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Pamper Yourself This Holiday Season with Candles and Meditative Mists from Aurorae (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Aurorae Yoga

With all the craziness of the holidays you may find yourself giving up some of your "me time" just to get all the holiday shopping and wrapping done.  I will not even talk about preparing for Christmas dinner, as I know it will only add more stress to all the craziness in your life -- I know as I am feeling the same way.  If only there were a few more hours in the day, or a way to slow down the clocks and not rush the holidays.  But, we can't do either.  Instead, we can only try and make a point to take a few minutes (at least) a day to slow down and breath and relax, so that we can enjoy the holidays

Have you been asked what you wanted for Christmas for yet?  Usually my husband waits until the last few days to do his holiday shopping.  He thinks I will find things I want for Christmas while out doing my holiday shopping and then will drop hints or leave him notes with sales or my wish lists.  Well, this year I have saved him the trouble of trying to think of things to get me and got my wish list to him early.  Wonder what was on the least?  In addition to my annual request for hot chocolate, pajamas and slippers and new kitchen gadgets, I have asked him for more candles and meditative mists from Aurorae

Not familiar with Aurorae? I wasn't either, until I was recently sent samples of their  Lavender Spa Value Package, which contains Meditative Mist Aromatherapy Spray & Lavender Meditation Candle, as well as their Rose candle to enjoy.  

I am the type of person who thinks you can't have enough candles around the house.  You never know when the power will go out or you need to get rid of stale air in your home, or better yet, unwind after a crazy day with the kids by sipping on a nice glass of wine as you soak in a hot bath, while enjoying the relaxing scents from the Lavender Meditation Candle.  

When it comes to scents, one of my favorite scents is Lavender.  It is not only a calming scent, but it smells amazing. I was excited when I received the Lavender Spa Value Package from Aurorae to sample as I couldn't wait to see how this 100% soy wax candle smelled. I have tried other soy-based lavender candles in the past, only to be disappointed that the scent was not strong enough to smell in the air, or that it really wasn't lavender scented.  

After lighting this candle, which comes in a lovely 6.8 oz. non-toxic recyclable tin container, I was pleasantly surprised to find it smelled wonderful.  Within a few moments of slowing down to take in a few wiffs of the candle, I found myself relaxing and slowing down.  Who knew a candle could smell so good and also help relax you -- even after the craziest of days.  Next to this soy candle smelling great, I was happy to learn that the candle itself burns for 30-35 hours, thus giving me many more days/nights to enjoy the candle as I relax and enjoy "me time".

Included in the Lavender Spa Value Package is also a Meditative Mist Aromatherapy Spray.  
Mist made from essential oil blend, purified water & castile soap, 8 oz. Made in the USA

For only $23.95, you can't go wrong for this candle and meditative mist gift set.  I have been using the mist spray on the linens and pillows and to add a burst of lavender scent to the air throughout the house.  And, whenever family and friends come to visit, they can't help but inquire on what is making the house smell so good.  I am quick to point out either the candle burning or the Meditative Mist Aromatherapy Spray which I keep handy. 

Like I mentioned above, the kind folks at Aurorae also sent along their popular Rose candle to let me experience.  I was tempted to save this and leave for family to enjoy when they came to stay this upcoming holiday, but I, too, was curious to see how this candle smelled when burned. 

I am not one to grab a rose scented candle while out candle shopping, as I usually lean towards seasonal scents or my go-to lavender scent. But, I was happy to have been given the chance to try as I am now a fan of rose scented candles, especially those from Aurorae.  What I liked best about this and the lavender scented candle from Aurorae was how subtle and clean the scents were, and how they created a relaxing atmosphere, no matter the room you choose to burn the candle it.  I have been moving my two candles between rooms and can't get over how quickly the air fills with the relaxing scents.  These candles truly make for a relaxing experience, as you try to slow down and enjoy the holidays and what matters most -- time with family and friends.

My husband ordered a handful of Aurorae candles off of Amazon to give to me and his mom. Included in my wish list of scents besides a couple more lavender candles was the following...

Thought this would come in handy for the cold season and providing a refreshing and cooling scent to the dry winter air

How could I resist being a chocolate lover and all? :-)

Will be burning this on Christmas day for family and friends to enjoy.

So, if you are candle lover or still looking for gifts to pick up for those hard to shop for people on your holiday list, why not consider the Lavender Spa Value Package or a couple soy candles or meditative mists to surprise them with.  Everyone needs a little pampering and these candles will help provide a relaxing atmosphere, while awakening the senses.  To learn more about Aurorae and their product offering visit today.


With only a few more days to place orders to receive in time for the holidays, you will not want to delay in getting your order placed with Aurorae.  The hard part will be choosing a scent or two to give as gifts, or even just to pick up and put under the tree for yourself.  

Can't wait to find which scents become your favorites. :-)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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