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Back to School and On the Go with Tommee Tippee #ParentOn

Disclosure:  As a Tommee Mommee I was provided with a promotional item for my time in writing and promoting this post.  However, all views shared are mine and mine alone.

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Boy, did summer fly by?  It felt like in a blink of an eye I was planning a fun summer for the girls, only to be packing away their summer clothes and pulling out fall and winter clothes now.  How was your summer?  Hopefully you were able to make some great memories with your families, and experienced fun firsts.  For my girls, this was the summer that they both got more comfortable with the pool after a year of weekly swimming lessons.  Now, they are swimming with floaties and love diving in the water, and showing off their back float or diving for rings.  Even though we are sad to say goodbye to summer, we are excited for fall as the girls love school and all things fall including weekend car rides seeing the fall folliage, apple and pumpking picking, apple cider donuts and cider (Yum!). I could go on and on about why we love fall just as much as summer.  But, I will spare you a hungry belly. :-)  Instead, I wanted to share our back to school must haves that have helped easing the girls back into school easier this September.

As you know, I homeschool the girls.  While we do school at home, I have also signed the girls up for different classes throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut, which means we are in the car the better part of the week driving from classes or field trips.  There are times that the girls are having lunch or dinner in the car, and thanks to Tommee Tippee, our on the go meals and snack time are made easier with the following products, which have become a staple whenever we go out...

"Tommee Tippee's Easy Scoop Feeding Bowls with Lid and Spoon pack includes 2 bowls, a leak proof lid and an easy grip spoon. They are a must buy for easy feeding on the go. The easy scoop triangular base helps with self feeding and they fit with their Easi Mat too, meaning less mess and less stress for you."

My girls love eating from these bowls in the car or when we are picnicing.  Not only do they think it is neat to have the spoon attached to the lid, but as a mom, I can't tell you how many times even back when they were babies that I left the house and found I had forgot a spoon to feed the girls.  Now, with the spoon attaching to the lid, I am never without a spoon when it comes to serving the girls their favorite fruit, jello or snack on the go.

Even though my girls are not little anymore, I still find the snack 'n' go cup from tomme tippee to be a lifesaver when I have to give the girls a snack on the go.  

Tommee Tippee Explora Snack and Go Pot (Girl)

I can't tell you how many times they have flipped their baggie of goldfish or cheerios over and they landed all over the floor of the backseat.  But, when I went back to using these snack cups, there was little to no mess.

Tommee Tippee Explora Snack 'N' Go Pot

My girls are picky when it comes to food. Right now, they are both on a limited menu.  And, if you can believe, they are also picky when it comes to water.  I can't give them water from the sink.  They want it from a particular bottle brand. But, when we are out on the go and I need to refill their tumblers I have to have a way to provide them with clean, tasty water. Thanks to the filter bottle from Tommee Tippee, I can fill their tumblers and with the filter cup that screws into the base of the cover and filter out the water I put on when we are on the go. 


The filter, which you can replace when needed, helps filter out lead and up to 99.9% of microbial cysts, along with reducing the taste and smell of chlorine, thus providing them with cleaner water -- that my girls don't question is public or bottled water.  



As a busy mom on the go and having two picky eaters and drinkers, the filer bottle from Tommee Tippee is a lifesaver, as I am always trying to make sure the girls stay hydrated when we are on busy and on the go, or even home just doing puzzles :-)

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In addition to the above Tommee Tippee products, I also love their line of , which are perfect for park meetups with their friends.  If you have little ones and do meetups, then you know how you can get your child's sippy cup or tumbler mixed up with their friends, as they all look so familiar.  But, I have found that the girls' Tommee Tippee tumbler with straw cups always stand out.  

Stars and Stripes Insulated Straw Tumbler Blue Future President
Stars and Stripes Insulated Straw Tumbler Red Go Team USA
Their friends and even the parents comment on how stylish and cute they are.  And, I have heard on more than a few occasions their friends asking their moms for a tumbler like my girls' :-).  I, for one, fell in love with the Stars and Stripes Sippee Cups and insulated tumblers when I saw them in stores this past summer.  What better way to show our love for the USA than with a cute tumbler, that is great at keeping the girls' water cold and is spill proof, so I don't have to worry about it falling over in the backseat of the car and leaking everywhere.

So, now that the kids are back to school, you are probably seeing what your little one may need for preschool, daycare, or even homeschooling on the go like our family.  Maybe they need a better tumbler that is insulated to keep their drinks colder for a longer period of time.  Or, maybe they are picky when it comes to crisp water, thus making the filter bottle from Tommee Tippee a must have?  

Whatever your little one's needs, the folks at Tommee Tippee have everything you need to make back to school a breeze and much for more fun.  Just look at the cute bibs, cups and easy feeding bowls and utensils, like some of the ones below...

You can learn more about the above items and other must haves for your little ones by visiting today.  

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Disclosure:  As a Tommee Mommee I was provided with a promotional item for my time in writing and promoting this post.  However, all views shared are mine and mine alone.

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