Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Buy a Specially Marked Tommee Tippee Product and Get a FREE Personalized Coffee Mug from Snapfish @TommeeTippee_NA @SnapfishUS

If you have little ones then you probably have a space on your counter designated for all their sippy cups and bottles and other feeding supplies.  With two little ones I found myself running out of space on the shelf and resorted to filling a corner of my kitchen counter with all their bottles and then cups as they got older.  I could never part with their bottles and cups as they each had their own favorites and at any given point would ask for one and I needed to have it within arms reach.  While my girls are no longer babies, we still rely on Tommee Tippee for their insulated cups with straws as well as their mealtime products for my girls.  The girls still have favorite cups -- Savannah's is blue and purple and Bella's is pink and green.  So, you can imagine what my kitchen counter looks like...a rainbow of sorts. :-)

I love when brands I trust and recommend to family and friends offer fun deals and promotions for their loyal customers.  And, right now Tommee Tippee is offers customers the opportunity to purchase specially marked cups and mealtime products and get a FREE 11 oz. photo mug from Snapfish.  How cool is that!?  I for one love personalized gifts like this and have so many mugs in the cabinet from Snapfish that I created with the girls' photos.  I love having family and friends over for coffee and talking about how the girls have grown based on the cup they are drinking out of. We admire the photos...well, I usually get teary eyed knowing that they are no longer babies, but, then smile as I love the girls they are becoming.  I guess I will be making more room on my coffee cup shelve for another personalized photo mug from Snapfish thanks to this amazing Buy 1 Get 1 One Free (of sorts) offer.  

Want to take advantage of this Tommee Tippee and Snapfish offer?  You will have to act fast as the promotion ends on June 30th.  When visiting your local Target, Walmart or Babies R Us store be on the lookout for Tommee Tippee products with a yellow sticker noting the Snapfish Free mug offer.  This is what you will be looking for...

The offer is currently stickered on cups (excluding single valve) and mealtime (plates, bowls, etc) products. Cups can be purchased at Babies R Us, Target, or Walmart, and mealtime products can be purchased at Babies R Us. To celebrate the partnership, we have a special March activity for you!

You know you can never have enough cups or plates for your kids, right?  So, why not take advantage of this offer and get a gift for you or to give to someone special in your life.  Like kids and their bottles and sippy cups, parents (and grandparents) also can't have enough coffee mugs.  Just take a look in my kitchen...I have a whole 3-shelf cabinet filled with them. :-)

I can't wait to see what photo mug you create when you take advantage of this special Tommee Tippee and Snapfish FREE mug offer.  So, be sure to share your photos once you receive your cup.  Now, to decide on what pictures of the girls to add to my new coffee cup from Snapfish. :-) Cheers!


  1. Sounds like a great partnership! I've been impressed with Tommee Tippee products for my grandsons.

  2. What a great promotion thanks for sharing this one. We love Tommee Tippee they are awesome.
    heather [email protected]