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Diet-to-Go Offers Nutritionally Balanced Meals Designed to Help You Lose Weight -- And, They Taste Great!!!

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Diet-to-Go is a diet delivery service that serves people looking to lose weight and feel great.

I recently shared how one of my resolutions for 2015 was to continue to maintain a healthy weight. In my post, I shared how while I was successful in 2013 to finally lose the baby weight, I found myself going up and down on the scale in 2014. When the girls would get sick or be going through one of their fussy stages, i found myself reaching for snacks instead of sitting down for a meal. And, when it came to going food shopping, i would reach for easy to prepare meals and snacks, that I would have otherwise walked on past, due to their high calories, unnecessary additives and preservatives, etc. Oh, and don't get me started on the holidays. One one saving grace was that I was given the opportunity to try out a diet plan that sent me food for a few months. But, once that was done, I found myself slipping back into snacking on the go with salty or sugary sweets, or skipping breakfast and/or lunch and substituting it by picking throughout the day or even adding cups of coffee (and a cookie or two) into the mix to get me through the day. So, when I sat down in late December to think about what I wanted to improve on in 2015, I found myself putting my weight and healthy eating at the top. I made a point to set a goal weight I know I can achieve, and then started to think about ways that I could achieve this resolution, and stick to it.

At the time I was thinking about this resolution, I was contacted by the folks at Diet-to-Go and asked if I wanted to be a blogger ambassador for them. Ahhh, was this a sign? After looking over their site, I found myself eager to try out their 1600 tradition low fat plan, which is delivered to your door each month, and see how it compared to the previous diet meals to go I was on last year.

Shortly after accepting this offer, I was sent a cooler full of their food, which included breakfast, lunch and dinner meals -- all of which came frozen.  

It was recommended to keep the food in refrigerator and either enjoy or heat up (as needed). But, if you found yourself already with food for the week, going away, or not being able to eat the week's worth of meals sent to you by Diet-to-Go, you can put the meals in the freezer, and they will keep for up to a month. 

I was planning to eat the meals for the week, so I stored them in the refrigerator, and by the next day, they were all thawed and ready to eat.

Just from first glance, I found myself loving Diet-to-Go. Unlike the previous diet program I was on, this food actually looked like something I would want to eat, and not have to just to lose weight. You could tell that the chicken was actually chicken.  

And, best of all, the portion sizes and assortment of entree and sides with each meal were eye pleaser and really helped to make you feel full and satisfied after consuming.

I found that with the previous meal program, the foods that were sent and didn't need to be frozen -- i.e. cups of soups, microwave pasta, chili or oatmeal, really made me wonder how healthy they were, and how they couldn't contain a lot of preservatives to keep their shelf life longer. I am not usually a fan of canned soups or foods that you pull off the pantry shelf, microwave and enjoy. And, this diet program seemed to send a lot more of these non-perishable foods than frozen foods to enjoy.

Here is what I was sent to enjoy and try out during my 1-week trial of the Diet-to-Go 1600 traditional low fat plan...

Breakfast --

  • Mushroom strata, chicken sausage and tropical fruit salad
  • Raisin bran muffin, strawberry preserve and Greek yogurt
  • Cornbread muffin, cranberry cream cheese and Greek yogurt
  • Kale and Swiss frittata, chicken sausage and applesauce
  • Breakfast pizza with spiced apples
Lunch --
  • Bistro chicken salad (chicken breast tenders with pasta, vegetables and sauce), with a mini mango walnut muffin
  • Chicken Philly sub (multi-grain sub roll), with honey mustard mayo, provolone cheese and a side of veggie slaw
  • Chicken pesto salad with a whole wheat roll
  • Grilled cheese with a lentil chili and brownie
  • Turkey burger on a pretzel bun with provolone cheese and ketchup, and a side orange and craisin salad
Dinner --
  • Baked spaghetti pie with cauliflower, Parmesan cheese and a sesame breadstick
  • Barbecue chicken with anise roasted potatoes, baked beans, green beans and BBQ sauce
  • Turkey picadillo with brown rice pilaf, and a side of apricot glazed asparagus
  • Macaroni and cheese, carrots with cranberries, and broccoli with almonds
  • Stuffed shells with tomato sauce, baby carrots and chocolate pudding
I found myself trying to decide what to eat, not because the offering was not pleasing, but because I wanted to try each and every meal  NOW!  They all looked so good, and had easy preparation and heating instructions.  I also liked how each of the meals came vacuum sealed and on a foam serving plate.  While you don't want to heat the food on these foam plates, they made for easy serving, without having to clean extra dishes (for those that you didn't have to heat up.

As you can see from the 5-day breakfast, lunch and dinner menu I was sent above, it didn't sound like diet food.  And, the portion sizes, although part of the 1600 calorie traditional low fat plan, were sizable and really did fill you up.  Out of all the meals I was sent, I have to say my favorite was the BBQ chicken, followed by the stuffed shells and turkey picadillo with brown rice pilaf.  It is hard me for to rave about pasta dishes coming from an Italian background and making my own pasta and homemade sauce.  But, I have to say that the pasta meals I was sent from Diet-to-Go really tasted like they were homemade, and they had a lot of wonderful flavors.  

The breakfasts were also tasty. I am not usually one for stratas or frittatas, but after enjoying the ones that I was sent with the 1-week meal plan, I can't wait to get into the kitchen and make them for my family, especially to enjoy on the weekends, when we can all sit down at the table together. :-)

While I did have favorites, as listed above, I can't complain or say I tried a meal from Diet-to-Go that I didn't like.  They were all full of flavor and never reminded me that I was eating healthy.  And, like I shared above, I found myself getting full after each meal.  In the past this would not be the case with diets I was on, as I would either find myself looking for snacks mid-morning or afternoon, and would go to bed feeling hungry.  This was definitely not the case with the meals from Diet-to-Go.

Over the course of this week, I will be sharing photos on my social media pages of the different meals I have enjoyed from Diet-to-Go, so keep an eye out for those.  But, I did want to want to share a few photos of a few of the meals (breakfast and lunch) and my thoughts on each, to give you a sense of what you would get if you signed up for the Diet-to-Go program.

First up, here was the first breakfast I tried from the 1600 traditional low fat plan from Diet-to-Go...

Raisin bran muffin with strawberry preserve and Greek Yogurt --- 

Just by looking at the above, you would never think this was part of a diet program.  The muffin looked and tasted fresh.  It really did have a homemade taste to it and was moist, which I was particularly surprised with, after having been frozen and then thawed. I ended up not needing the strawberry preserve, as I am not usually one to add preserves to muffins or toast.  As for the Chobani Greek yogurt, I am already a fan of this and make a point to have a shelf full of this Greek yogurt for the family to snack on, so I didn't hesitate to eat this.  Overall, this was a very fulfilling breakfast and gave me the energy I needed and look for when eating breakfast, to get me through the morning with the girls.  In the past, I would have just had a cup of Greek yogurt, but would find myself needing a snack mid morning.  When paired with a muffin, like the raisin bran muffin I ate, it really does tide you over until lunch time. :-)

For lunch, I ended up having the grilled cheese with lentil chili and a brownie.  

Being a chocolate lover, I was happy to find the brownie as my dessert, as you really don't think of this or dessert for that matter, when on a diet.  But, I didn't complained, and made sure to leave room for it! :-)  The grilled cheese sandwich was amazing!  It tasted fresh, and the bread wasn't rubbery, greasy or salty.  

The flavors were spot on.  This was my first time eating lentils, and I found loving it, served up as a chili side.  I will definitely be adding lentils to my homemade chili for now on. :-) 

For dinner the first night, I ended up eating the stuffed shells with tomato sauce, baby carrots and chocolate pudding. Instead of microwaving the shells, I ended up heating the food up in the oven.  I have found that if I have more time, heating these meals up in the oven makes they cook up a little better.  But, if you are pressed for time, or enjoying these meals at work, using a microwave will not hinder the flavor or taste of the food.  :-)  Stay tuned this week, I will be sharing photos of my stuffed shells meal on my social media sites. A tease...I know! :-)

Wonder what I had the next day for breakfast?  Alright I will share....

I had the kale and Swiss frittata with chicken sausage and a cup of apple sauce.

Again, I found myself getting full halfway through the breakfast, which I liked.  

I also found myself loving the chicken sausage, and looking forward to the other breakfast that came with the chicken sausage, just so that I could eat it again.  Like I said above, I never eat strata or frittatas, but will be making them for myself and my family to enjoy.  This one in particular was full of flavor, and really cheesy. :-)

Even though I only sampled the 1600 traditional low fat plan from Diet-to-Go for 1-week, I can see why so many people who are members rave about this program.  The food is amazing, and all the online weight loss and management resources are well received by all.  You can be a first time dieter, dieting for a special occasion, or even a dieter who can never seem to lose the weight.  Once you start the Diet-to-Go program, you will find yourself wondering why you hadn't heard about or signed up for this program before.  I will definitely be looking into continuing the 1600 traditional low fat plan from Diet-to-Go, and even have my husband, who saw me eating the delicious meals and asking to sample them, wanting to sign up.  He sees this not just as a great diet program, but as an alternative for busy couples or families always on the go, and who don't seem to have time to prepare healthy meals all the time, to have meals delivered to the door.  You don't have to worry about meal planning or wondering what take out you can order that is not fattening, when you find yourself pressed for time after a day at the office or with the girls.  Just knowing that their is a service like Diet-to-Go available for people looking to make healthy changes to their diets in 2015 and beyond, is the reason I can't stop talking it and showing off photos of the foods I ate to family and friends.  

Those I have talked to about Diet-to-Go and showed photos of the foods I ate, couldn't believe the pricing off the programs, the different program options available (Traditional menu, vegetarian menu or a low-carb menu) and the overall look of the food.  

-- Sample weekly menu of each plan avialable from Diet-to-Go --

It didn't look like diet food to them, and I can say it didn't taste like diet food either.  :-)  I am so happy to have been given the chance to learn more about Diet-to-Go and and sample their  1600 traditional low fat plan.  If one of your new year's resolutions is to make healthier meals choices, lose weight, or simply maintain a recent weight loss, paying particular attention to foods you eat, then you will want to check out Diet-to-Go today.

Diet-to-Go Diet Delivery

Right now, just for Inspired by Savannah readers, you can use promo code DTGA105 to save 25% off your first order of any meal plan from Diet-to-Go.  Ordering online is simple, and you, too, will be amazed at the quality and taste of the meals that will be sent directly to your door, and are ready to be heated up and enjoyed.  I can't wait to hear what you think about Diet-to-Go, so be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.  And, be sure to keep an eye out on my social media pages, as I will be sharing photos of the meals I have been enjoying this past week from Diet-to-Go. When you see them, you will not think that I was on a 1600 traditional low fat diet plan. :-)  There is also a 1200 calorie diet you can choose when selecting the traditional menu. 

To give you an idea of how reasonable this diet program is, here is the cost for the week's worth of meals I was sent, including 3 meals a day for 5 days, delivered to me door --- 

*without a discount

If you were to use the promo code DTGA105, your first week of meals when selecting the 3 meals a day for 5 days from the 1600 calorie traditional menu would only be...

(try spending that on a week's worth of groceries 
and factoring in prep and cook time)

This is the cheapest diet program that sends you nutritionally prepared meals to your door that I have been on, or have found.  And, unlike the other programs, which cost more, these meals are actually good and ones I would eat, without hesitation. 

Make sure to you take advantage of all the resources Diet-to-Go offers, including their digital meal tracker app that you can download to your phone and track your Diet-to-Go meals and other foods you eat.  

iPhone Screenshot 1

iPhone Screenshot 5

What I especially love about this app is that it also interfaces with my FitBit, thus allowing me track my exercises, sleep, caloric meal intake and more.  


"Dieters who track what they eat lose two times as much weight!"

iPhone Screenshot 2

In addition to the Diet-to-Go app, there are also discussion forums you can join and chat with other members about their weight loss journeys, seek expert advice or share tips.  I love the DTG daily dish discussion forum, which shares up-to-date health news, inspiration and tips -- which helps me keep my resolution.

Stay up-to-date on special offers, news and more from Diet-to-Go, by following them on their social media pages...

So, what are you waiting for?  Take control of your health and weight in 2015 by signing up for the Diet-to-Go diet delivery service today.  You will be amazed at the results, and just how good "diet" food can taste!

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.


  1. I love everything about this program, and I love how everything comes packaged. Great way to start your new year health kick. The meals look incredible.

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