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Get Ready for a Ghoulishly Good Time w/ Monster 500 Cars and Playsets -- Fun for Boys and Girls, Young and Old (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  However, all views shared are mine and mine alone.


Have you heard of Monster 500?  I hadn't until I was recently asked to review a handful of their creepy playsets and vehicles.  Now, you would think with a house filled with girls that we would just have dolls and princessy things laying around.  Quite the contrary, as my girls are also into toys that you would think would be just for boys.  Maybe it is there dad, who is also a kid at heart, that introduces them to these toys and gets them excited to get down on the floor and play with him and the toys.  Or, maybe they just like these kooky, creepy toys.  Either way, the Monster 500 samples we were recently sent to review were a big hit with the girls , as well as their cousins and friends who spent Thanksgiving with us.

 I was sent the following Monster 500 cars and playsets to try out with the kids...

·         Monster 500 Small Vehicle
·         Monster 500™ Large Vehicle
·         Monster 500™ Toxic Terror Trap Playset
·         Monster 500™ Graveyard Gauntlet Track Set

We are no stranger to train sets and building playset  both geared towards boys and girls in our house.  And, I can tell you that if they came pre-assembled for an added fee, I would probably pay for it, as they can really be a pain to put together.  Not only are they hard to take out of the box, but trying to read the directions, while having your kids take the pieces and want to help, makes for a very stressful time.  Everyone wants to play, and I don't blame them, as they see the cool playsets on the box and expect them to be up in a snap.

Knowing how tricky playset, especially race track one can be to put together, my husband and I were psyching ourselves up to put together the two Monster 500 the day before Thanksgiving.  We wanted to have them put together before we had a house full of kids, which would have made it nearly impossible to do.  Boy, were we surprised at how quickly it was to put the two playsets together -- with no fuss or muss.  Unlike other playsets, the Monster 500 pieces are larger and don't have many little pieces that leave you scratching your head trying to figure out where they go, or why you have extra pieces.  

We put this together in a matter of minutes. :-)

While the girls played around with the two Monster 500 vehicles that were sent, as well as the ones that are included with the playsets (2 with the Monster 500™ Graveyard Gauntlet Track Set and 1 car with the Monster 500™ Toxic Terror Trap Playset), my husband and I quickly put together the playsets, before trying them out for ourselves.  We loved the Monster 500™ Graveyard Gauntlet Track Set, which had a long race track which at the end let you know won the race by flipping up a skeleton arm (creepy, but cool).  

The girls quickly jumped in and wanted to play.  usually my husband and I will sit back and watch them play, but we found ourselves getting excited and wanting to race, too.  And, instead of preparing side dishes for Thanksgiving the night before, I found myself enjoying quality time with the girls and my husband as we played, laughed and had a blast playing with the two Monster 500 playsets and vehicles sent out way.

The next day, the girls awoke earlier than usually, just so that they could continue to play with these fun playsets.  And, as their cousins and friends started to arrive, the laughter got louder and the living filled with both kids and adults laying on the ground playing with the playsets, or running back and forth retrieving the Monster 500 vehicles to race again and again.  

Who knew that a play, especially one that has scary looking monsters, would be such a hit.  My girls are still playing with their Monster 500 playsets, and have also become the hangout spot in the neighborhood when it rains or snows, as the kids (both boys and girls) want to come inside and have dueling races, or simply run around the playroom or living room with the Monster 500 vehicles, as they pretend to be toxic creatures and creepy monsters. :-) 


Monster 500, while a toy you would expect to be geared towards boys, is also a hit with girls, for its fun features and thrills and spills.  I loved playing with the racing playsets my brothers had growing up, but have to say that the Monster 500 are so much cooler and fun.  Now, to get a few more vehicles so we don't fight over who gets which car, or whose car is faster.  :-)

If you are looking for fun toys that will appeal to both boys and girls, and be played with time and again, why not check out the Monster 500 playsets and cars?  You will find that when you purchase the Monster 500 vehicles that they will include the car and fun trading card.  This trading card has a Monster 500 code that will unlock a monster car in the FREE Monster 500 Racing App.  

Check Out the Free Racing App

We just downloaded this app yesterday, and my husband and daughters were having fun seeing their favorite Monster 500 cars and characters come to life on the iPad.  So, make sure you check out the FREE Monster 500 Racing app once you purchase the vehicles and playsets this upcoming holiday season.


Family and friends keep talking about how much fun they had at Thanksgiving playing around with the Monster 500, and have asked if the race track and Graveyard Gauntlet playsets are still up, so that they can continue playing around when they come for Christmas.  I was happy to report to them that "Yes, the playsets are still up", but they will have to bring their own Monster 500 cars, as my girls don't like to share and can't get enough of these "awesome"  (their word) creepy playsets. :-)

Big cars with scary good light and sound

To learn more about Monster 500 including the die cast cars and playsets available, as well as the FREE Monster 500 Racing App, visit:

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Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  However, all views shared are mine and mine alone.

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