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Private School Innovator -- Helping You Find the Perfect Private School For Your Family #MatchWithSchools #IC #ad

Disclosure: I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Private School Innovator. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

"Private School Innovator believes private school is, and should remain accessible to all."

Raising kids sure is a lot of work. :-)  Not only do you have to work at parenting, but you have to do research when it comes to their education -- again, something people oftentimes forget to mention when you tell them you are pregnant, or shopping around for a new house.  Back when my husband and I were looking to purchase our first home - before kids -- we were putting together a wish list of wants that we wanted, and not thinking long term.  Yes, we knew we wanted kids, so extra bedrooms and bathrooms were a must, but we didn't really pay attention to the school districts.  It wasn't until we welcomed our girls and then began looking for preschools that we realized why keeping school districts in mind is a must, especially if you have school-aged or soon to be, as well as kids on the brain.  And, the way that the economy is, you really don't have the luxury to pick up and move once your kids are ready for kindergarten and beyond.  

I don't know about you, but I am not fond of common core testing in schools. Why can't schools be like they were when we were young -- more emphasis on education and less on trying to master a test and not really teach our youth?  This is a really touchy subject for me and one I could talk your ear off on. :-)  Because of both my and my husband's dislike for Common Core in public schools, we are left with looking for alternative schooling for our two girls.  This upcoming fall, Bella, our youngest, will be attending the preschool we sent to Savannah to (that wasn't affiliated with a day care or public school, and that we found really prepared Savannah for kindergarten and helped to instill a love for learning early on.  Savannah, who recently graduated from preschool will be heading off to kindergarten.  But, where?  This has been a question that has been wracking our brains and causing many stressful and restless nights, as we are limited on school options based on where we live.  And, we can't go and sell our house and buy something else at this point in time.

For a time, I did try to homeschool the girls in the afternoons after preschool. Unfortunately, I found it to be difficult as our youngest always wanted to play and when Savannah saw this, she wanted to join in.  There were days, however, that we were successful and found time to sit down and learn for a few hours. But, after really considering homeschooling and my experience to date trying to homeschool the girls, we realized that a school setting would be better.  With public school out of the question, we were only left with private schools.  You would think that looking for private schools would be easy as there aren't many around -- think again.  This search, which I conducted both online and offline was stressful to say the least.  Yes, there are official websites for private schools if you know of ones you are interested in looking at.  But, if you were like our family and clueless as to the types of private schools out there, knowing where and how to search is a must, if you want to stay sane. :-)

If only there was a website that listed all the accredited private schools and the information a parent/caregiver needs to know including things like school website, tuition, application process, academics and extra -curricular offering, reviews, etc.?  I spent hours searching the Internet for a comprehensive website that offered all this and more, but was disappointed to not find a reputable site...that was until I found out about Private School Innovator.  Upon hearing about this new website, it felt like my prayers had been answered, and the process of looking for and applying to the "right" school for Savannah (and then Bella) was made so much easier.

If you are looking for a private school to send your child(ren) to, don't waste your time like I did trying to do searches for schools in your area and then search again to find official websites and/or reviews from other parents. Instead, head directly to Private School Innovator and create a FREE account. 

Set up your Private School Innovator account in 5 easy steps!

Once you have an account, you will be ready to tackle your private school search and have all your questions and then some answered thoroughly.  Who knew that a website like this existed?  All I know is that I am so glad I finally found out about Private School Innovator (which is currently matching families to private schools in Massachusetts; other states will be added this summer, so stay tuned!), as I was about to sit down and talk with my husband about other alternatives, if any, seeing that my private school search was becoming a nightmare.

So, what is Private School Innovator and why do and I so many other parents love this site when it comes to searching for up-to-date information on private schools?  

First things first, you need to create a student profile about your child.  The profile you create will showcase their achievements that will be a standout to potential schools.  In addition to achievements, you will also list your child's interests and types of activities that they actively participate in. This helps the folks at Private School Innovator pair you up with potential private schools that offer courses and programs that align with your child's interests and passions.  

Once you have created your child's profile, you will receive a list of schools that match what you and your child are looking for.  

Search And Compare Schools
K-12 Admissions Made Easy

You can view more about each match, including class size ratio, tuition, application process, etc., as well as find a link to their official school website.  The folks at Private School Innovator have all the information you would ever want to know about a particular private school all in one place, which I love! Once you have reviewed the school matches, you are then able to apply to a particular school you feel is a match, with one simple click.  

The schools you apply to will see the student profile you created for your child and their personal video (if you uploaded one).  After reviewing your profile, a representative from the private school will contact you to answer any additional questions you may have, and start the application process or schedule an on-site tour of the school to learn more.

Being a busy mom on two little ones, I don't have the luxury to search for hours for things, especially important things like schools for my girls.  Also, the last thing I want to be doing is having to fill out an extensive questionnaire or survey, to receive additional information or have my questions answered.  But, I have to say the entire experience with the Private School Innovator website was easy.  In under a half hour, I had completed Savannah's student profile, was paired up with schools that matched what we were looking for, and applied or requested to be contacted by school representatives to talk further.  

I was amazed at all the information Private School Innovator shares about each private school including tuition information, extra-curriculars, parents reviews and even events and deadlines. And, the way the Private School Innovator website is set up, makes completing a private school search a breeze.  Everything is straight forward and all there for you, which I love. But, the best part is that the search and matches are all FREE!

Stay tuned for an upcoming post where I will be sharing more about my experience with the Private School Innovator website, including calls with private schools and tours I took, and also find out where Savannah will be going in the fall. :-)  In the meantime, if you are struggling to find the right school for your child (pre-K and onward), or looking to move them from public school to a private school setting, save yourself a lot of time and headaches by heading straight to Private School Innovator and creating a student profile.  Within minutes of signing up, you will see why I and so many other parents love this all-in-one site for all your private school search needs.  

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Disclosure: I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Private School Innovator. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

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