Thursday, February 26, 2015

The NewAir AH-450B Space Heater is Keeping Us Warm During the Bitterly Cold Days/Nights (Product Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Being a New Englander (born and raised), I should be used to the cold winter months.  But, like most people, the winters always hit us hard.  Mother Nature loves to play tricks on us by changing up the weather.  You have heard the saying -- "Don't like the weather?...Give it a minute and it will change."  This really is the case here in New England, especially during the fall and winter months.  We found ourselves thinking we would have an easy winter until the end of January rolled around and the snow started to fall, practically every day, without stopping.  As I write this post there is more snow falling, and school is yet again cancelled.  The With over 4 ft. of snow on the ground and the average school week being only 2 days due to delays or cancellations, you can only imagine how cold it is outside.  But, thanks to an amazing product I was recently sent to review, we are staying toasty warm in whatever room we are in -- thanks to the NewAir AH-450B Oil-Filled Radiator Heater.

I know what you are could I get excited about an oil-filled heater.  Well, for one, I am not a fan of cold weather -- or hot hot weather for that matter -- 70-78 degrees is just right for me.  :-)  I am finding my girls to be the same way, as they are always asking me to turn the heat up.  But, we have oil heat, which gets pretty expensive in the winter months, to heat our home.  So, I am always looking for energy and money conscious ways to heat our home, that will not break the bank, or having us dress in layers.  We do have electric baseboard heating, but that too gets expensive and isn't safe with little ones as I am afraid they will step on one of the heaters and break it and burn themselves, or drop their toys or a blanket on it and start a fire.  So, when I was asked if I wanted to review this oil filled radiator heater from New Air, I jumped at the opportunity, especially because of the bitterly cold temperatures we have been experiencing.

I will say I was first hesitant on reviewing an oil-filled radiator heater, as I found myself thinking about the ones my grandparents used to have attached to the wall and how they got really hot and smelled of oil.  With two little ones in the house, the last thing I wanted to worry about was them touching the heater and burning themselves, or worse, tipping the heater oil and the oil spilling out or starting a fire.  But, when I saw that this heater had a safety tip over feature, in that if it falls over or is tilted, it automatically shuts off, my worries were eased.

The heater itself was easy to set up and only required caster wheels (4) to be attached with butterfly screws at the base of the heater -- this allows it to move with ease through the different rooms in the home or turn to face a particular direction in a room.  

There is also a handle in the front, making this lightweight oil-filled heater from NewAir easy to carry up and down stairs and from room to room.

Here is a quick video I put together talking about some of my other favorite features of the NewAir AH-450B Oil-Filled Radiator Heater...

Like I mentioned in the video, this heater has 3 heater settings -- Lo, Hi and ECO, and takes about 5 minutes to warm up and about 10 minutes to heat a room.  It is quiet, which I love, as it doesn't have a fan turning on and off when the heater is running, thus causing interference when watching television or talking with family and friends in the room.  Another great feature which I mentioned in the video is that this model comes with a remote control, which I leave at my bedside, to turn on and off the heater, or set the timer (which can be set in 2 hour intervals between 2 hrs. and 10 hrs.).  

During the daytime I have this heater running in the living room, which is the main room in the house that the girls and I spend most of our time. But, at bedtime I will bring the heater into my bedroom to heat the room.  It seems like I am always cold, so I love being able to turn the heater up and down (from 65-85 degrees) to warm me up at bedtime.  And, seeing that it has caster wheels, I am move it freely from the center of the room to my side of the bedroom, and run prior to going to bed. :-)

We have only had the NewAir AH-450B oil-filled radiator for a few weeks, but I can't imagine living without it.  We are saving when it comes to heating certain rooms in the house that we always occupy, and it really does an amazing job at warming a room and keeping it warm, while running.  I have been raving about with family and friends who have brought up issues of cold office space in their homes, or their heating bills going through the roof due to attempts to heat different rooms in the home.  I can say that I have yet to find a negative thing to say about this heater.  Everything is positive and makes me wholeheartedly recommend to fellow New Englanders looking to warm certain rooms in their homes during the duration of this winter and early spring, as well as those looking for heating solution to heat home offices, bedrooms, or other rooms in your home that you haven't been able to with other portable heaters.  Once you try this oil-filled radiator heater from NewAir, you will see for yourself why I and so many other people who own this particular heater love it.  

To learn more about the NewAir AH-450B Oil-Filled Radiator heater, visit Here you will also learn about other space heaters available from NewAir, that will help heat your home this winter and throughout the year.

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Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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