Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Budding Artists Will Love Cut It Out! Kits This Holiday Season -- Cut and Color and Magically Create Like Never Before (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Both of my girls take after me and love to craft.  Give them a sheet of construction paper, glue and crayons and they will turn it into something amazing.  They could spend hours sitting at the table doing arts and crafts...I know as my refrigerator is filled with their artwork and creations.  And, we have a clothes line hanging between the living and dining room so that I can hang more of their arts and crafts pieces for all to enjoy. :-)

Recently, my girls had the opportunity to try out the new Cut it Out Starter Kit.  

"A major innovation in art activities, budding artists can now color, cut and create with Cut It Out!™, an all-in-one activity tool that allows you to create artistic designs with  truly “magic” Cut It Out markers that cut paper simultaneously as kids draw shapes and creations. With the Cut It Out! marker firmly in one-hand, kids color and create whimsical designs, and can easily lift their cut out drawing off the page. Like magic, no scissors are needed!  Ages 6+. SRP: $9.99-$24.99. Available at Toys “R” Us and Amazon."

Prior to being sent this all-in-one activity tool kit that lets you transform a sheet of paper into amazing designs like magic. The Cut it Out! tool is actually a marker that lets you draw shapes and creations and the cut the paper at the same time.  My youngest, Bella, was amazed at this all-in-one tool and loved seeing her drawings lift off the page after she was done designing.  I remember the first time she lifted her artwork with the Cut It Out! tool, she said, "Look, Mom, I didn't need scissors...and I stayed in the lines."  

She is not a fan of cutting as she hates to miss the black lines or getting a sloppy cut.  Even though I keep telling her practice makes perfect and that it is about having fun over being a perfectionist, she still wants each and everything she creates to be great.  So, she loved how this all-in-one tool will help making cutting out her designs a breeze.

In addition to the starter kit we were sent to review, you can also find these other kits from Cut It Out!, all of which would make for great gift ideas this holiday season for arts and crafts lovers and for boys and girls of all ages.  

Cut It Out!™ Design Studio – The ultimate set for kids, the Design Studio includes an awesome sketching  table for all artists’ needs, complete with an easy-access drawer for storage, four Cut It Out markers the signature Cut It Out Easy Glide Holder, Cut ‘n Color templates pages in various sizes and colors, stickers, adhesive gems, as well as a variety of essentials to create pinwheels, bracelets, masks and more.  SRP: $24.99

Cut It Out!™ Design Set For emerging artists and those with endless creative flair, the design set includes three Cut It Out markers, a signature Cut It Out Easy Glide holder, paper of various colors and sizes, stickers, string, and cutting tray. SRP: $14.99

Cut It Out!™ Theme Set – Young artists meet budding photographers with the Photo Booth and Picture Frame theme sets.  Each themed set comes packaged with two Cut It Out markers, small and large paper, stickers, gems and items for each theme, such as frame bases, props and more. SRP: $9.99 each

We usually give a handful of gifts to Toy Drives at the holidays and I have made a point to pick up a dozen of these starter kits to wrap and give, as I know kids will love creating and magically cutting out their designs.  This definitely is a must have fun for budding artists, who love to create.  

My girls love it and have already added a few of the above mentioned Cut It Out! kits on their wish lists so that they can continue coloring and cutting out their designs with ease. :-)

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Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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