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Young Fans of the Peanuts Gang Will Love the New Personalized Books from Put Me in the Story -- My Girls Sure Do!! -- Review and #Giveaway

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to facilitate an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.


The Peanuts gang is everywhere you think.  And, next week the much anticipated movie is hitting theaters on November 6th.  Do you have your tickets yet?  We bought advanced tickets to take the girls, as this is one of Bella's requests for her 4th birthday on the 10th, which will be Peanuts themed. :-)  I have to say, growing up and being a huge Peanuts fan, it is nice to see the gang back again.  I love being able to share some of my childhood favorites with my girls and have an excuse to sit down and watch shows and movies with them, that feature these throwback favorites. :-)  Come on, you know you do this too!

If you have been to the stores lately and ventured down the toy aisles you will find Peanuts toys for the upcoming holiday season.  And, don't forget to check out the clothing dept. as you'll find cute Peanuts pajamas, which my girls spotted the other day and just had to have!  And, the timing couldn't have been better as that same day the girls received their personalized "My First Peanuts" books which I created the other day from Put Me In The Story.  Put Me In The Story may sound familiar, as I have featured them several times over the years, with their wonderful selection of personalized books for kids that make for great gifts and keepsakes.  Out of all the personalized books I have made for the girls over the years, they love their Put Me In The Story books the best.

Now you can visit Put Me In The Story and choose from two "My First Peanuts" books to personalize and create for your child.  You can choose from My First Peanuts: ABC – An Alphabet Adventure, which teaches all about the ABC's in a fun and colorful way, thanks to the helps of all your child's favorite Peanuts gang characters; or, how about My First Peanuts: 123 – A Counting Adventure, which is great for beginner counters to help them learn how to count from 1-10.  This book also features all your favorite Peanuts characters and is filled with colorful illustrations that will have your child lingering after you are done reading the page, just to admire the artwork and to count the things on the page.

My girls were so excited to receive their "My First Peanuts" books and couldn't wait to have me read it to them the other night.  But, before I could, they had to change into their new Peanuts pajamas they bought with their allowance money and then find a good spot on the couch so that we could snuggle up and read the books, and learn with the help of the Peanuts gang our ABC's and 123"s. :-)

When I am not reading these cute personalized books from Put Me In The Story to the girls, they are grabbing them off the bookshelves to flip through and read on their own. Just the other day, I caught Savannah reading to Bella on the couch as they waited for me to join them and read their books again.  :-)  

Not only were they counting and reciting their ABC's, but they were also talking about their favorite Peanuts characters and how excited they were to see the new Peanuts movie in theaters soon.  It is always nice to see the girls getting along and enjoying time together. And, thanks to the new Peanuts craze, they now have something they both like and can talk about. :-)

So, if you have a little one who is anticipating the upcoming Peanuts movie or can't get enough of Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, etc., why not surprise them with their very own personalized book from Put Me In The Story that features not just their name scattered throughout the pages and front cover, but also photos in the front and back of the book.  There is also a fun pull out poster in the back of each of these books that your child can hang on their walls and practice their ABC's and 123's, while enjoying their photo in the center, surrounded by the whole Peanuts gang.  

Both of my girls loved this added feature and have their personalized photos on the wall next to their bed.

This holiday season is surely going to be filled with Peanuts wish lists request.  So, why not get a jump start on your shopping by heading over to Put Me In The Story and creating one or both of these "My First Peanuts" books for your child today. This is definitely one keepsake they will treasure for a long time. :-)

Here is more about each of the two Peanuts books available from Put Me In The Story that you can personalize for your child today...

Hurry, friend! Your Peanuts pals have made a mess of the letters of the alphabet and they need your help to get them back in order. Go on an alphabet adventure with the Peanuts gang as they hop from A to Z and teach your little one just how fun learning can be! Find fun little phrases and colorful letters on each page to help your child recognize every letter of the alphabet. Delight your little reader with their first Peanuts ABC book and begin a lifelong alphabet journey. Practicing the alphabet has never been this fun!

Personalize this story with a name, cute photo and a dedication message. Plus, discover a personalized alphabet poster at the end of the book!

Come along for some counting fun! Your favorite Peanuts pals are ready to play and teach a new friend to count along the way! Show your silly Peanuts friends how to keep their numbers in order, then rhyme from 1 to 10 to start your counting adventure. You will play hide and seek, splash at the beach, visit the library and find a pumpkin patch. Through every adventure, your smiling friends are counting on you to learn something new. Join this bright bunch and jump into the fun. Discover lessons that last a lifetime with your first Peanuts 1-2-3 book!

Personalize this story with a name, cute photo, and a dedication message. You can also include a very important number–your child’s age! Plus, discover a personalized 1-2-3 poster at the end of the book.

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Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to facilitate an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.


  1. Snoopy is my favorite Peanuts character.

  2. My very fav is Snoopy he cracks me up.
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