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Now Making the Bed is Not a Chore...It is Actually Fun Thanks to Zipit Bedding (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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I am a huge fan of Shark Tank and love seeing products I buy or am sent to review and share my thoughts about with readers show up on this show.  So, when I watched the episode in which the Zipit Bedding product line was featured, I was excited, not just because I love seeing if a deal is made with one of the sharks, but also because this added exposure will bring in more business for products that I have fallen in love with.

Works like a Sleeping Bag...You just ZipIt! Fun. Fast. AndEasy!

Patent Pending - One Zip and Your're Done!

About a month ago, we were sent the Rock Princess Zipit Bedding, which also glows in the dark, to try out with my girls. 

ZipIt Bedding -  

I was sent their twin size (these bedding sets are available in both twin and full size).  Savannah is the one in the house with the twin size bed, so it was hers to help me try out.  She jumped at the opportunity to try out the product. I never thought I would see one of my girls get excited about making their bed, as it has never been at the top of their chore list.

As soon as I took the Zipit Bedding out of the bag, Savannah couldn't stop checking out the cool design. 

It is also reversible, and glows in the dark (deluxe version offers the glow in the dark feature)...

She loved that it had a "big girl" feel compared to other characters comforters and sheets she has had on her bed in the past.  I, too, liked the bedding design as I knew it would grow with her and not be something that she would grow out of quickly.

Even though my girls are only 4 and 5 years old, I am trying to get them to help out around the house with chores, with making their bed and cleaning their rooms top on the list.  

But, with little hands (their words), it is hard to make their bed, and this usually is left for me to do.

Thanks to this cool new invention, the girls don't fight with me anymore when it comes to making their beds...they actually look forward to it each morning and like it!  Yes, they love it!

Savannah is always "all smiles" in the AM after a quick zip of her Zipit bedding.

In addition to the Rock Star Princess Zipit Bedding we were sent to review, which is available in both twin and full size to accommodate your child's bed, you can also choose from these other fun and stylish patterns for both boys and girls...

ZipIt Bedding - ZipIt Bedding -
ZipIt Bedding - ZipIt Bedding -
ZipIt Bedding -

Teens will also love Zipit Bedding for home or the dorm...

ZipIt Bedding - ZipIt Bedding -
ZipIt Bedding -

Check out the following video and you will see just how easy it is to put the Zipit bedding on your child's bed, and how quick it is to make a bed.  

No more asking your kids if they made their beds, thanks to Zipit Bedding.

Savannah was so excited when she received her very own Zipit bedding (which she has seen since receiving in the mail on television infomercials) and loves showing her new "big girl" bedding off to friends and family who come to visit. I have even had some of their friends' moms call and ask me what I had on Savannah's bed that made making her bed a breeze, as their kids came home and couldn't stop talking about the magic bedding they saw on Savannah beds.  

I wish I could say that my girls just love to make their own beds and that it was a basic sheet, but I can't take the credit...instead it goes to Zipit Bedding for this hands down best product that is a must for young kids who struggle to make their beds, or keep their rooms clean.

Oh, year, and there is also a little pocket on the side of the Zipit bedding to hold a stuffed animal, bottle of water, books, etc.

Zippered Side Pockets

as well as Zipit pillow case...

Depending on your child's bed size (twin is $29.99; $49.99 for full), you can't go wrong for this small investment.  Once you see your child making their bed and being proud that they were able to do it themselves, you will wonder why you were ever without Zipit bedding.

Glow In The Dark ZipIt's Now Available When You Order Today!

Too bad these weren't around when I was growing up, as I hated to make my bed.  Zipit bedding would make made this chore so much easier and enjoyable, while also dressing up my bed with a cool character spread. :-)

To learn more about Zipit bedding, including ordering one for your child's bed, visit today.


With the holidays fast approaching, you will want to get your orders in for Zipit bedding for your kids, grandkids and other special kids on your holiday shopping list.  While they may think "ah not a bedding set" when they open their gift, they will be all smiles once they see how quick, easy and fun it is to make their beds each morning.  I know as my daughter can't stop getting excited about how making her bed is a breeze and how a put together bed really does make her room look cleaner. :-)

Each set includes comforter and fitted sheet plus a bonus matching pillowcase

Stay up-to-date on new product additions, special offers, giveaways and more by following Zipit Bedding on their social media channels...

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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