Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holiday Gift Ideas -- A Must for Tweens/Teens with iPhones and iPods - The Make Your Case Case Maker - Now at Walmart


Make Your Case
Make Your Case Case Maker


It is hard to find a tween/teen without a phone nowadays.  Does your child have one?  Last year both my niece and nephew asked Santa for one, and were very particular in the brand -- an iPhone. :-)  While they didn't get their iPhone, they did get a pay as you go phone that they have been using to prove that they are responsible enough to have a phone. And, when the time comes to upgrade phones, they may get that iPhone they keep looking at when we go shopping. 
But, if your child is lucky enough to have an iPhone 4 or 5, or even a Samsung Galaxy, then I have a fun new product that would make a great last minute gift idea.  Have you seen the commercial for the "Make Your Case" customizable cell phone case maker, that is available now at Walmart for only $17.76?  I saw not only the commercial on television over the weekend, but also the fun case maker while shopping at Walmart.  A few tween girls were huddled around it on the shelf, as they talked about the different cases they would make if they received it for Christmas.  Once they finally moved away from the store shelf, I went in for a closer look and to see how the "Make your Case" Case Maker really worked? 
While you think it would just be easier and quicker to buy an already blinged out cell phone case for your tween/teen, you have to remember that they like to be unique and make one-of-a-kind things that will stand out and they can show off.  This is why the "Make Your Case" is a perfect gift for those hard to shop for tweens/teens on your list.  They will have a blast adding pictures of their friends or pet, a selfie, or even their favorite celebrity crush or boy band to their cell phone case. They'll love showing it off and having friends ask how they can make one just like it.
Make Your Case Case Maker

How does the "Make Your Case" Case Maker Work?:
It is easy as 1...2....3!
Mold your own cell phone cases and customize them to your personal style and taste. 

Just insert your chosen color into the Case Maker and press to magically mold a case. 

So, if you have been struggling to figure out what to get that tween/teen in your life, like I have, stop worrying and stressing and pick up the "Make Your Case" Case Maker today.  Like I said, this case maker works with the iPhone 4 and 5, Samsung Galaxy and even the iPod Touch.  I can't wait to see what my niece creates, when I surprise her with this for her iPod Touch. :-)

Make Your Case Case Maker

You can find the "Make Your Case" case maker at Walmart or order from their website and have it shipped to your house, for only $17.76.

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  1. This looks like so much fun for kids and adults too.
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