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Add a Little Sparkle to Your Holidays with Reindeer Dust (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Add a little sparkle to your holidays when you pick up a copy of...

This holiday season has turned out to the best one yet with the girls. Even though be have been dealing with colds these past few months, this hasn't put a damper on all the magic.  Now that the girls are getting older -- 4 and 5 years old, they are true believers in the holiday and Santa, which makes enjoying the holidays that much more special.  From visits and photos with Santa to our two elves who have come to visit and watch over the girls, the girls are loving all the old and new traditions we have been doing to gear up for Santa's arrival.  

One new tradition we will do on Christmas eve is prepare and sprinkle Reindeer Dust for Santa and the reindeers to see.  Thanks to Kate Dwyer's cute book, perfect for families with true believers of the season, this magical tale is sure to not only delight kids and adults, but also make adding a new tradition for the holidays memorable and one you will all look forward to doing year after year.

What is Reindeer Dust you ask?  First, here is more about the book, which my girls fell in love with the first time we read it, and continue to ask for it night after night...

"Reindeer Dust by Kate Dwyer (beautifully illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff) is not only the perfect book for the entire family this Christmas, but it's more: it's the beginning of a special new holiday tradition. In the magical new picture book with its fun and lyrical tale, readers are immersed in the story of hungry and harried reindeer who can't find houses to land on through the thick fog – a problem, indeed! Santa has a sled overflowing with gifts, but he'll never be able to deliver them if the reindeer don't know where to land. One little boy, William, derives a plan: he mixes up a special batch of reindeer dust and sprinkles it outside with the help of his friends and family while he recites "I will always believe!" Through the fog, the reindeer are able to spot the glittering trail of reindeer dust and Christmas is saved."

My girls can't wait for Christmas Eve so that they can prepare their own Reindeer Dust to sprinkle on the lawn for Santa's reindeer to see.  In addition to sprinkling this magic dust in our yard, my girls also plan to share a little reindeer dust with the neighborhood children so that they can help leave a sparkling trail for Santa, to show that they also believe, and to make for an easier landing for the reindeer.

Things like Reindeer Dust and hearing the girls get excited about Santa's arrival ready do make the holidays that much nicer.  I have even found myself believing in the spirit of the holidays and the idea of Santa, even though as adults we know the truth.  When you see the sparkle in a child's eye as they see Santa or hear a holiday story that conjours up dreams a plenty that they can't help but share when they wake, you can't help but smile and take in also these magical and oh so special moments.

Reindeer Dust is not just a book, it is a tradition that you will find your family doing year after year on Christmas Eve, and talking about for years to come.  If you are looking for a fun new tradition to share with your children, why not consider picking up a copy of Reindeer Dust.  The beautifully illustrated story (by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff) add to the delightful story. But, the best part of this book is the Reindeer Dust recipe and cute poem you are supposed to recite on Christmas Eve, which is included in the book.  

What a wonderful way to get the whole family together as you prepare your own batch of Reindeer Dust.  My girls and I can't wait to add a little sparkle to the about you? :-)

To learn ore about the Reindeer Dust book or to pick a copy for your family, visit; on Facebook at or via Twitter @reindeer_dust.

About the Author:

Kate Dwyer is a children's book author and working mom. She live in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband, Bill, and their 8-year old twins, William and Madison. Kate loves watching movies, family vacations and reading a good book.

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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