Thursday, January 29, 2015

DISH Invites Customers to Deflate the Game Not the Ads with their AuotHop Feature

I can't wait until Sunday, can you?  Not only will I will be rooting on the Patriots, but I can't wait to watch the Superbowl Half Time Show with Katy Perry, as well as the commercials.  Even if you are not a football fan, you can't help but tune in to the big game to watch the commercials, as you know that everyone will be talking about them in the days following the Super Bowl.  And, if you are a DISH subscriber, you will be even happier when you hear about the "Reverse AutoHop" feature, announced by DISH Network today.  

What is Reverse Auto-Hop you ask?  Instead of automatically skipping commercials, AutoHop will allow you to skip the game and watch only the commercials.  Yes, I know the game is important and you will want to watch highlights afterwards.  But, with the cool AutoHop feature, you will have the ability to watch just the commercials over and over again, without having to fast forward through the already aired game.  This feature will come in handy if by chance you miss a commercial, or if you find yourself debating a particular commercial.  I, for one, can't wait to use the AutoHop feature after the game.  This is just one more great thing about DISH Network.  Do I have to remind you about the recent Neflix App on the Hopper! :-)

Here is more about AutoHop feature from a press release that went out earlier today from DISH Network...
"DISH Network L.L.C. announced today that customers can enable “Reverse AutoHop” to watch just the commercials the day after Sunday’s big game. DISH customers will have the option to enable DISH’s AutoHop™ feature on the Hopper® Whole-Home HD DVR to skip straight to the popular commercials, rather than skip over them.
“This day is about two things: football and commercials, and for good reason -- both are entertaining and our customers love them,” said Vivek Khemka, DISH senior vice president of product management. “We’ve decided to flip our user-enabled ad-skipping feature on its head so customers can watch the ads uninterrupted the next day when everyone is talking about them.”
“We have several clients running Super Bowl ads this year, and DISH’s creative technology means more people will see those ads,” said Bill Koenigsberg, president, CEO and founder of Horizon Media. “Making these entertaining ads ‘appointment watching’ after the game puts the brands front and center for an even wider audience. Regardless of who wins the game, that’s a win for advertisers and consumers.”
Customers can enable the “Reverse AutoHop” feature the day after the game to skip the game and watch the commercials back-to-back. Hopper customers must have the PrimeTime Anytime™ feature enabled for NBC prior to the game. If customers want to re-watch the game, they have that option as well."
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  1. I had no idea about the reverse auto-hop feature. I don't care anything about the game, but I love the super bowl commercials!