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Holiday Gift Ideas for Peppa Pig Fans -- Including Playsets, Plush, Clothes and a Cute Play Mat (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

I'm a Peppa Pig Parent!

If you were to ask my girls who one of their favorite characters was, they would be quick to name Peppa Pig in the top 3.  And, thanks to last night's Peppa Pig Live! show at the Hanover Theatre that we brought them to, it was the first thing they woke up and were talking about over breakfast and the way to school. 

Do you have a Peppa Pig fan in your house?  If so, then you are probably seeing Peppa Pig toys listed on their wish lists for the holidays.  It is funny, when I sat down with the girls before Thanksgiving to write out their wish list for Santa, they were smart in listing out toys.  They knew that they would share the toys, so if they asked for something different, instead of asking for the same toys (like in years past), then they would get more toys under the tree.  Smart kids.  :-)  As they listed off toys they wanted, Peppa Pig kept coming up.  From clothes to plush toys and even playsets and figures, Peppa Pig was top on their list for toys that they wanted Santa to bring.

Knowing how much they wanted Peppa Pig toys, I made a point to keep it a secret that they would be receiving a box of goodies as part of the Peppa Pig blogger ambassador program.  I knew they would go crazy once they saw the goodies and their reactions would make for great photos.  I was right!  A few days before Thanksgiving, with a house full of family and friends, a big box arrived at the doorstep with a Peppa Pig sticker on the outside.  Savannah was quick to point out the sticker and said it was for her and Bella.  At first, they thought that Santa had sent them toys in advance of Christmas.  A kid could only wish, right?!  I tried my hardest to get the girls to finish their schoolwork for the day before opening the box, but after seeing the box and knowing that there was a box full of Peppa Pig goodies instead, their attention was elsewhere.  So, I let them open the box, and like crazy animals, they tore it apart, without the need of scissors.  Within what seemed like seconds, all the contents of the box were dumped out onto the floor.  And, then, seconds later the girls were taking their shirts off to put on their new Peppa Pig shirts to pose for photos with.  

Included in the “Happy Holidays with Peppa Pig” box the girls and I were sent were the following seasonal goodies:

·         Peppa Pig’s Deluxe House Playset from Jazwares
Peppa Pig Peppa's Deluxe House Playset -  Jazwares - Toys"R"Us
·         “Peppa Pig: Cold Winter Day” DVD from Entertainment One

Peppa Pig: Cold Winter Day

·         An adorable Peppa tee from Happy Threads

Toddler Girls' Peppa T-Shirt - Pink

·         Peppa’s Merry Go-Round Game from TCG

Peppa Pig Merry-Go-Round Game

·         Peppa beanie from Ty

As the girls were posing for photos with their new Peppa Pig toys and clothes, they heard the UPS truck pull into the driveway.  What else could it be?  To their and my surprise we were also sent an oink-tastic Peppa Pig Mega Playmat.  

The Peppa Pig Mega Playmat with Two Vehicles Feature:

  • Over 5 feet wide and 3 1/2 feet tall

  • 2 Peppa Pig characters in vehicles included

  • Super durable foam backed Mega Mat™ for hours of play fun

  • Wipes clean!

I haven't seen these in stores, nor have the girls, or this would have also been on their wish list for Santa.  And, it couldn't have come at a better time as I had given away their old play rug as they kept telling me it was babyish and they needed a "big girl" play rug.  The Peppa Pig Mega Playmat (which came with  fit the bill and fit perfectly in our play space.

When the girls were done playing with their new oink-tastic Peppa Pig Mega Playmat and the Peppa Pig’s Deluxe House Playset with their cousins, they had me put on the new “Peppa Pig: Cold Winter Day” DVD from Entertainment One for everyone to watch.  

Peppa Pig: Cold Winter Day

Those not familiar with Peppa Pig (just some of the adults, all the kids in the house were oinking and talking about Peppa Pig and George as soon as they saw the box of goodies arrive) were in for a treat (my oldest daughter's words). :-)    Like other Peppa Pig DVDs we have been sent to review in the past or I have purchased, the girls had already seen the episodes.  But, they sat there watching intently as if it was being seen for the first time.  And, they have continued to act this was, the dozen or so times since, watching it at home and in the car running errands with me.  I wish I could tell you which one of the ten episodes were my daughters' favorite, but when asked they both said "all of them."   Even their cousins were in agreeance that the episodes that make up this winter themed Peppa Pig DVD were great and worth watching time and again.

As far as the other toys and goodies go, we have had them for a few weeks now and the girls continue to play with them.  And, leading up to last night's Peppa Pig Live! show, they were trying to decide with Peppa Pig plush toy to bring from their growing collection and what Peppa Pig shirt to wear. 

Ty Beanie Babies Princess Peppa Plush

I was lucky enough to get them to bed last night as they were wired after the show and after-party.  They couldn't wait to get home and see their friends at school the next day to tell them all about the show and what they missed.  

Savannah could't wait to go backstage and meet Peppa

As soon as we got home, they had me print out pictures I took of them with Peppa and George and their friend Daisy so that they could show their friends, and talk all about the VIP after party. :-)

The girls were star struck meeting Daisy, Peppa and George

Savannah all smiles backstage at the Peppa Pig Live! after party

Jumping in muddy puddles -- a cute light up rugs the kids went crazy for

Savannah kept asking me to take photos of her posing with George

Mingling with other Peppa Pig fans

So, as you finish up your holiday shopping why not consider some of the above Peppa Pig toys if you haven't already picked them up, to surprise that special Peppa Pig fan in your life?  Or, even better, why not pick up tickets to an upcoming Peppa Pig Live! show when it makes a stop in city near you.  

I wasn't sure how the girls would react to the show, after seeing the promotion video and people standing behind the puppets.  But, they and all the other kids loved it...and, so did my husband and I. :-)  To find out about upcoming stops on the Peppa Pig tour as well as more information about this live show visit

I know the girls are counting down the days until Santa's arrival and will be all smiles again this year when they unwrap more Peppa Pig toys, clothes and books to add to their growing collection.  Will your kids will be doing the same.  Stay up-to-date on all things related to the hit animated series, Peppa Pig by visiting the official website at

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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