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Give the Gift of a Paint-By-Number Canvas This Holiday Season, Thanks to Gifted Custom Art #PaintWhoYouLove

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Coloring books are no longer for kids anymore, as more and more adult versions are hitting the market, and providing adults of all ages, hours of relaxing and stress-free coloring time (that is when you can find "me time.")  I love when my girls want to color, as I join in on the fun, and find myself losing track of time alongside them, as we try our hardest to stay in the lines and create colorful works of art that we can display on the fridge. Yes, I even hang my artwork up, too..because the girls like to look at it and say "Mommy, colors well, too!" :-)

But, coloring is not the only thing parents love to do, like their kids.  What about painting?  I, for one, am always up for pushing up my sleeves and throwing on a smock, and painting a canvas with the girls.  We love going to a local art bar which lets you host painting parties, or just drop in and paint classes where a particular design is taught and painted.  Bella chose a paint party back in early November for her 5th birthday.  Unfortunately, though, all but kids had to cancel as they were sick or a sibling was sick and they couldn't make it.  Fortunately, one family with two children was able to come, so we had a fun mini paint party, with my two girls and myself, and their friends who are siblings (brother and sister) and their mom painting a snowman with us. Bella loves snowmen and thought this would be a fun way to get into the holiday spirit.  And, she planned to give her artwork to Nana and Papa as their Christmas gift.  Here is how our snowman paint party turned out...

Now, I am in no way an artist, so I was pleasantly surprised at how well I did.  And, look at the great job my girls and their friends did, too.  While we were painting, I was talking to their friend's mom about a cute custom art print I was going to work on at home to surprise my mom with for Christmas (no artist experience needed!).  She, like me, loves doing the adult coloring books and painting with her kids, so I knew she would want to learn about Gifted Custom Art

What is Gifted Custom Art you ask?

Gifted Custom Art offers a unique gift ideas that brings the fun and flair of wine and canvas straight to the comfort of your home. You start by uploading a photo of your choice—whether it’s an old family portrait, a snapshot of Fido or a vacation “selfie." Then, the folks at Gifted Custom Art turn it into a paint-by-numbers outline printed on a 16”x 20” gallery wrapped canvas. 

Paint in the comfort of your home someone or something you love.

What I loved most about this product is that Gifted Custom Art kits come with everything you need (paint, brushes, easel) to create a beautiful piece of custom art.  

So, I didn't have to run out to the local craft or art supply store with a list of supplies I needed to complete the paint-by-number custom canvas.  I couldn't believe that they even included an easel, which you easily make from pieces of the cardboard box your canvas piece ships in. 

I was thinking I would have to line the table with newspaper to protect it as I wasn't sure how messy my paint-by-number Gifted Custom Art experience would be.

Like I said about in regards to painting the snowman at my daughter's paint party, I am not an artist, nor do I pretend to be.  Stick figures and basic shapes are all that I can do.  The girls have to turn to my husband for help when wanting to draw something.  I am quick to print out a coloring sheet or picture.  But, drawing or painting has never been a strong point of mine...even, though I wish I was more artistic.  

I didn't have to worry, though when it came to painting this unique paint-by-number canvas, as even the folks at Gifted Custom Art, let you know you don't need to be an artist.  Instead, you just need to want to have fun, get a little dirty (OK, probably just clumsy me is the only one who spills the paint on myself and table), and create a canvas print you or someone you love with cherish for years to come.  

My parents have a large canvas print of Savannah I gave them when she was two years old.  I kept meaning to make another canvas print of Bella, so they would have one of each of the girls, but you know life gets in the way, and you forget. But, when the folks at Gifted Custom Art reached out to me and offered me the chance to create a custom art piece and experience their fun at-home paint-by-number experience, I jumped at the opportunity, as I thought this custom art piece would be perfect hung next to Savannah's print in my parent's house.  

Here is a cool time-lapse video of the Gifted Custom Art Paint-by-Number process, so you can see how easy and fun the whole experience is...

The hardest part about the whole experience with trying out this product was finding the time to actually sit for a period of time without the girls or my husband interrupting, so I could paint. I ended up waiting until they they bed the week before Thanksgiving to complete my paint-by-number Gifted Custom Art print.  Before I began, I poured myself a glass of wine and put on some relaxing music. Then, I made my easel and set out all my painting supplies.  The only thing I needed that wasn't included with the kit was a cup of water to rinse the brushes with.

It took me a couple of hours to complete the canvas.  I don't advise to paint late at night -- I started around 11PM, after a long-day with the girls -- as it felt like my eyes were playing tricks on me and all the numbers started looking the same.  No, it wasn't because of the wine...I only had 1 1/2 glasses. :-)  But, I was able to complete the custom art print, and couldn't believe how wonderful it turned it.  The canvas was like nothing I had ever created before.  It did remind me of a few prints I edited online of the girls' photos with a photo editor to give it a "Pop Art" feel. Unfortunately, I never got around to printing them out or doing anything with them.  So, I was happy to finally make time -- "me time" to sit and enjoy a nice glass of wine and paint.  Boy, was it relaxing! It felt good to paint and see the photo of my youngest daughter I had sent to Gifted Custom Art come to life on the canvas, knowing I wasn't an artist. There is no skill beyond being able to paint-by-number, in order to create a cherished canvas that makes for a great present, or to hang and enjoy.

With the holidays fast approaching, why not consider having a few girlfriends over to create their very own custom art of their child(ren) or a family pet?  You can all send in a photo of your choice and have your Gifted Custom Art sent to your house.  Then, choose a date to meet up at your house, with wine and dinner, and get your paint-by-number on.  :-)  It would make for a great holiday tradition to start with them, or just an excuse to get together and have a fun girls-night in, which if you are a mom, you know is hard to schedule.  But, when you find the time and its works for everyone, it is a great time had by all.  Now you all will be talking about how much fun you had painting by number and creating a treasured canvas print.

Gifted Custom Art also makes for a great gift idea.  You can order a print and give it to someone you love so that they can experience the fun of paint-by-number.  Like I said, coloring and painting are so relaxing and a fun quiet activity for the kids...but, now parents can get in on the fun, too!  So, however you choose to give a Gifted Custom Art piece, know that its personalized touch is what everyone desires and deserves in a present. :-)

I wish I could show you my canvas, but like I said, it is going to be a Christmas gift to my mom, and she reads my blog, so I don't want her to see it just yet. :-)  But, know it came out great, and I know she will love it.  And, once you try your hand at a paint-by-number custom art kit from Gifted Custom Art, you will see firsthand just how great these unique custom art pieces are.  


So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to Gifted Custom Art to upload a cherished photo that they will turn into a paint-by-number piece for you to paint or surprise some with.  Happy painting! :-)

Your own Gifted Custom Paint-by-Number Kit only costs $99.95 and contains the following...

  • Your photo converted to paint-by-numbers printed on a 16”x 20” gallery wrapped canvas
  • Five paint brushes
  • Five colors of paint
  • Easel

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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