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Holiday Gift Ideas: Peanuts Books for Kids of All Ages from Simon & Schuster (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent review copies from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Simon & Schuster

Have you seen the new Peanuts movie with your kids yet?  My girls were counting down the days until the movie's release since they heard about its release date this past summer.  And, the movie release came at a perfect time as it fell on the weekend of Bella' birthday, so she thought it was planned just for her. :-)  Shh, don't tell her otherwise.   Since the movie's release earlier this month, we have already seen it twice.  And, when it came to opening gifts for Bella's birthday it was no surprise that most of them were Peanuts toys, plush and books.

I grew up reading the Peanuts comics in the Sunday newspaper and always looked forward to the different holidays when a Peanuts movie would air on television.  And, now 30+ years later, I get to enjoy the Peanuts gang all over again with my girls, as they fall in love with the lovable cast of characters. 

Like with any popular kids movie, there have been many book releases based on the movie, as well as the Peanuts gang in general, for parents to pick up and share with their children.  From early readers to chapter readers, the folks at Simon & Schuster have released an assortment of Peanuts books sure to delight your children.  Even if your children can't read yet, they will love having you read these books to them at bedtime, just like my girls have been enjoying them night after night.

Check out these new releases that would surely make great stocking stuffer gifts, books to add to your countdown to Christmas book advent, or to pick up and share with your children just because...

Peanuts Movie Novelization

(Part of Peanuts Movie)
Adapted by: Tracey West
For Ages: 8 - 12


"The Peanuts gang is gearing up for a brand-new adventure in this charming retelling of the holiday season’s biggest animated movie event!

The Peanuts gang bursts onto the big screen November 6, 2015 in an all new feature film from Twentieth Century Fox!

There’s a new kid in town, and she’s a smart, kind, beautiful Little Red-Haired Girl. And—good grief!—Charlie Brown finds himself instantly with a crush on her. Will he be able to impress her?

Meanwhile, Snoopy is heading out on a fantastical flight of the imagination as the Flying Ace! While on his adventure, Snoopy falls head over heels for Fifi, a spunky, high-flying poodle, in the skies over Paris. But when the dastardly Red Baron captures Fifi, it’s up to Snoopy and Woodstock to take down the Red Baron once and for all!

Relive the action, fun, and magic in this incredible retelling of the Peanuts movie that comes with an insert with images from the movie and is sure to be loved by fans young and old!"

Lose the Blanket, Linus!

Adapted by: Tina Gallo / Illustrated by: Robert Pope
For Ages: 5 - 7


"Lucy tries to convince Linus to get rid of his beloved blanket in this classic 8x8 storybook based on a favorite Peanuts adventure! 

Linus’s big sister Lucy thinks it’s time for him to give up his baby blanket. Trying to be grown up and brave, Linus gives his blanket to Snoopy to hold on to, and tells him not give it back. But can Linus survive without his blanket forever? Can he even make it through one night?"
My Thoughts:

Both of my girls are fans of Linus.  They love how he carries around a baby blanket, similar to what they have and like to sleep and snuggle on the couch with.  We have tried to get the girls to give up their blankies now that they are a little older, but they still have strong ties to this security blanket as does Linus, and it has been hard to get them to give it up.  Like Linus, they have tried to give it up, but it never lasts long.  Usually they are waking in the night looking for it, in order to go back to bed.  In time they will grow to not need it anymore.  But, in the meantime their blankies are bringing them comfort. 

This cute story will share Linus' struggle to try and give up his blankie.  Will he be successful? You will just have to pick up a copy of this book to find out. :-)

A Friend, Indeed

Adapted by: Daphne Pendergrass / Illustrated by: Style Guide
For Ages: 3 - 7


"What makes someone a good friend? Find out in this sweet 8x8 storybook based on the new Peanuts movie! 

The Peanuts gang bursts onto the big screen November 6, 2015 in an all new feature film from Twentieth Century Fox! 

Friendship is everywhere in Charlie Brown’s world. Snoopy is friends with Woodstock, Peppermint Patty is friends with Marcie, and Linus is friends with his beloved blanket. What about good ole’ Charlie Brown? He has friends, too. But when he sees the Little Red Haired Girl and falls blockhead over heels, he wants to be her friend more than anything in the world. First he’ll need to get up the courage to talk with her!"

My Thoughts:

Everyone knows that dog is man's best friend and this is definitely the case with Charlie Brown and his dog, Snoopy.  I remember first reading the Peanuts comic book strip and wanting a dog just like Snoopy.  It wasn't until I was ten years old that we got our first dog.  And, although it wasn't a beagle like Snoopy, Toby was my best friend, and paved the way for my love for dogs and need to rescue them and give them a forever home, while they provided companionship and friendship like no other.  

My girls love having me read this story to them.  I only wish there were more pages to the story as it was a little wordy at times and I found the girls trying to flip the pages to see what came next. 

Charlie Brown Is Not a Quitter!

Adapted by: Maggie Testa
For Ages: 5 - 7


"Charlie Brown never gives up in this sweet retelling of the brand-new Peanuts movie!

The Peanuts gang bursts onto the big screen November 6, 2015 in an all new feature film from Twentieth Century Fox!

Charlie Brown has never been able to kick a football, and he’s never been able to keep a kite from being eaten by the Kite-Eating Tree, but he’s also never been able to quit once he starts something.

So when a certain little red-haired girl moves to town, Charlie Brown is determined to win her over any way he can—even if that means performing in the school talent show and entering a dance contest. But he only humiliates himself over and over again. Will he start to listen to everyone who has told him to give up, or will he discover that it’s the not giving up that really matters?

Find out in this gorgeous paper-over-board storybook with foil and sculpture embossing on the cover!"

My Thoughts:

Next to the classic Christmas Peanuts book, this is my second favorite Peanuts book of all time.  Fans young and old of the new Peanuts movie will love this cute retelling of the movie.  As you read through the 24 pages you will enjoy the illustrations of scenes taken straight from the movie.  We received this book after the girls saw the movie in theaters, so they already knew what the movie was about.  It was nice to see them enjoying the pictures and stopping me as I read to tell me more about the different scenes they recalled from the movie.  

What a great way for families to wind down after a busy day -- by enjoying a storybook featuring everyone's beloved Peanuts characters, as little ones learn about never giving up, perservance and friendship.  Even if you and your child haven't seen the movie yet, you will still enjoy this book.  It is a perfect introduction to the movie before you follow up with the movie screening.

The Sky's the Limit, Snoopy!

Adapted by: Natalie Shaw / Illustrated by: Style Guide
For Ages: 5 - 7


"Snoopy flies into action to help Charlie Brown in this 8x8 storybook with a double-sided poster featuring favorite characters from the new Peanuts movie!

The Peanuts gang bursts onto the big screen November 6, 2015 in an all new feature film from Twentieth Century Fox!
This 8x8 with a double-sided poster is all about everyone’s favorite beagle: Snoopy! Snoopy might seem like a regular dog, but he has a big imagination and talents galore. Snoopy wants to go to school like his owner, Charlie Brown, so he tries to sneak in! When that doesn’t work, he tries to be the World’s Greatest Writer and the Flying Ace, going anywhere his mind will take him. Then Charlie Brown needs his help, and Snoopy gladly accepts his most important mission: Teaching good ole’ Charlie Brown to dance so he can impress the Little Red-Haired Girl! That’s what friends—and dogs like Snoopy—are for! With a pal like Snoopy, the sky’s the limit!"

My Thoughts:

This turned out to be one of my girls' favorite books from the bunch as they just love Snoopy and his wild and crazy imagination.  When I am not reading this book at bedtime to them, they are pulling it from the bookshelf to flip through and re-tell the story on their own based on the colorful illustrations.  I wonder when reading this book what our two dogs think of when they are dreaming at night time.  Do they have big imaginations like Snoopy?  :-)

Snoopy and Friends!


"Get to know the whole Peanuts gang in this sweet board book shaped like Snoopy’s doghouse! 

The Peanuts gang bursts onto the big screen November 6, 2015 in an all new feature film from Twentieth Century Fox! 

Snoopy, the world’s most famous dog, has lots of friends! There’s Woodstock, his feathery sidekick, the trusty Beagle Scouts, his owner, Charlie Brown, and so many more. Join Snoopy inside his doghouse and meet them all!"

My Thoughts:

Bella recently brought this book into school for show and tell.  She wanted to introduce her friends to the Peanuts characters and tell all about the new movie, which in her eyes was released just for her fort her birthday.  She was surprised at how most of her friends had already saw the movie and this led to a whole discussion about who is everyone's favorite Peanuts character and each child giving a personal review of the movie. :-) 

My daughter couldn't stop talking about her show and tell experience and how she couldn't believe she was not the only Peanuts fan.  This board book hasn't left Bella's backpack since Show and Tell. And, she is quick to pull it out when her and friends get to talking about Snoopy and friends.  

A Charlie Brown Christmas


"Celebrate Christmas with Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang in this gorgeous retelling of the beloved Christmas special!

2015 marks the 50th anniversary of A Charlie Brown Christmas TV Special!

Christmas is almost here, which means ice-skating, Christmas carols, and sparkly lights everywhere—even on Snoopy’s doghouse! Everyone is enjoying the holiday celebrations except Charlie Brown. Can the Peanuts gang help Charlie Brown discover the true meaning of Christmas?

Find out in this beautiful storybook with glitter flocking, embossing, and foil on the cover!"

My Thoughts:

Saved the best for last.  Don't worry as I will not bore you with a review of this book, as you have probably seen the movie air on television countless times over the years.  What I will say is that this is the perfect gift to share with your children or even pick up and have out on the coffee table for family and friends to flip through and enjoy.  

It is not Christmas without Charlie Brown and this book is a must have for Peanuts fans, and one book you will be pulling from the shelf year after year to enjoy come the holidays.  My girls can't get enough of this book, and I know your family will love it, too!


These are such a few of the Peanuts books available from Simon and Schuster.  I did a Peanuts search and found over two dozen Peanuts books, including some cute gift sets that would make for great gift ideas this holiday season for new fans of the Peanuts.  

Take a look of some of my finds, which would make for a great gift idea for that special Peanuts fan in your life this holiday season...

Peppermint Patty Goes to CampGo Fly a Kite, Charlie Brown!Happiness is a Warm PuppySnoopy's Organic Dog Biscuit Kit
Peanuts Christmas Cookie SetMeet the Peanuts Gang!
Peanuts® Classics The Ultimate Box SetPeanuts® A Treasury of Happiness
Snoopy's Happy DayYou've Got Talent, Charlie Brown

So, why not get a start on your holiday shopping if you haven't already and start checking off the special children in your life when you pick them up an assortment of Peanuts books from Simon and Schuster today? :-)

Disclosure:  I was sent review copies from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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