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Ubisoft Releases Not One But Two New Pet Simulation Games from the Popular Petz Franchise #PetzBeach #CleverGirls #Sponsored

Even though we have a rescue dog named Lily, my girls keep asking us to get another dog, as we used to have two others, Abby and Manny, who passed away last year and the year before due to illness.  And, now with the holiday shopping season starting soon, we are seeing pet shops in the malls stocking up on little dogs, to draw in business.  You know what I am talking walk by the store window and see little puppies sleeping or playing together and your first instinct is that you want one...mine, too!  And, now when the girls come shopping with me and see these adorable fur balls, they can't stop asking for one of their own. If only they knew the work, time and money that goes into caring for a family pet.  All they see is the cuddling aspect, and not taking them out to go potty (that is after you potty train them) a handful of times a day, feeding them and taking them for a haircut and vet appointments, to name a few.  But, thanks to fun games like Petz Beach from Ubisoft, which recently released in stores back on October 14th, they can get a taste of what it really means to have a pet and what goes into caring for them.  

Are you familiar with this new game, or the popular Petz franchise?  Did you know that the Petz franchise has sold over 23 million units worldwide?  Before our girls my husband and I used to love playing video games together.  He is a fan of Ubisoft's other popular franchise games like Assassin's Creed and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, while I am more of the party animal and love the Just Dance and driving games. :-)  It wasn't until we became aunts and uncles and started having our nieces and nephews ask for video games for their handheld gaming systems that we learned about popular games like Petz, which is a popular pet-simulation franchise among young children.  And, now that we have children of our own, they, too, love playing with these pet simulation games.

Features of the Game:

Petz Beach and Petz Countryside
  • Teach your Petz new tricks with the voice recognition system, enter quests and events, and train with a variety of skills.
  • Use facial recognition to bond with your favorite Petz and customize them with unique outfits.
  • Welcome new Petz and villagers and unlock new buildings like shops and a petting park.
  • Help villagers and their Petz in exciting quests and missions: Participate in the annual Halloween party, or take your Petz to search for a neighbor's lost ring.
  • Collect fun facts from Encyclopedia Britannica about animals, plants, and insects.
In the new Petz Beach, players choose a dog to care for.  As they complete quests, their village and connections expand with other Petz owners grows.  

Ever wondered what dog looks like with glasses?  Check out this cute pup, who is hitting the beach in style. :-)

Petz Beach and Petz Countryside

Another fun feature of the new Petz Beach game as your child progresses through it is that the environments also change with the seasons.  Something so small as seasonal changes really does help keep children, especially little ones, engaged and excited to continue through the game.

Petz Beach and Petz Countryside

Nintendo 3DS users can use the Street Pass feature with this new game.  This will allow them to connect with other Petz owners to exchange exclusive items and photos of their pets.  Neat, huh?  Little things like this make simulation games and games available from Ubisoft that much more enjoyable and fun.  My girls love connecting with their cousins to share photos of their virtual pets, as if they were providing updates on their "real" pets.  Oh yeah, and there is another cool feature, voice recognition, where players can teach their pets a variety of new tricks using voice commands.  What will they think of next when it comes to game features like this?  This feature alone has the girls laughing and smiling and thinking they have a "real" pet, as it does what they tell them to do. :-)

In addition to Petz Beach, Ubisoft also offers another Rated E game that is worth checking out called Petz Countryside.  

This game launched on the same day at Petz Beach (October 14, 2014) and also only $29.99 and available at Amazon, would make for a great stocking stuffer or bundle gift if you plan to surprise your child(ren) with a Nintendo 3DS this upcoming holiday season.  

If you do end up picking up both of these new Petz titles (Petz Beach and Petz Countryside), you will be happy to hear that by using the Nintendo 3DS Street Pass, you will be able to visit the other town with your pet and exchange exclusive items between the two games.  After telling my girls about this, and showing them the other game online, they have already asked Santa to bring them Petz Countryside for well as their own dog. :-)  For now, I am content with watching them learning about animals and how to care for a virtual pet, as they play these rated E games for kids from Ubisoft. :-)

Petz Beach and Petz Countryside

With over 50 different types of animals between the two games, kids will have a blast completing missions, while also learning fun facts about animals, plants and even insects, thanks to a partnership with Encyclopedia Britannica.

So, with upcoming long car rides traveling to visit relatives for the holidays or looking for a fun game or two to pick up for under the tree, why not consider the new Petz Beach and Petz Countryside games from Ubisoft?  We have only had this game a short time, but the girls can't get enough of it.  And, shh, don't tell them, but I have found myself picking up and playing with the game when they are napping.  Come on, I am a dog lover and the dressed up pups on the beach are hard to resist! :-)

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  1. This looks so adorable for kids I wish these were around when I was a child. I will have to tell my friends about this one thanks for sharing.
    heather [email protected]

  2. I love these animals! Looks like a cute game!