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Leave it to the Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center to Show Kids...“You Don’t Have to Be Big to Be Strong" #FloatingHospital #IC #ad #Toughlings

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Tufts Medical Center

Living in a small country setting brings with it ups and downs.  In regards to health services, we are lucky enough to have a local hospital about 5 minutes from our house.  So, if an emergency arises, we can seek medical attention quickly.  But, the downside is that if you need more specialized care or treatment you have to travel further into the state for skilled doctors and treatment facilities, or even out of state to the Boston area, where I am originally from.

Growing up, I was the accident prone child.  And, if I wasn't at the doctor's for an injury, I would be there for a cold, etc.  The doctors and nurses used to joke that I had a whole shelf in the cabinet for my growing medical charts...and, they all knew me and family by name. Not sure if that was a good thing or not. :-)

And, now that I am a mom, I am getting payback for having my mom take me to the doctors so many times, as I find myself utilizing our local hospital and pediatric and walk in centers for medical care for my girls.  Just a couple of weeks ago, instead of going to bed, my girls decided to have an impromptu dance party in the living room.  My oldest tried her luck at moon walking, but failed, as she slipped and whacked the side of her head on a wooden bench we had near the window.  She got up and laughed it off...until I noticed blood running down her head.  I looked, and low and behold, she had a large gash in her head that needed emergency medical attention.  I rushed her up to the ER, where the kind doctors and nurses helped to calm her down, before gluing her head closed.

Times like these I am grateful for the local hospital.  

But, if there ever comes a time that my girls need medical attention while in Massachusetts visiting my parents, they already know to bring them to the Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center.  Because we are from the Boston area, I have family and friends who still live there.  And, when we get together and swap stories about our kids, the Floating Hospital for Children is brought up.  Either someone is talking about the Pediatric Emergency Department or the new check-in tool, InQuicker (allows parents to check-in for an estimated treatment time so that patients and their families can wait at home instead of in a Boston ER waiting room), for non-life-threatening emergencies.  

If you are not familiar with the Floating Hospital, and live in and around the Boston area and have children, here is more information, so that you can utilize this Floating Hospital if and when the need ever arises.

Like the name suggests, the Floating Hospital is a dedicated pediatric ED, which operates 24/7, everyday!  The hospital is set up with children in mind, by offering a child-centered environment with a play area waiting room and five dedicated rooms that are soothing, healing and suited for a child. The staff, which is second to none, and continually raved about by my friends and family, includes a pediatric emergency nurse and a pediatric technician. In addition to round the clock care for your child, the Floating Hospital also offer Child Life specialists’ (hours are 10 am–2 am) that also provide support to a child and his/her family. 

You Don't Have to Be Big to Be Strong at Floating Hospital for Children in Boston, MA.

The Floating Hospital is here to make sure children are seen quickly, no matter the time of day. And, because the Floating Hospital has affiliations with other community hospitals, you and your family can experience top notch care closer to home.  How is that for convenience?! 

You Don't Have to Be Big to Be Strong at Floating Hospital for Children in Boston, MA.

"Through Floating Hospital for Children’s network of pediatric affiliations, children with less-complex conditions can remain in the community under the expert care of our on-site pediatric hospitalists, specialized physicians who only care for children in an in-patient hospital setting. If more advanced care is required at Floating Hospital for Children, patient transfer and care management are quickly and seamlessly coordinated."

So, what sets the Floating Hospital apart from other area hospitals?  Besides being set up to cater to children, this hospital offers some fun and unique ways to give children courage when they visit and are faced with an illness or medical concern.  Take for instance their "The Toughlings" program.  

This program centers around a group of animals - Buff – a badger, Elbo – an octopus, Mica – an ant, Cozi – a turtle, and Sage – an owl -- who are all small...but, mighty - just likes the kids who seek treatment at the Floating Hospital.  These animals can be found throughout the hospital and elevator banks, to help ease anxiety and nerves of children as they make their way through the hospital, and may need a little extra courage.  Want a sticker?  Be sure to ask one of the nurses or staff, as stickers of these courageous group of animals is available for patients.

Another fun feature that is unique to the Floating Hospital is visits by mini-horses to the inpatient floors on a monthly basis.  While I never wish for my kids to have to have an extended stay at a hospital...but, how neat would it be to see a mini-horse walk into your hospital room?  This must really put a smile on the faces of children staying on one of the inpatient floors rooms.  Horses aren't your thing?  The Floating Hospital also has pet therapy dogs to visit and snuggle up with patients.  Wet kisses are always good medicine. :-)

Because play is a vital component of children’s lives, the Floating Hospital makes a point to have this at the forefront of their mission, and play is included in daily routines at the hospital and for those children hospitalized there.

The Child Life Services was initiate by the Floating Hospital way back in 1948, to help patients and their families cope with stress of illness, hospitalization, disability, etc.  Services provided include tutoring so kids don't fall behind in school if they find themselves out of school for an extended period of time, overnight privileges for parents -- who doesn't love a good sleepover, especially when you are away from your own bed, and need the company of your parent to ease your worries, and play (being an integral part).

Check out this video from the Floating Hospital which sums up all I mentioned above and more.  You will see the strength, courage and determination of the patients and staff at the Floating Hospital, and how their unified message "You Don't Have to Be Big to Be Strong" aligns with the Floating Hospital and their dedication to providing excellent care and services to your children, day or night, year round...

So, next time when you child gets hurt or is not feeling well and needs to visit the ED, why not check out the Floating Hospital?  You will find yourself feeling at ease, as will your child, as you walk into this child-centered hospital, and are greeted by caring and dedicated staff, ready to make your child feel better, and their stay -- no matter how long, one full of play and fun.  Ask around, and you will find friends and family raving about the Floating Hospital like I am. :-)

In the Division of Cardiology at Floating Hospital for Children, our cardiac experts are here for you and your child.

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