Monday, April 6, 2015

Urban Remedy Slimming Tea Tastes Great and Helps You Lose Weight -- What More Could You Ask for? #ad

Disclosure: This is a review program with Mums the Word Network and Urban Remedy. All opinions are my own.

I have been sharing over the past couple of years my struggle to lose the excess baby weight that I put on when having my girls back to back in 2010 and 2011.  You would think that by tending to two active children that the weight would just melt right off.  Not!  instead, if I find myself missing a meal or needing a snack to get me through the day, that I am more likely to reach for a salty or sweet snack for a quick energy boost -- both which are never good for your waistline.  In past posts, I have shared experiences with weight loss programs where meals were delivered weekly to the house, as well as exercise videos and healthy cookbooks I was sent.  While each showed results, it is hard always being on the go, to keep the weight off. Don't you agree?

So, when I was contacted recently and asked about sampling a slimming tea that would help you lose weight, I have to say that I was skeptical at first.  How could a tea help you lose weight?  And, just how much weight would I be able to lose?  Wanting to find the answers to these and other questions regarding this herbal slimming tea from Urban Remedy, I agreed to try it out.

Prior to receiving the sample, I spent time on the Urban Remedy website, learning as much as I could about this slimming tea.  

This is what I found out:

To start, the Urban Remedy Founder is a Certified Chinese nutritionist and herbalist, and the brand ambassador is well-known model, Cindy Crawford.  And, while I hadn't heard about Urban Remedy prior to the review request, I found that this is a big health and wellness brand, with several product lines (juice cleanse, organic food kits, ready to eat meals, teas) and stores in the San Francisco Bay Area).

In regards to the Urban Remedy Slimming Tea, I found that this tea is stimulant-free, as well as safe and natural.  It also has a great flavor profile and taste (includes peppermint and ginger).  This herbal tea also offers more servings (3 bags per day!), and is convenient for on-the go enjoyment or for at work consumption as you don't have to worry about brewing and straining loose tea.

Even though I found out so much about this herbal slimming tea by visiting the Urban Remedy website, I have to say the true test was trying it for myself.  I was happy to find that this diet tea didn't have a funny aftertaste or leave me nauseous, like some other teas I have tried in the past.  Made with specially blended Chinese herbs that have a synergistic effect "that reduced appetite, strengthens digestion and supports healthy energy levels," this weight loss tea really tasted great.  

Seeing that this diet tea was all natural and safe, I didn't have to worry about the crashing effect due to the caffeine wearing off that get when drinking other teas and even coffee.  And, because I am a busy mom, who seems to always be rushing out the door with the girls, I love that I don't have to fuss with loose tea when brewing up a cup to enjoy on the go.

Usually I not a fan of peppermint tea, but when paired with ginger, the Urban Remedy Herbal Slimming tea really tastes great, by offering a well-balanced and soothing flavor profile.  I was able to try this slimming tea for 14-days and was happy to see results.  Not only did  find that this slimming tea worked great at suppressing my appetite, but it also accelerated my metabolism.  I dont' know about you, but after I hit my late 20's I could see my metabolism was slowing down, thanks in part to the excess weight settling around my weight and thigh area.  Just by drinking three cups of this diet tea a day, I found myself not craving sweets or a salty snack to get me through the day, and I found myself with more energy.

Want to try Urban Remedy Slimming Tea for yourself?  When you head over to Urban Remedy, you will find that you can sign up for a one-time 14 or 28-day purchase, or subscribe and save (saving you 10% per shipping).  A one time purchase of the 14-day slimming tea, which includes 48 tea bags will run you $35.00 (with free shipping), while the subscribe and save costs only $31.50.  Want to give the 28-day slimming tea a try?  The one time purchase is only $60.00 for 84 tea bags, or $54.00 with the subscribe and save option (you set the delivery date and frequency).

I weighed myself before and at the end of the 14 day trial of the slimming tea and was excited to see that I actually lost 5 lbs. just by sipping tea (which I usually do).  Who knew that enjoying a great tasting tea (up to 3 times a day) could also help you lose weight.  While a skeptic at first, I can now say that after trying this herbal slimming tea firsthand, that is does work and you will see results when you step on the scale.

If you have tried other weight loss avenues, but still struggle to lose weight, why not give this diet tea from Urban Remedy a try.  With the one time purchase price of $35, you can't go wrong.  Even though I ran out of my sample supply, I will be heading over to once I am done with this review post to buy more.  And, whenever friends ask what I am drinking, I can't help but go on and on about this slimming tea and what I have learned about the Urban Remedy brand, as a result of my review.  I can't wait to hear about your weight loss once you start sipping this great tasting slimming tea -- so, please share!

To learn more about Urban Remedy and their slimming tea, visit their About Us section on their website.


Just for Inspired by Savannah readers...The kind folks at Urban Remedy have set a up coupon code that you can use when placing a first-time order for this slimming tea. For a limited time (expires 4/30, so act fast), you can purchase the 28-day slimming tea for the price of 14 days.  By using coupon code "Mums" at checkout, you will find the regular price of $60 for 28-days of slimming tea will drop down to only $35 -- a real steal if you ask me! :-)  But, act fast as this coupon code is available only until April 30th.  

*Limit 1 per person, and cannot be combined with other offers.

So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to Urban Remedy today and order their slimming tea. Then, sit back and sip away as you slim down and lose weight. :-)

Disclosure: This is a review program with Mums the Word Network and Urban Remedy. All opinions are my own.


  1. Thank you for this review....I need to give this a try. Being hungry all the time keeps me from losing weight

  2. I have never heard of this and I drink tea every single day and now I have to try this thanks so much for sharing this one.
    heather [email protected]

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