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Holiday Gift Ideas -- Indulge Your Skin and Senses, While Pampering Yourself with FarmHouse Fresh Bath and Body Products (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Besides shopping for the kids, your honey, the in-laws and everyone else on your holiday shopping list, don't forget to think of yourself, too. While it may be hard to make "me time" for yourself, especially around the holidays, you shouldn't forget yourself when shopping for holiday gifts. It is always nice to treat yourself to a little something, or even help your husband take the guesswork out of what to get you for the holidays.  

This holiday season why not ask for bath and body products from FarmHouse Fresh? I was recently made aware of FarmHouse Fresh and their product line, and was even able to sample two of their body milk lotions and an exfoliating body scrub -- all of which I love -- and, can't stop raving about them with family and friends, who are looking for unique and fun gift ideas for those hard to shop for people on their holiday lists.

FarmHouse Fresh has won many awards over the years, as well as been recognized and featured in top magazines like Redbook, Health, Elle and INSIDE Weddings, just to name a few.  

Oprah even added FarmHouse Fresh products to her famous, Oprah's O-List.

I can thank my mom for my sensitive skin (which I also passed along to my girls), which limits me to certain bath and body products and brands I can use. While many women can cover themselves head to foot with lotions, creams, etc. with fragrances, I have to be careful and read the label to see what each bath and body product is made of, or I will chance breaking out in a rash or irritate my delicate skin.  Because of my sensitive, when it comes to pampering myself, I find that simple creams, without lotions work best.  But, boy do I miss not being able to use products with lovely floral or fruity scents.  All these sweet smelling products always seem to contain ingredients which don't agree with my skin - boo hoo. :-(

After hearing about FarmHouse Fresh and spending time on their website, not only browsing their extensive bath and body product offering, but also learning about how their products are made, I couldn't wait to try them. For those with sensitive skin like myself, you will be happy to learn that FarmHouse Fresh's line of products are made with up to "99.6% natural and naturally-derived ingredients." Also, everything is Paraben and Sulfate Free, and the fragrances used are all-natural or phthalate free, as well as Vegan and Gluten Free. 

The kind folks at FarmHouse Fresh sent two of their popular body milk lotions - fresh melon and sweet cream - for me to try, and I have been enjoying trying them out, and seeing how well they work with my sensitive skin.  No skin irritations here! :-)

Fresh Melon Body Milk Travel  Lotion

"This silky lotion is a cool and juicy slice of fresh melon! A simply irresistible green melon and natural cucumber extract blend has a refreshing, good morning scent that makes you happy from the moment it hits your skin. Just like our original body milk lotion, Sweet Cream, this product pours over you like milk and comes packaged in our adorable cow box with the statement “Our Cows Eat Fruit Cocktail.” Available in a 2.4 oz aluminum tube with decorative box. *90.5% natural, and like all FarmHouse Fresh Products, Fresh Melon is Paraben & Sulfate free."

Sweet Cream Body Milk Travel Lotion
90.5% Natural - Vegan - Gluten Free

"This delicate moisturizer pours over you like milk, and leaves light velvety notes of warm sweet cream. A true treat to moisturize each morning. The scent takes you away to a fine morning tea, with scones, heavy cream and great gal pals. This small travel-size tube is perfect for travel! Housed in a charming "Our Cows Eat Cookies" gift box for gift giving delight. Like all FarmHouse Fresh products, Sweet Cream Body Milk is Paraben and Sulfate free, plus it's infused with a blend of natural oils that provide lasting softness to skin: Vitamin E-rich Rice Bran oil, Jajoba Seed oil, Sweet Almond, Avocado and Sesame."

I can't get over how soft and smooth my skin is after applying the hand creams I was recently sent from the folks at FarmHouse Fresh, and love the subtle scents that are left behind.  They are not too strong, and are great to use when you are on the go, or find extra time in the day for a longer shower and time to add body lotion and cream, while the kids are being tended to.

In addition to the two body milk lotions, I was also a fun body scrub that is made with premium vodka called Rasmopolitan.  

Rasmopolitan Body Scrub
Only $34
97% Natural - Vegan - NOT Gluten Free (made with American-grown organic rye

"Prepare yourself for a ripe, smoothing body polish! This juicy cocktail body scrub is full of fresh raspberry notes. Crafted with Square One organic vodka, raspberry extract, sugar and rice bran oil -- for a sweet exfoliation that brings super softness to skin. The naturally high vitamin-rich raspberry extract and vitamin E content in our rice bran oil, hydrates skin, while the course salt and sugar grains slough away dead skin cells. Leaves a glistening, non-greasy finish that keeps winter dullness away! Sold in a 12 oz glass jar. The Rasmopolitan is 97% natural, and like all FarmHouse Fresh products, it is Paraben & Sulfate free!"

Yes, you read that right -- this body scrub is made with vodka, making for a spirited exfoliator for your body.  I couldn't believe at the results of this body scrub.  Living in New England, I find my skin gets extremely dry during the cold winter months.  Not only does my skin feel dry, but my elbows, knees and feet seem to suffer the most, as they crack or become really rough to the touch.  But, after applying this scrub onto my wet skin in shower, I found that after I patted my skin dry, that it was silky soft -- just after one application.  Wow!  Never have I have a lotion or body scrub to work as fast as this one to rehydrate and smooth out my rough, dry skin.  And, the smell is simply amazing -- as it includes not just organic vodka, but also sugar, Vitamin E, and a fresh raspberry extract that sweet pampering experience.

I now know what to get those hard to shop for people on my list, as well as a few of my close friends who just became moms for the first and second time.  Everyone needs a little pampering and time to unwind and relax.  If you can't seem to find time to make it for a spa day, or simply like to pamper yourself at home, then the wonderful offering from FarmHouse Farms will make your "me time" that much more enjoyable, as you pamper yourself and your skin.

Just look at some of the wonderful products they offer, that would make for great stocking stuffer ideas, holiday office grab ideas, or gifts for yourself that you want to hint at.  

Front Porch Punch Shea Butter Cream

Agave Nectar Ageless Body Oil

Strawberry Smash - Double Moisturizer

Sweet Cream Body Milk Lotion -  Decorative Cruet

Whoopie! Cream Shea Butter

Honey Lavender Fine Grain Salt Scrub

Whoopie! Cream Confectionery Glass Candle

I will be asking my husband for a handful of FarmHouse Fresh items this holiday season, after trying and falling in love with the two body milk lotions and body scrub I was recently sent to try, including the Strawberry Bushel Basket Gift Set shown below, which contains a Strawberry Smash moisturizer + Sweet Cream Fine Grain Body Scrub with mixing spoon.

Strawberry Bushel Basket Gift Set

I also want to try the Honey-Magnolia Sparkling Soak, which comes in a glass soda bottle. Bath time will be more fun with this bath oil, with its honey and magnolia flower scents.  :-) I've never seen anything like this and am eager to try it out, and have an excuse to soak longer in the tub, as I relax listening to music or catching up on a good book. :-)

Honey-Magnolia Sparkling Soak

Let a hint of honey and magnolia flower envelop your body, with this beautiful vitamin-rich bath oil that brings an instantly silky, soothing feel to skin. Just placed on Elle's Lust List--"time to fill your soaker tub and 'Bliss Out.'"

Use in your bath water or apply directly to skin as a light but deeply hydrating body oil. Honey Magnolia Soak imparts wonderful benefits to skin as Grapeseed and Olive Fruit oils have powerful antioxidants which diminish the damaging effects of sun, enhance the synthesis of healthy collagen and elastin and improve skin's texture. Plus with this gorgeous scent, you'll be the sweet breeze that blows in! Honey Magnolia Sparkling Soak is 96% natural, and like all our products, it is paraben and sulfate free."
To learn more about FarmHouse Fresh and their product offering, or to place an order through their online store, visit  


Not sure which scents or products you will love or want to try?  How about ordering a FREE sampler bag, which contains a surprise mix of 5 FarmHouse Fresh products.  You simply pay shipping and handling, and will be able to try out a variety of products before committing to full-size ones.  I love when you can sample before you try, especially when it comes to bath and body products.  But, just be ready as you will probably want them all after trying the samples. :-)  This line of bath and body products is simply amazing and leaves your skin soft and smooth.

Stay up-to-date on new product additions, special offers and more by following FarmHouse Fresh on their social media channels:

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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