Monday, October 5, 2015

Get a Jump Start on Your Holiday Shopping with the Fab 15 Toys at Kmart

Ridiculously awesome toys, games and fun for kids of all ages and stages. Discover the Fab 15 at Kmart.

Are you ready for this?  There are only 80 days until Christmas!  Some people may say, "Yikes" as it seems like right around the corner, while others are just getting over summer ending and have the crisp fall weather set in.  I, for one, love the holidays and can't wait to start decorating, listening to music and watching holiday movies with the girls.  But, I also know that with prepping for the holiday season means sitting down with the girls to write their wish lists.  

Thanks to a head cold both my girls got, they found time to start their lists -- both already have a full page of wish list toys, including some that have made the Fab 15 toys list this year at Kmart. Curious to learn the hot toys for this upcoming holiday season?  Check out the ones that your local Kmart will be carrying (that is...until they sell out!)...

And, to make things easier for you, in case you want to get a jump start on your holiday shopping, here are direct links to the fab 15 toys at Kmart broken down by age group...

Ages 1-2
Ages 3-5
Ages 6-8
Ages 9+

So, what are you waiting for?  The clock is ticking -- you only have 80 days left.  But, you know that when it comes to hot toys for the holiday season that early shopping is best, so that you don't miss out and disappoint that special child on your holiday shopping list. 

Stay tuned beginning this week, as my holiday gift guide will be kicking off.  I can't wait to share fun gift ideas for the whole family with you, including some amazing giveaways!

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  1. I love how you broke down the toys per age group that makes it so nice and easy to locate what we need this holiday season.
    heather [email protected]