Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Have You Heard About the New Splashlings Toy Line for Girls from TPF Toys? They Make Great Stocking Stuffer Gifts

TPF Toys

TPF Toys Splashlings™ is a beautiful line of collectible mermaid-themed characters and their friends, with amazing personalities and phenomenal imaginative play for girls five and up. 


Invented by the famed Pound Puppies ® creator, Mike Bowling, the Splashlings TM, toy line features An Ocean Full of Friends TM , including a special group of mermaids and shells, as well as more than 130 pets, underwater gems, and treasures for kids to play with and collect and an animated series available on YouTube. Ages 5+. SRP: $2.99- $24.99. Available at Toys “R” Us and Amazon.

Splashings Mermaids Assortments Wave 2 -- One of the year’s most sought after collectibles, Splashlings(™) Wave 2 is the latest addition of mermaid-themed characters and friends. Wave 2 features a series of ultra-rare color change characters, that when dipped in icy cold water, amazingly changes colors! 


Fans around the country have been clamoring for Splashlings and Wave 2 will add more than 100 new Splashlings’ characters to this ever-growing collectible.

The Mermaid 12-pack includes a Mermaid, seven Splashlings (plus a ‘hidden’ Splashlings) and two seashells.  SRP: $12.99. 

The Mermaid 6-pack assortment includes 1 mermaid, four Splashlings and one seashell. SRP: $5.99 Coral Treasure Park - What do Mermaids do when they are not swimming in the ocean?


Head to Coral Treasure Park, for endless play on slides, swings and more! The set includes a Mermaid, two Splashlings TM Pets, and one inner tube.  SRP: $19.99

Medical Center Playset - At times, Mermaids and An Ocean Full of Friends need a little nurturing medical care, and the Medical Center Playset, packaged with two Splashing Pets, helps get Splashlings TM friends cured and ready for more fun.  SRP: $14.99


Splashlings Surprise Packs! Wave 2 Splashlings Ocean Full of Friends™ 2-packs make it a surprise each time to see what two Splashlings are behind the foil pack inside! SRP $2.99.  

A 2-pack Splashlings Collector Shell is also available; SRP $3.99.

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