Friday, February 27, 2015

What to Watch on TV Tonight -- 'CESAR 911' SEASON 2 TO PREMIERES TONIGHT ON NAT GEO WILD #Giveaway #Cesar911


Are you a fan of Cesar Millan, AKA the Dog Whisperer?  My husband and I are fans of Cesar and have been since he came on the scene years ago.  We ever thought about calling him for our rescue dog Manny, who had aggressive issues and couldn't be around others, until he passed a few back.

I am always amazed at Cesar and how he can rehabilitate animals and can talk to them in a calming manner.  Some of the dogs I have seen on his hit Nat Geo WILD series, Cesar 911 would scare me, but Cesar is always so calm and collective around them, and really helps the owners with their behavioral pet issues.

My husband and I will be tuning in tonight at 9/8C when season 2 of Cesar 911 kicks off on Nat Geo WILD?  Will you?

Hear is more about the hit series, Cesar 911, including what is store for upcoming episodes - and read on to learn about my fun Cesar Millan giveaway that you will want to enter, too!...


  "Last year, Cesar Millan proved once again that he is the leader of the pack when it comes to rehabilitating dogs and training people, with the successful launch of his new Nat Geo WILD series, Cesar 911. The series returns on Friday, Feb. 27, at 9/8c.

Each week on Cesar 911, Millan travels to a new neighborhood in desperate need of his help. He is summoned by co-workers, relatives, friends and neighbors who “blow the whistle” on a four-legged menace that has turned their lives upside down. Right from the start, the stakes are higher than ever for the dogs, owners and communities Millan is brought in to assist. The dog owners he encounters are stressed out, nervous, terrified at times, and feel out of control. Each episode, Millan packs in practical tips and valuable insights to help loyal fans and new viewers alike.

Often, the cases this season warrant Millan taking both dogs and owners to his Dog Psychology Center, a 45-acre facility in the hills outside Los Angeles, where he can utilize his pack of balanced dogs to socialize with the problem dogs and exercise the dogs using a special pool and long pack walks. Millan interacts very closely with the owners, teaching them how to handle and correct their dogs’ problem behaviors. When needed, he also works with the dogs and owners in his home training annex, where he can help them overcome issues that occur in common living areas like the bedroom, kitchen and living room.

After a period of rehabilitation, Millan gives the owners homework assignments — challenges to master their leadership over their dog. At the end of each episode of Cesar 911, the owners rejoin Millan to review surveillance footage of how they handled their dog in the homework assignments. Millan tells the owners what they did correctly and what they can continue to improve. He then offers some final words of encouragement and thoughts about his experience working on their case. The families are now equipped with the knowledge and tools that only Cesar Millan can provide!

Cesar 911 Season Two Episodes Include:
Cesar 911: 3 Bites, You’re Out!
Premieres Friday, Feb. 27, at 9/8c

Cesar is called to the aid of Leslie and her 18-year-old son, Si. The two rescued their Great Dane, Junior, when he was only 5 months old. The poor dog had been beaten, run over by a car and left for dead. But as soon as the Dane regained his strength, he became aggressive. Since then, Junior has bitten two people, including one of Leslie’s current neighbors. If Cesar can’t help rehabilitate Junior, Leslie fears the dog could be euthanized. Cesar’s next case concerns two sisters, Taylor and Morgan, whose relationship is in jeopardy over a dog. Taylor’s Maltese mix, Chloe, seems to have it in for her sister! She growls at Morgan and bites her any chance she gets. Morgan is pregnant with her first child, and if Cesar can’t help Taylor control Chloe, Morgan won’t let her sister and Chloe near her baby.

Cesar 911: Kicked to the Curb
Premieres Friday, March 6, at 9/8c

Cesar tries having Ron do a pack walk to increase his confidence.

Cesar rushes to the aid of Ron, whose family has stopped inviting him over for their parties because of his aggressive German shepherd, Savannah. Savannah has lunged at various members of Ron’s family, ruining several birthdays, holidays, barbecues and anniversaries. It’s up to Cesar to save Ron and Savannah from spending all future holidays alone. Cesar’s next call comes from Mandy, whose neighbors, Emily and Jay, have two pesky pooches that are destroying the harmony of their pet-friendly apartment complex. This devilish duo barks incessantly and attacks any dogs they see in the hallways. The residents of the building have had it with the loud and erratic behavior. If Cesar can’t train these troublesome tykes, Mandy plans to launch a campaign to get the couple evicted!

Cesar 911: Loaded Gunny
Premieres Friday, March 13, at 9/8c

Case File: Gunny and Bastian

The McKendricks are on the verge of divorce over their American bulldog, Gunny. When he turned 2, Gunny became a terror. The family owns a horse training facility and Gunny now attacks anything that moves, including dogs, small children and even horses. Worse yet, Gunny has attacked the McKendricks’ toddler, Dorian, and sent him to the hospital. Jim is terrified that Gunny will one day seriously injure Dorian and demands that the couple get rid of the dog or put him down. But Joy refuses. She believes Gunny can be rehabilitated. In fact, she’s told Jim that if he gets rid of Gunny, she’ll get rid of him. It’s up to Cesar to correct Gunny’s behavior. Otherwise the McKendricks are headed trouble.

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  1. I am a fan and I will be watching for sure. thankyou, ken [email protected]

  2. I am a fan of Cesar Milan and will be tuning in for the new season.

  3. I have been a fan for many many years.

  4. Yes I am!!! My husband is an even bigger fan :)