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Hickory Farms Helps in Making Your Family's Holidays That Much More Memorable #HickoryTradition

Disclaimer: Compensation and products for review were provided by Hickory Farms via MomTrends. I received a free sample of the product for the purpose of this review and to facilitate a giveaway.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Hickory Farms. 

Hickory Farms - Inspiring Traditions since 1951.

Hickory Farms Deluxe Smokehouse Gift Box
$10 2-DAY Delivery on Shipments $20+* ENDS 3PM ESTT

Last month I shared a post about my family's old and new family traditions and how Hickory Farms has been a staple in my family's tradition, especially when it comes to gift giving. If you missed my post, you can read it here:  Today, I wanted to take a few minutes to share about my family loves Hickory Farms so much and why when I think of holiday traditions, this company stirs up nostalgic memories of my youth and is one of the first stores I shop when starting my holiday shopping.

Traditions matter would you answer that question?  For me, traditions have become even more precious and important to me after battling cancer and welcoming my two girls, as I don't take life for granted anymore.  Each and every day is a gift and one that I cherish.  And, especially around the holidays, being together with family and friends and sharing in special moments and traditions make the holidays that much enjoyable and treasured.  

And, speaking of Hickory Farms, are you familiar with this, America's most famous holiday food gift brand?  I remember growing up my mom would send food gifts from Hickory Farms to family who lived far away and wouldn't be joining us for the holidays.  

Hickory Farms Signature Summer Sausage has been awarded the Masters of Taste Gold Medal for Superior Taste for having the #1 Summer Sausage in America. 

In return, we would receive a handful of packages from Hickory Farms in the mail from family doing the same. :-)  Hickory Farms offers perfect gift ideas for the holidays and year round.  

"According to a national survey, nearly half of American adults agree that the holiday shopping season officially starts when they see Hickory Farms arrive at their local mall."

From Sausage and cheese gift sets, to fruits and nuts, baked goods and chocolate to even wine and cheese combos, Hickory Farms has the most amazing selection of gifts to meet everyone's budget. They offer gifts for under $20 up to ones $90+.  Whenever the holidays roll around, I head on over to the Hickory Farms website to place my orders for family and friends.  I pick up a few gift sets to bring to my parents who host Christmas dinner, as hostess gifts.  Not only do my parents expect these gift sets year after year, but so do family and friends who come for dinner.  The baked good sets I bring make the dessert table that much more inviting and who can resists reaching for dried fruit and nuts while they wait for the turkey dinner to be done. :-)

Quality, freshness and value are key traits of Hickory Farms’ gift and products

"Many Americans have a distinct memory of Hickory Farms at their holiday gatherings; Hickory Farms is very proud to be a part of those nostalgic moments and continues to focus on and celebrate its long heritage of tradition and authentic holiday memories."

Instead of stressing out on what to get those hard to shop for people on my holiday list, I find myself putting down "Hickory Farms" next to their names when I start putting together my holiday shopping list in November.  I know that whatever gift I order will be well received by the gift recipient, as the quality of these gift sets are what make loyal holiday shoppers seeking the perfect gifts for family and friends for over 60 years coming back to order year after year, and passing the tradition of shopping Hickory Farms from parent to child, just like my mom did with my brothers and I. :-)

Want a few ideas from Hickory Farms that would make the perfect last minute gift ideas this holiday season? Check out these mouthwatering gifts which include seasonal favorites and some new food gifts including the new White & Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark, which I ended up picking up to try firsthand and absolutely LOVE :-) ...

White & Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark

(A custom blend of creamy white chocolate and dark chocolate made from West African Cocoa beans, hand swirled with pure mint and topped with crushed candy cane pieces.)

Tea Time Collection Gift Box
Shh, I ended up picking up this set to bring to my Mom's house for Christmas dinner, so that she can offer an assortment of tea and accompaniments at dessert. :-)

Hickory Farms Summer Sausage and Cheese Gift Box

Hickory Farms Holiday Treasure Chest

Hickory Farms Holiday Cravings Assortment

Hickory Farms Fruitful Gift Tower

Is your mouth watering yet from all the delicious looking food gifts I just shared?  Mine sure is! 

Hickory Farms helps people appreciate shared moments that are worth embracing and passing down through generations of families, but also creating new traditions and sharing them with loved ones. So, as you prepare for the upcoming holidays, why not consider shopping Hickory Farms for any of your last minute gift giving needs?  Remember, you have until 3PM EST TODAY to get your orders in to receive them in time for Christmas and to take advantage of the $10 2-day shipping special.  What are you waiting for?  Stop stressing over what to get those hard to shop for people on your list or last minute gift purchases and get your holiday shopping done at Hickory Farms.  You and your gift recipients will be glad that you did! :-) 

And, if knowing that Hickory Farms has been a trusted company since 1951 and one so many Americans include in their holiday gift giving and gatherings, did you know they also do wonderful things for the community, too!  Not only does Hickory Farms offer an amazing array of food gifts, but they are also known for their charitable giving.  

Thank You for Your Share Our Strength $5 Donation

Did you know?...

Hickory Farms is proud to support No Kid Hungry®. No Kid Hungry is, working to end childhood hunger in America by ensuring all children get the healthy food they need every day.
Hickory Farms Signature Party Planner Gift Box

Hickory Farms has contributed more than $4 million to No Kid Hungry since 2008.  For every Signature Party Planner purchased this holiday season, Hickory Farms will donate $5 to No Kid Hungry. 

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In addition to the No Kid Hungry program, Hickory Farms is also  a supporter of the U.S. Armed Forces.  The company provides year round complimentary shipping on select products to military addresses across the globe to ensure families can send loved ones warm wishes and a favorite taste from home. Visit for details.  I made a point to share this information with family and friends who serve in the military and/or will be sending gifts to military addresses this holiday season.  It was news to them, as it was me, but one that only made them love Hickory Farms even more as it makes sending food gifts to loved ones that much easier and affordable. :-)  Go Hickory Farms!

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So, as I count down the final few days until Santa's arrival, I can't help but find myself thinking about my family's holiday traditions and what matters most.  And, come Christmas morning I know many of my family and friends will be unwrapping food gifts (if they haven't already) to enjoy with those near and dear to them.  It isn't Christmas without Hickory Farms in my family.  How about yours? :-)

Disclaimer: Compensation and products for review were provided by Hickory Farms via MomTrends. I received a free sample of the product for the purpose of this review and to facilitate a giveaway.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Hickory Farms. 


  1. We love Hickory Farms and buy from them every year.
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  2. It is always great creating new traditions during the holiday season!