Monday, September 21, 2015

Introducing the Newly Designed Line of Baby Genius Learn & Grow Products - Enter to #Win a $70 Goody Basket Now #Giveaway

Disclosure:  In exchange for promoting the new release of products, the vendor sent along a free goody basket to me, as well as offered to give one away to readers.  However, all views shared are mine and mine alone.

I was so excited to hear the other day that there was a new line of over 40 new Baby Genius® “Learn & Grow” products being released, just in time for the upcoming holidays. :-)  I have been a fan of Baby Genius® toys since I was first given a few back when I had Savannah.  And, since, I have made a point to pick up these wonderful educational toys that encourage your child's natural growth, all which have been developed with an early childhood specialist.

These new Baby Genius® “Learn & Grow” products launched today and are now available for purchase through the Baby Genius website, as well as on  I was recently sent a sampling of these new products to try out with my girls.  Each and every new product was a hit with the girls, and they are still playing with them each day. Read on for a chance to win the same Baby Genius® “Learn & Grow” products I was sent, valued at around $70. :-)

Here is more about the new Baby Genius® “Learn & Grow” program, including the new line of over 40 new products available starting today!...

Genius Brands International is expanding the timeless appeal of Baby Genius® with the re-launch of the brand. Here’s what’s in store!

  • An entirely NEW and refreshed Baby Genius® “Learn & Grow” program launched today —incorporating a curriculum developed with early childhood development experts led by Stanford University Professor Emeritus Don Roberts—that aligns with your child’s natural growth. Professor Roberts has recorded a series of videos explaining his career in developmental communication, the importance of interaction on a child's development, and explaining the benefits of the Learn & Grow program HERE.

The beloved Baby Genius characters have been refreshed with the talents of renowned pop artist Todd Goldman, founder of apparel and accessories company David & Goliath.

  •  Baby Genius® music has been given the ROCKSTAR treatment by music industry veterans (and parents of four!) Ron and Stefanie Fair, who have written and produced for numerous multi-award winning artists, including The Pussycat Dolls, the Black-Eyed Peas, Mary J. Blige, Fergie, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga and others! 
  • New entertainment is available on DVD from PBS, on Netflix, and Comcast’s Baby Boost Channel!
  • Check out the new Baby Genius® website here!  And check out what’s new on Amazon on September 21th!
For more than ten years, Baby Genius® has earned worldwide recognition and awards from parents groups and organizations for creating award-winning products for your toddlers! There are currently 500 songs and 125 music videos featuring classic nursery rhymes, learning songs, classical, holiday and more - here are just a few of them!

And now, beginning TODAY, September 21, 2015, over 40 new Baby Genius® products will be available exclusively on from some of today’s premier toy companies! 

As kids transition from infant to toddler, every waking moment is a time for discovery and development. Baby Genius® all-new “products with a purpose” engage with kids at these critical stages in relevant ways to guide and encourage their development. They also provide parents with the guidance they need to make every experience an enjoyable learning experience.

So let’s meet the NEW Baby Genius® gang!

Parents and their toddlers will now be able to enjoy these new Baby Genius® characters on the array of new products available on Amazon!

And…here are just a few of them!

Favorite Nursery Rhymes DVD Premiere -- from PBS Kids!

Animation and live action combine with classic nursery rhymes to get toes tapping and hands clapping in this FIRST DVD from PBS Kids. Favorite Nursery Rhymes features familiar classics like Old MacDonald Had a Farm; Row, Row, Row Your Boat; Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star; along with Baby Genius® originals, and many, many more. Bonus CD included. The fun never ends! (SRP: $9.99)

All-new from Manhattan Toy for babies to toddlers 18 months+   

Fun new products include:

For babies and toddlers, cuddly friends who will help develop creative, emotional and social skills. (SRP: $14.99);

For Discoverers (6-12 months), Soft Cloth Interactivity Books featuring colorful graphics and engaging electronic sounds that encouragelearning through repetition and developing coordination skills. (SRP: $15.99)

And for Curious Learners (18-24 months), All My Instruments and All My Shapes Wooden Interactive Activity Toddler Puzzles to encourage problem solving and learning shapes, featuring fun sounds about each shape as the pieces are placed properly on the board! (SRP: $16.99)

A fun…and functional selection of new mealtime products for toddlers 6 to 38 months of age will be available from Zak Designs!

Featured here are the Baby Genius Curious Learner Plate, Bowl, and Flatware, Set of 4 (SRP: TBD); and the 8.7 oz Perfect Flo Toddler Cup,featuring the Baby Genius® characters (SRP: $TBD).

A range of Baby Genius® musical instruments and toys are now available from DGL, for Independent Doers, age 24 to 36 months!

Toys include: My First Music Set, a 3-piece musical instruments set that includes a tambourine, a xylophone and a clap noise maker (SRP: $34.99); and the Step To Step Electric Piano Dance Mat (SRP: $34.99); together with a range of wooden instruments, including a guitar, tambourine, flute and xylophone and drum set!

Plus, early learning toys with a musical focus are also available from WinFun.  Here are just a few!

For Proud Explorers, ages 12 – 18 months, Baby’s Learning Pad, which encourages hand-eye coordination and introduces letters and numbers (SRP: $14.99); My Baby Genius Laptop, which encourages motor development, reviews numbers, letters and words and encourages independence (SRP: $19.99); and Baby Genius Musical Bus, which offers the perfect way to introduce numbers and musical sounds (SRP: $19.99).

Winfun Baby Genius and Winfun Learn with Me Edupad

For Independent Doers, ages 24 – 36 months, Learn With Me EduPad, which encourages learning the letters of the alphabet and numbers 1 to 10. The Find It Game Mode offers fun learning challenges for your toddler and the Music Mode lets your little one play around and create melodies (SRP: $19.99)."

Find all these and more Baby Genius Toys now at Amazon --

And, now for the giveaway....


Thanks to the folks at Baby Genius Toys, one lucky reader will win a Baby Genius® goody basket (estimated value of $70), which will include the following...

From PBS Distribution:
Favorite Nursery Rhymes DVD: SRP $9.99

From Manhattan Toy:
DJ Talking Soft Hand Puppet: SRP: $15.99
Colors & Shapes Soft Cloth Interactivity Book: SRP: $15.99

From Winfun:
Baby Genius Musical Bus: $SRP: $19.99

From Zak Designs:
Baby Genius ABC Curious Learner 8.7oz Perfect Flo Low Profile Toddler Cup: SRP: $7.99

To enter, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!


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Disclosure:  In exchange for promoting the new release of products, the vendor sent along a free goody basket to me, as well as offered to give one away to readers.  However, all views shared are mine and mine alone.


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