new virtual explorer lines (Ant Farm Antopia Adventure and Dino X Team Prehistoric Safari also available) is great for kids who love to explore and learn while having fun.  

Each of the Uncle Milton Virtual Explorer sets come with a themed toy, a pair of Virtual Explorer goggles which when you add your smartphone to will add cool augmented VR experience to the topic you are learning about, as well as an activity guide. 

The app you need to experience your selected Uncle Milton Virtual Explorer set is FREE to download and doesn't require in-app purchases.  The app and use of the VR goggles is what really makes this series amazing and one of a kind.  

While my girls were already excited about Outer Space from school, the pairing of the VR goggles and app brought it all to life, as they were able to see up close and have a feeling like they could reach out and touch the different stars and planets.  The girls agreed that the VR goggles were cool and made the planets come alive, unlike what they experienced at the planetarium show I took them to.  

And, when the girls weren't wearing their VR goggles and playing with the Space Expedition app which takes you on a 360 degree journey through the Milky Way, they loved setting up the Star Planetarium in their bedroom and projecting hundreds of stars and constellations on their wall.  

We have been having a blast laying in bed, as if were laying out under the stars, and pointing to the different constellations.  And, for ones my girls don't know or remember the names, they are quick to come up with unique and sometimes funny names for.

Who knew learning about space, dinosaurs or ants could be so much fun?  Well, thanks to the Virtual Explorer line from Uncle Milton, kids and adults will have fun experiencing these topics up close, as if they were really standing next to a dino, an art or up in Outer Space.  We can't wait to pick up the two other versions -- Ant Farm and Dino X to share with the girls.  I am already working on lesson plans to tie it all together and make incorporating these virtual explorer kits that much more fun and engaging, while the girls continue to use the In My Room Space Expedition kit we were sent.

So, if you are looking for a unique educational gift for that special child in your life, that also included a virtual reality component, they you will want to check out the three virtual explorer kits available from Uncle Milton.  The Ant Farm and Dino X versions retail for only $34.99 each, while the In My Room Space Expedition one costs $49.99 (but you can purchase right now at Toys R Us for only $39.99).  These kits are geared towards children 8+, but my girls were able to enjoy when we used together.  

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Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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