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Have Fun Decorating, Coloring and Creating with Chalk Ink -- Perfect for Kids and Adults + A Must Have for Back-to-School (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

How did your spring cleaning go this year? Didn't feel like doing it as the temperatures were still cold and there was snow on the ground.  Well, if you live on the East Coast like I do, this may have been the case...I know it was for me and many of my friends and family.  We only started to wear t-shirts and shorts the past couple of weeks.  So, now we are in the midst of spring/summer cleaning, where we are washing everyone's winter clothes to pack and store away until next season, as well as start looking through closets, the attic, garage, etc. for items that can either be donated or sold at an upcoming yard sale.

This year, we will be having a few yards to try and get rid of all the girls' baby stuff, that seems to be filling our spare office in the basement.  While it is hard to part with their toys and baby furniture, as it means we are done having children, it is bittersweet in that we know the girls are growing up and we have so many great memories to make with them as they become more and more independent and continue to grow and learn.  Can you believe Savannah will be in Kindergarten in the fall, and that Bella will be starting pre-school?  Where did the time go?  Oh, how I wish I could snuggle them in my arms and hold them close.  Instead, I am chasing them around the house or asking them to pick up their toys or clothes - sounds like your house?  :-)

But, when it comes to spring/summer cleaning this year and preparing storage containers for storage, donation and yard sale, I will be reaching for Chalk Ink to mark my plastic containers.  Have you heard of Chalk Ink before? If not, you will want to pay attention to this post, as these markers are really neat and a must have for families who are looking to get organized this summer, as well as for back-to-school in the fall (sorry, know you don't want to think of this yet).

So, what is Chalk Ink and why do I and so many others love them, including many Fortune 500 companies including Starbucks, Whole Foods, Panera Bread, Peet's Coffee, Trader Joe's and others?  To start, "Chalk Ink is the highest quality chalk marker you can find. It works like a paint pen, yet looks like chalk. No dust and no smearing once it's dry. You can use it on any non-porous surface and it wipes off easily with water or Windex."  

Chalk Ink is available in either a 6-pack great white or 8-pack classic color set.  The classic color set, which I was sent to review retails for only $35.99, which is a steal if you ask me.   

Chalk Ink helps you color your world while making your mark.

These chalk markers can be used on smooth non-porous surfaces, including glass, metal, plastic, granite, glazed ceramic, as well as Chalk Ink chalkboards, Chalk In wallpaper, Chalk Ink dry erase wallpaper and Chalk Ink chalkboard paper, that you can purchase online at

Just see for yourself how Chalk Ink works, and why is will be a must have for everyone heading back to school or off to college in the fall, as well as this summer when you start to get organized after a long, cold winter....

 For more information, visit

Neat, huh?  My family sure does think so!  The girls love to practice writing their letters and numbers with these markers either on the bay window, the big chalkboard we have in the basement playroom, or just of empty cardboard boxes that are waiting to go out for recycling.  I have also been writing sight and rhyming words on the bathroom wall to go over with Savannah when I give her a bath at night.  Once she is done with our mini lesson, she is able to go crazy with the vibrant colors from the classic color set we were sent, creating beautiful butterflies and family drawings.  Before I wash them away, I snap a photo as a keepsake. 

Chalk Marker Set
A cool feature of these Chalk Ink markers is that you can blend the colors while wet.  My girls have been showing me how you can create new colors by mixing the different color Chalk Ink markers we have.   Once dry, they are able to do over the doodles and layer them with another Chalk Ink marker color, which makes their creations pop from the page. I ended up ordering another set of the Chalk Ink classic color markers so that each of the girls could have their own to get creative with. And, if they happen to write on the table or wall, I don't have to worry about things getting ruined, as I can wipe away with either water or Windex.  No hard scrubbing or freaking out about how to remove from the coffee table or other treasured furniture.

As for my husband and I, we constantly find ourselves grabbing one of the eye-catching color Chalk Ink markers to write our daily to-do lists on the bathroom mirror while getting ready, on the counter top like you saw in the above video, or wherever we find a blank space.  Once our lists are made, we snap a photo of it and wipe it away.  My husband is also getting good at writing on the fridge door what we have run out of, so that I can pick up the next time I go food shopping.  This alone makes Chalk Ink a must in our house, as I could never get my husband to leave a note when we would run out something.  But, he loves writing with these chalk markers and thinks that it is cool how they can wipe off for a fresh start. :-)

The video above also showed how Chalk Ink are great for wedding and birth announcements.  I also see them coming in handy to celebrate service men and women returning home this year as well as congratulate a recent high school or college grad by creating fun, colorful signs for the special occasion.  How will you use Chalk Ink?  Get creative and have fun with these cool chalk markers.  You may even find yourself doodling along with the kids, as they are just so much fun to use.  Or, finally remember your daily lists once you jot them down in plain sight.  I can't wait to hear how you and your family use Chalk Ink markers.  Be sure to share about these chalk markers with family and friends, and again when back-to-school shopping begins.  I will definitely be sending Savannah into school with these for the teacher to use. :-)

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Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.


  1. We have never used these but they sound like so much fun for the whole family.
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  2. I have not heard of Chalk Ink, but I could think of a lot of uses for it and it seems like super fun too. My daughter would love them.
    twinkle at optonline dot net