Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Act Fast...Rollbacks on Limited Edition, Walmart Exclusive Nickelodeon DVD + Ornament Gift Sets -- Paw Patrol, Shimmer and Shine and Blaze and the Monster Machines

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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I was just ordering some of the girls' wish list items from Walmart and saw that the Limited Edition/Walmart Exclusive Nickelodeon DVD and ornament gift sets shown above just had a price rollback. Now you can score these cool DVD and ornament gift sets for only $12.46.  A steal if you ask me as these DVDs usually cost between $12-$15 alone.  And, if you were to buy a character ornament like these, you would be looking to paying between $8-12 -- I know as I just bought a few Paw Patrol ones at another retailer the other day and paid $12.99 each.  

Here is more about the three above mentioned DVD/ornament gift sets exclusive to Walmart, including my personal review.  Hope you are able to take advantage of this rollback offer and save yourself some $$$. :-)

Get fired up for 4 action-packed Blaze and the Monster Machines episodes! Whether he's transforming into a fire truck, a bumper car, or an ice-making machine, ready to team up with you to use speed, stunts and STEM to save the day!. 

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You don't have to be a boy to enjoy Blaze and the Monster Machines that air daily on Nick Jr.  Both of my girls love this show, and as parent who is always looking for shows that are not just fun, but also provide an educational aspect, love this show. Blaze and the Monster Machines is all about monster trucks, but uses STEM to help solve the problem for the day.  My youngest was most excited about this ornament/DVD gift set as she had put on his wish list a handful of ornaments and one was for Blaze. :-)  So, she was quick to claim this one as her own. :-)

Here is more about this recent DVD release, which includes 4 full-length episodes that are sure to delight any Blaze and the Monster Machines fan...

"Blaze must put his best "wheel" forward to save the day in Blaze and the Monster MachinesFiredUp! Fans of the speed-racing, STEM-savvy monster truck won't want to miss this brand-new DVD collection that includes some of the most high-octane action adventures yet! Whether it's morphing into a fire truck and putting out fires, embarking on slippery adventures to save a truck wash, or racing to deliver medicine to cure sick trucks, Blaze, AJ and their friends are sure to use science, technology, engineering and math to save the day! 

Blaze and the Monster MachinesFired Up! DVD includes:
  • Fired Up! - Blaze smells smoke at Axle City's garage, so he calmly and courageously leads his friends outside to safety. The Fire Chief is impressed with Blaze and encourages him to work hard to earn his firefighter badge and join his team. Blazeand AJ set out on a series of thrilling adventures to avert disaster in Axle City.  
  • Five Alarm Blaze - While racing at the Monster Dome, Blazemust transform into a fire engine to put out a fire. As all theracing fans celebrate his heroism, Blaze and AJ get a call from the Fire Chief and his crew who need their help. Blaze has to race to the emergency, overcoming obstacles and preventing catastrophes along the way.  
  • Trouble at the Truck Wash - When Crusher pours too much soap into Gabby's Truck Wash, its pieces explode out across Axle City! Blaze and AJ must embark on a sudsy, soapy quest to track down the missing pieces and rebuild the Truck Wash. 
  • Sneezing Cold - Gabby, Blaze and AJ are out in the wilderness when they get a call-all of Blaze's friends have come down with a silly sickness called the Sneezels! Now our heroes must race back to Axle City to deliver the fuel that the sick trucks need to feel better."

Join the PAW Patrol for 7 snowy saves, including a special double-length Christmas episode! The pups gear up to fix Santa's sleigh and save Christmas, plus return penguins to their frozen home, help Everest on some snowy rescues, and more!.
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Does your child have a favorite or character that they can't get enough of?  For Savannah it has been Paw Patrol for the past few years.  Not a day goes by that she is not wearing a Paw Patrol outfit, watching episodes on the television or from one of her many DVDs, playing Paw Patrol games on the iPad, or simply grabbing a bunch of paw patrol toys to play with.  And, whenever we have to run errands, she is quick to grab one of her plush Paw Patrol toys to bring along for the ride.  You can say that Savannah lives and breathes Paw Patrol.  :-)

So, when I heard that a new holiday DVD was being released, PAW PatrolPups Save Christmas, I knew just the person to help me review it....Savannah! She was so excited when she saw this DVD arrive in the mail and couldn't wait to watch it.  Even thought she has seen all the episodes that make up this new DVD release, she still wanted to see it, especially because some of the episodes had Everest in them.

Here is more about this new holiday DVD release, which includes 6 full-length episodes that are sure to delight any Paw Patrol fan...

"Unwrap a high-action adventure this holiday season with a collection from one of the hottest preschool series on TV, PAW PatrolPups Save Christmas. This latest puppy collection features daring rescues with just the right amount of holiday cheer! Join Ryder, Chase, Everest and the rest of the gang as they embark on snow-filled adventures to help Santa save Christmas, rescue penguins and polar bears, and much more. Whether they're feeling festive, competitive or silly, it's no secret that the pups are here to bring a little extra joy to this holiday season. Produced by Nickelodeon Home Entertainment and distributed by Paramount Home Media Distribution, PAW PatrolPups Save Christmas will be available on DVD November 1, for the suggested retail price of $14.99.

PAW PatrolPups Save Christmas includes the following episodes:
  • Pups Save Christmas - When Santa's sleigh crashes and the reindeer run off, Ryder and the PAW Patrol have to help Santa finish delivering presents and save Christmas.
  • Pups Save the Penguins - Someone has been swiping fish off Cap'n Turbot's boat, so he calls Ryder and the PAW Patrol to help investigate. Using his new spy gear, Chase inspects the boat and heads below deck where he discovers it's a group of pesky penguins. Now, the pups have to catch the slippery suspects and find a way to get them back to the South Pole.
  • Pups Save the Pop-Up Penguins - Ryder and PAW Patrol are enjoying a sunny summer day at the beach when a call comes in from Mr. Porter.  He and Alex were at the train station to pick up a big frozen fish order only to discover it's been eaten by some stowaway penguins that have scattered all around Adventure Bay.
  • Pups Save Skye - Skye is on her way to Jake's Mountain to meet up with Everest and Ace when a storm blows in and she crash lands in the snow. After losing her pup tag and breaking a wing, Skye has to climb the rest of the way on foot while both Ace and Chase use a drone to look for Skye from above. They find her but can't reach her on the steep mountain. Ryder calls in Everest - ice or snow she's ready to go!
  • Pups Save Sports Day - The pups are all excited to be a part of Adventure Bay's Sports Day until Everest realizes that she can't show off her snowboarding skills in the summer.  Ryder and the pups race into action to build her a snowboard half-pipe, complete with snow, but Daring Danny X's impatience sends the snow making machine on a tear around the stadium covering everything. The pups slip and tumble through their summer sporting events, until Ryder and Everest decide that the new and improved snowy themed events are even more fun than the regular sports.
  • Pups Bear-ly Save Danny - When Daring Danny X tries to outdo Everest on his motorized snowboard, he gets stuck in a tree and wakes up a hibernating Momma bear.  Skye air-lifts Danny off, while the pups lure Momma down with honey flavored treats.  When the same tempting treats draw the baby bears out of the cave and up into the tree, Everest and Marshall must get the bears safely back into their cave."
With the holidays fast approaching and snow on the horizon for many of us, this new Paw Patrol makes for a great way to get your little one into the holiday spirit and excited about winter and playing in the snow.  Savannah had a blast watching this DVD...I lost count after the fifth time of viewing.  She can't go a day without watching at least one episode on this DVD, and always brings this DVD along in the car.  

Surprise that Paw Patrol fan in your life with new holiday DVD release.  I know they will enjoy, just as much as Savannah has been. :-)

First time's a charm in 3 genie-rific episodes, including a double-length special! Join Leah's first magical trip to the genie world in Zahramay Falls! Then go back to Shimmer and Shine's first day in Leah's world. And in a bonus episode, celebrate the friends' first wishaversary!.
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This was one DVD my girls had been hoping I would get for review, as they are huge Shimmer and Shine fans.  If you have young children who watch Nick Jr., then you have probably sat for an episode (or more) of Shimmer and Shine.  This popular animated series follows two genie sisters in training, Shimmer and Shine.  A young girl, Leah, is the human that these two genies are assigned, and make her wishes come true.  But, like I said, these genies are learning, so you should expect some (or most) wishes to be carried out wrong. The genies learn from their mistakes and never give up, and I love the theme of friendship as well in this series.

When my girls saw this DVD arrive in the mail, they couldn't wait to watch it.  Even though they have already seen the three episodes that make up this new release, they were ready to watch them again for the upteenth time. :-)   This is one of those shows that the girls could watch an episode over and over without getting bored, as it such an interesting and fun show.

Here are the episodes that you will find on this new DVD release, available in stores and online today...
Shimmer and Shine: Welcome to Zahramay Falls includes the following episodes:
  • Welcome to Zahramay Falls - Shimmer and Shine receive a special Green Burst Gem from Princess Samira and bring it into the human world. The evil sorceress Zeta uses magic to steal the gem, but her spell goes awry and pulls Leah and Zac intoZahramay Falls.  
  • First Wish (Double Episode) - Leah wins a genie bottle pendant at a carnival and is surprised to find that her prize comes with a bonus - Shimmer and Shine.  Leah wishes for a polka-dotted elephant and things get complicated when Leah uses her remaining wishes to keep Zac from seeing the elephant. In the end, the girls create a new carnival attraction and learn that they can overcome any obstacle by working together.
  • Happy Wishaversary - It's time for Shimmer, Shine and Leah to celebrate their Wishaversary! In honor of their Wishaversary, Shimmer and Shine make Leah the perfect gift-a bracelet with a magical touch. When Leah puts the bracelet on, she can float like a genie. However, when Zac shows up to play a video game with Leah, Rocket gets a hold of the bracelet and starts to float. Leah must play the video game with Zac, while also working with the genies to retrieve the magical bracelet before Zac sees Rocket floating away. 
My girls are already putting together their wish lists for Santa and Shimmer and Shine toys and clothes are top on their list.  I see this DVD being a great stocking stuffer idea.  It would even make a great back-to-school movie night.  This is one DVD that every Shimmer and Shine fan will want to have, especially for the popular Welcome to Zahramay Falls episode.  This was one episode that had my girls' eyes glued to the screen, and one they talked about with their friends for days later.


If you have a Nick Jr. in your house who loves Paw Patrol, Shimmer and Shine and/or Blaze and the Monster Machines, then you will want to take advantage of this rollback price. Not only will they get a fun DVD to watch, but they will have their very own ornament of their favorite Nick Jr. character to add to the tree. :-)  My girls can't wait for the tree to go on Thanksgiving just so they can add these three new ornaments to it. 

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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