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Tommee Tippee Made the First Few Years of My Girls' Life So Much Easier! #tommeemommee #ad

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post in which I was compensated by the vendor for my time.  However, all views shared are mine and mine alone.

I found myself reminiscing about my girls when they were babies the other day, while swapping out their old clothes for their new school clothes.  While making the switch, I found myself stumbling upon onesies and little pants and shirts from when they were wee little ones.  "Boy, how were they ever that small?", I kept asking myself, as I watched the girls run crazy around the house fighting over a toy. :-)  Time sure does fly by.  

Like so many parents, while sorting through baby and toddler clothes to finally bag up and donate, I found myself wishing for just one day of the girls being babies again, so that I could snuggle them in my arms and take in their baby fresh smell.  As I sat, tearing up while packing up their clothes in the girls' room, I couldn't help but think about those first few months after bringing the girls home.

While thinking about those terrifying first few months, I began to feel a sense of calm, thinking of the many must haves that weren't originally on my baby registry, but have become staples when buying baby shower gifts for family and friends, who are expecting a new little bundle of joy.  And, time and again, tommee tippee came to mind.  I wish you could have seen my house during the first few years with our girls, as the counters and cabinets were filled with baby bottles, sippy cups, feeding products and so much more.  We even had a space in the utensil drawer where we hid the girls' tommee tippee pacifiers, as we always found ourselves tearing the house apart when they were fussy, trying to find a binkie to soothe them.  Lesson learned...always have a stash of binkies on hand, where the kids can't find them, so you are never without one. :-)

Air style Pacifier.
Every Day Pacifiers.

I don't know what I would have done during those first few months, if it wasn't for the many different tommee tippee baby products gifted to us and that we purchased. Like many new moms, I truly hoped I would have been successful at breastfeeding.  But, due to the girls both having pyloric stenosis and needing surgery within the first few weeks of life, the stress alone prevented my milk from coming in.  So, I had to rely on baby bottles to feed the girls, that wouldn't cause excess air bubbles, thus resulting in gas and a fussy baby.  

Don't know if I should call myself lucky in that both of my girls suffered from the same ailments, GERD, acid reflux, teething at almost the same times, frequent gas, etc.  After trial and error with so many baby products, some crazy expensive, I began reaching for tommee tippee products whenever out shopping for baby needs for the girls.  Some of my favorite products from when the girls were little included....

And, now when I shop for baby shower gifts I make a point to pick up tommee tippee's "Closer to Nature" line of bottles, as these are perfect for babies with sensitive tummies and for those babies transitioning from breast to bottle.  Everyone who receives a set of tommee tippee bottles and stash of pacifiers always ends up thanking me for saving the day, or easing a fussy baby who just wouldn't seem to calm down.

So, as I wipe away tears from realizing that my girls are no longer babies anymore, and looking forward to first day of preschool and kindergarten, I can't help but want rave once again about how great tommee tippee is, and how much I love their baby products, including their award winning BPA free baby bottles.  

Are you expecting or know someone who is?  Then, you will want to visit the tommee tippee website to see extensive product offering so you know what to add to your baby registry or pick up and surprise that expectant mom.

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Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post in which I was compensated by the vendor for my time.  However, all views shared are mine and mine alone.

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