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Snazaroo is Helping Me "Paint a Smile" This Halloween with Their Non-Toxic Face Paint Kits #ad #Snazoween

Disclosure:  This post is part of a sponsored campaign for Snazaroo.  I received compensation for my participation, all views shared are mine and mine alone.

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Halloween is almost here.  Have your kids picked out their costumes yet?  Or, do you make their costume, and are finding yourself rushing to put finishing touches on their must-have costume?  While I love doing arts and crafts type stuff with my girls, I lack the ability to knit or sew.  So, when Halloween rolls around, I take the girls shopping for their costumes.  I try to find costumes that come with a face mask or ones that you don't have to do much to get into character.  But, I am finding that as my girls get older, they love to challenge me in the face painting department. 

This year, Savannah is going to be a puppy dog, while Bella chose a chocolate bar costume.  And, go figure...both costumes need face paint to pull the whole look together.  So, while parents and grandparents who make their own costumes are busy working their magic, I have been spending the past week trying out different face painting techniques to satisfy my girls.  Who knew they were so picky?  I guess they take after their perfectionist mom. :-)  I lost count after 6 puppy dog looks for Savannah.  And, after Bella decided she didn't want her whole face painted for the chocolate bar costume, she is creating her own look with dramatic eye paint as she calls it.  This coming from the girl who when asked in preschool what she wanted to be when she grows up answered..."A face painter!" That's my girl! :-)

But, thanks to Snazaroo and their line of face paint kits, I have been busy honing my face painting skills....don't worry...I will not be getting a side job as a face painter any time soon.  Just looking for Halloween to come and go. :-)  

What I like best about the face paint kits from Snazaroo is that they are non-toxic, and perfect for kids 3+.  And, if you are like me and don't have face painting skills, then you will love that their kits come with a step-by-step painting guide, which offers popular face paint requests like a cat, tiger, dog, pirate, princess, dragon, and so many more.  I, for one, like how this tutorial book is laid out with step by step pictures to help guide us novice face painters.  It really made my life so much easier when it came to trying to satisfy my girls' face paint requests.

Here is a little more information on Snazaroo and why I can't stop recommending their line of face painting kits to family and friends this Halloween season...


Snazaroo offers top-quality products that are made in the UK with FDA-approved ingredients. Their products are non-toxic and safe for kids ages 3+.  I personally love how they are paraben and fragrance-free, making them perfect for children with sensitive skin.  And, best of all, the face paint washes away easier, without having to rub hard or for days to get off. 

Face Paint Pirate Skeleton Green 

I found using baby wipes or even one of my makeup remover wipes took the paint right off. And, there was no skin irritation or rash left behind, which was always the case in years past with other face paint kits I used on them.

If you are looking for inspiration or ideas on how to fulfill your child's wish for a certain face paint design, look no further than  Here you will find terrific, step-by-step printable tutorials on a broad range of Halloween looks your kids will love - from aliens to zombies and everything in between.  

Learn how to achieve this fairytale princess look here 

You will also find designs for popular animals, seasonal themes, princesses and fairies, pirates and heroes, and of course Halloween and horror. Boo! :-)  


Remember how I said I was a novice face painter?  Well, after trying out a handful (really more) different puppy dog looks and meshing a few looks together, Savannah has chosen this cute Dalmatian dog look to pair with her costume this Halloween.  Thanks to the guides on, which include everything from what color foundation to use to how to add detail and even what kinds of brushes and work best, I was able to work my magic and come up with looks my girls loved, and which even surprised me.

I tried to do a step-by-step tutorial using photos, but I found Savannah grew restless after sitting for a few minutes having me paint her face white to start things off.  But, here are so photos I took along the face painting journey to give you an idea of how to pull of a similar look if your child is asking to be a puppy dog this Halloween.

First, I started by painting her entire face white.  Then, I painted her nose black, as shown above.

Then, I proceeded to paint one eye black and colored in her other eyebrow black.  I painted her lips black, painted on a red tongue on her chin to make it look like she was sticking her tongue out.  I outlined the tongue in black and added a little black line down the middle to give the tongue some definition.  I also added little black dots on her upper lip and black line to connect the nose to the mouth.

Lastly, I added a handful of black spots all over her cheeks to give her the Dalmatian dog look.

After looking at the photos I took of her, I have to say I didn't do that bad.  While it doesn't look like a professional face painting job, it isn't that bad.  Savannah loves that is all that matters! :-)

And, remember how I said Bella is being a chocolate bar, but skipping having me paint her face brown.  This is the eye art she wants me to do for her.  I guess she is going for a posh or fashionista-type chocolate bar. :-)

Snazaroo has a wide range of colors, glitters and stencils to help parents and caregivers easily create a spooky look this Halloween, or even for a fun look if you are called on to provide your face painting skills at your child's birthday party or a play date.  

My girls love having their friends over and pretending to be makeup artists/face painters and create glam and sometimes "oh my" looks for each other.  But, they are having fun, so that is all that counts!  I love seeing the girls express themselves creatively with their face paint art.  And, I have captured many precious moments of Daddy and Me time when the girls go to town on my husband creating fun looks for him with Snazaroo face paint.  :-)

To learn more about Snazaroo and their face paint, kits and accessories for kids, which are available for purchase at, visit


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I can't wait to see what amazing face paint art you create for your child's/grandchild's Halloween look this year.  So, be sure to tag me and or send me an email showing me your work. :-)  I know you will love the Snazaroo Face Paint kits just as much as I do, as they are perfect for novice through professionals, and are safe for your child...even those with sensitive skin like my girls.

Disclosure:  This post is part of a sponsored campaign for Snazaroo.  I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinion are my own.

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