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Junior Explorers, A Fun New Subscription Box for Kids That Makes Learning About Animals Fun! (Review) #JuniorExplorers #wildlife #nature #ad

Disclosure: I received a Junior Explorers sample kit for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

Junior Explorers Club
Kids + Animals + Learning + Fun!

These monthly kits are great for kids ages 5-11

Do you like subscription box services?  Over the past few years, these monthly box subscriptions have become popular for both kids and adults.  I, for one, like the surprise each month with the foodie boxes I order.  My girls, like their mom, also like receiving these boxes, and seeing what fun activities are in store for them each month.  

I recently stumbled across Junior Explorers, while looking for new subscription programs to sign my girls up for.  While we receive a handful of arts and crafts type boxes, the girls are now growing up and like activities that are not just fun, but are also educational.  

This is how my search led me to the Junior Explorers box, which is a new subscription program, and unlike any other that I have seen.  This monthly box teaches children about wildlife and nature.  I don't know about you, but my girls love animals, and learning about them.  And, while we can't go to the zoo during the winter to see the animals, the girls can still have fun learning about animals through this fun monthly subscription box.

Savannah loves tattoos, especially this new one from the Junior Explorers kit

Bella showing off her new Kyle tattoo

So, what is Junior Explorers and how it is different from other subscription boxes for kids.  Well, first of, in addition to being sent maps, stickers, tattoos, pins and other goodies each month in the mail, kids also log on to the Junior Explorers to complete missions.  These missions are what makes this subscription box different from others.  While it is nice to have activities arrive in the mail each month, I find that when you pair technology or the computer with them, that the kids stay engaged longer and are eager to learn more.  Both of my girls loved the online missions, which included a fun Arctic mission, which they completed this past weekend with my husband.  

While we have been receiving subscription boxes for some time, this was the first time my husband sat down to do one with the girls.  And, I couldn't stop hearing both the girls and him raving about the Junior Explorers missions.  

Each mission introduces your child(ren) to different ecosystems and animals.  Kids have to click over different things on the screen, and then a pop up with fun facts or mission details appears.  

While Savannah is used to navigating the computer and keyboard, I loved letting Bella try her hand at moving items from the the guide shop to their backpacks, before setting out on a mission with Kia and Kyle.  

Bella also enjoyed moving the mouse over the different animals and having my husband and I read about that specific highlighted area.   This interactive aspect of the missions made them more enjoyable for both of our girls.  They also loved looking through the mission goodies sent in the mail and pairing them up with the animals and ecosystems that appeared on the computer screen.  And, Savannah loved the coloring pages, mazes and other fun games that come with the offline learning fun each month..

The girls looking over the Arctic mission goodies they received in the mail, before logging in online to complete the online mission

You know your kids are learning and having fun, when they continue to talk about and look for ways to continue the exploration offline and when out and about.  Savannah talked about animals she learned about when she went to preschool the other day, and even brought in the cards and journal she was sent.  And, Bella was quick to point out penguins, polar bear and other wildlife animals in books and on television.  I was amazed at how much my girls learned with the two Junior Explorers missions they have completed.  They can't stop talking about the animals, and were so excited when they reunited the two polar bears cubs with their mom. :-)

Here is more about Junior Explorers and what you get each month when you subscribe to this fun new monthly subscription service for elementary aged children...

The initial Junior Explorers kit comes with this full color fold out poster for kids to explore

Junior Explorers have kids complete online and offline ‘missions,' which have them exploring different ecosystems and animals every month! 

Each month they will be sent in the mail a Junior Explorers kit.  The initial box is to be saves and decorated with stickers provides, so that you can store future mission material.  

The initial Junior Explorers Kits comes with the above, as well as the poster

The second mission kit received contained the following...

Each monthly kit comes filled with activities, games cool collectibles like tattoos, pins and even little animals that go with that month's theme.  

Bella sure gets thirty complete the online and offline Junior Explorer missions. :-)

Kids will also find a letter that includes their special code that they will enter when they log onto the Junior Explorers website.  This is where the online fun begins.  Kids will be walked through with a basic tutorial the first time, and then will quickly grasp how the online component works, for future missions.  Both of my girls picked up the online component and its features in no time, and I didn't have to sit down and explain it to them.

The online learning component is truly unique and makes learning about animals and nature much more fun. Once your child has their online code for a given month, they can log in and begin their mission.  Together with Kia and Kyle, the Junior Explorers, your children will have fun solving mysteries of our planet.  As they travel through different areas on a map, your child will complete mini missions, which include things like puzzles, matching, games, and more.  

And, when they are not participating in gamified learning, they will follow along by reading engaging narrative, all while earning points, until the mission is complete.  In addition to earning and collecting points through game play, kids can turn these earned points into a real donation that they can make to nonprofits like the WWF and the Nature Conservancy.  As a parent, this is one feature of this new susbcription box that I love.  I love that the girls are not only learning about animals and nature, but that through educational play they are able to give back to the animals and ecosystems they are learning about.  How cool is that!  Try saying this about other monthly subscription services.  I can't think of one that I have seen this idea of giving back, while educating our children.  

And, when I told my girls about how their donations are helping the animals and ecosystems they just learned about, they were all smiles, as they felt like they were making a difference, even if they were young. I loved being able to share how my girls are part of the next generation of environmental stewards that needs to care for our planet and the animals that inhabit it.  And, through online and offline missions offered through these fun Junior Explorer kits, my girls are starting on the journey of appreciating and taking care of our planet and its animals, while also learning about them at the same time, and having cool facts to share with family and friends each month. :-) 

And, with Valentine's Day and Easter fast approaching, a subscription to Junior Explorers would be the perfect gift for that special child in your life.  My girls can't wait to see what fun mission they will go on next month with Kia and Kyle.  They had a blast completing the initial welcome mission and the Arctic mission, as well as decorating their Junior Explorer mission box, that will store all their new monthly mission goodies that they will get in the mail.

To learn more about Junior Explorers, which can be ordered one time, or as a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription, visit today.

Junior Explorers is a first-of-its-kind program for kids that combines offline and online learning to teach them about our planet!

I can't wait for you to try out this fun new wildlife and nature themed educational monthly subscription box with your elementary aged children, and hear what you think of it.  So, be sure to head back here and share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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*Junior Explorers gives back a percentage of its revenue to real conservation projects happening around our planet! They have teamed up with Seventh Generation to jump start this initiative!

Disclosure: I received a Junior Explorers sample kit for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

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