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Notorious is Thursday's #1 New Show! - It's My New Guilty Pleasure! #ad @ABCNotorious

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I love this time of year...not just because of the fall foliage and apples and pumpkins, but also for the new fall line up of television shows.  I don't know about you, but I hate having to pass time in the summer when it comes to watching television -- all those reruns.  But, once September arrives and kids go back to school -- the new shows arrive, as well as favorites that been on break since the late spring.

Unfortunately most of the shows I used to watch have ended their run or didn't make the line up this fall.  So, I was eagerly awaiting premiere episodes of a handful of shows to find some new favorite shows to look forward to each week.  How about you? One show in particular I was excited to see was Notorious starring Piper Perabo.  I have been a fan of this actress from when way back in the day when she starred in Coyote Ugly.  I knew this break out role was going to skyrocket her career, and that it did with more movies and television deals.  And, now she is back in what I see a hit series with a long run in this new hit legal drama series airing on ABC every Thursday at 9PM EST/8PM Central Time.

More about the show:

Piper Perabo, who you may also know from the hit television series Covert Affairs stars as a #1 news TV producer alongside Daniel Sunjata, who plays Jake Gregorian a hot-shock defense attorney who manipulates the media along with Piper's character, Julia George, to win cases, while she brings in the high ratings and viewership for her news program.  Both Julia and Jake will do whatever it takes to win -- at any cost.  

I love legal dramas and have to say that Notorious is one of the best -- if not the best I have seen over the years (I have only seen one episode, so can't say #1 just yet...but, I am feeling it! :-) ).  What makes this show even better is that the show is based on actual true-life stories from famed criminal defense attorney, Mark Geragos and "Larry King Live" news producer, Wendy Walker.  I found this out after watching the first episode and this made the show even better in my eyes as I love seeing real cases and story lines play out on television.

I tuned in last Thursday and was hooked on this show, and can't wait until tomorrow night to see what happens next.  If you haven't seen the premiere episode and have HULU, you will want to check it out, so you can follow. You can also watch the show's episodes on the ABC App. But, if you don't it is still early in season that you can tune in tomorrow and be caught up. Here is a sneak peak into tomorrow night's episode...
His cases...Her Headlines.

Notorious TV show on ABC: season 1 (canceled or renewed?).

Piper Perabo stars as Julia and Daniel Sunjata stars as Jake on the Notorious TV show on ABC. 

Episode Story line for "The Perp Walk" (Episode 2 of hit new series): "Oscar goes off the rails as Sarah's funeral approaches, but Jake must defend him and shield him from the media even as tries to keep his feelings for Sarah in check. Meanwhile, Julia searches for Sarah's brother to get the lowdown on a family quarrel; and a woman's appearance on "Louise Herrick Live" could inadvertently provide clues in her baby's kidnapping."

This new legal drama will have you hooked from the start, as you try to figure out who committed the crime and how Julia and Jake will spin the case/story in their favor.  The characters are vulnerable as they have a personal life that plays out on the side -- with a breakup and an affair.  Juicy stuff that also makes this a must see show.

I could go on and on about why I am loving Notorious.  But, instead, why not tune in tomorrow night to watch the show for yourself. Or, if you can't watch it at that time, record it and watch it as soon as you can, as you will probably being hearing spoilers from family and friends who are addicted, just like I am to the show. :-)

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Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by the Role Mommy Writer's Network. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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  1. I'll have to catch up on the ABC app. The commercials look good though!