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Say "Thank You" to Our Military Veterans by Sending a Cookie Care Package from Katy's Goodness + Your Purchase Helps Fund Military Support Programs #KatysGoodness #ThankAVeteran #MC #Sponsored

Disclosure: I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Katy’s Goodness. I received samples for this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

Does Veteran's Day hold a special meaning for your family?  For me personally, my father and uncles served in the military, as did my father's father.  It was the norm back in the 50's and 60's to enlist in the service right out of high school.  Those who enlisted weren't doing it thinking it would pay for their schooling later on, like some who enlist today.  Instead, they wanted to become better people and serve their country, protecting those that they love.  War was always in their distance thoughts and whenever I ask my father, who was lucky enough to not be sent to war, he was always afraid of the call, as it meant that he would be on the firing line.  I don't know how those who are in the military can live like this day in and day out, and have family back home wondering about their safety all hours of the day.

During the time my father was in the service, he was fresh out of high school and had married my mom right before they stationed him in Germany.  There were no children in the picture, which made it easier on them, as this was one less thing worry about.  But, even though my father wasn't on the war lines, my mother was still worried.  There is always uncertainty in life, but being in the military or having family serving, this is a stressful uncertainty that shouldn't have to be lived by families.  But, these men and women serve their country to protect us and to make sure we are safe and have our freedoms.  They don't expect anything in return for their sacrifices, which is truly admirable.

Many veterans, like my family return from war or come out of the service and go  on to take professions like being a police officer or a firefighter -- again, jobs where they put their lives in danger on a daily basis to protect others.  It is something in their blood and something that they are put on this earth to do.  My father served his country both in the military for most of his 20's and then went out to serve his community where he grew by protecting the streets as a police officer for over 25 yrs.  And, never once does he expect a thank you, even though it is nice to hear.  He did what thought was right and never looked back.  So, as we look towards Veteran's Day this upcoming Tuesday, I will be making my father blush and feel uncomfortable (that is just him) when I thank him over and over again for his services, along with my girls.  And, once my girls get older I can't wait to share how their grandfather and other relatives all stepped up and can honorably call themselves veterans for the services they provided their country and those that get to live in this great land with freedoms other countries still don't have.  The least we can say is "Thank you."

Want to do more to just say "thank you" to a military veteran and their loving families?  How about sending a cookie care package from Katy's Goodness

A random act of kindness made easy by Katy’s Goodness ™, a good-for-you brand of cookies that has proudly supported America’s military veterans since 2004.

For only $30 (includes shipping) you can have a cookie care package sent to a military veteran. Each cookie care package consists of six bags of Katy’s Goodness My OH Mega® Cookies (about a dozen cookies per bag), a thank you card, and printed information on organizations that support America’s military veteran community with housing, jobs, education, and medical and mental health services. 

Once a care package is purchased, Katy’s Goodness will automatically ship the package to a military veteran through their partners on behalf of the purchaser.

More About the Katy Goodness "Thank a Deserving Military Veteran" Campaign:

Veteran Care Package

"Between now and Veteran’s Day 2015, people can thank a military veteran by ordering a Katy’s Goodness Cookie Care Package to be shipped directly by us to one of America’s 22 million military veterans. For every purchase, Katy’s Goodness will donate funds back to the local affiliates of its nationally recognized charity partners:, Easter Seals, Student Veterans of America, Warriors in the Workplace, and Support Military Foundation. A national program that returns back to the local level where change happens.
If you have ever considered doing a random act of kindness for someone, why not let it be for a Veteran, as we celebrate Veteran's Day on Tuesday.  Let your cookie care package from Katy's Goodness remind veterans all over that their sacrifices and service meant/means something to you, and how grateful you are for their selfless act.  While a "thank you" is nice...wouldn't it be even better to surprise a veteran with a cookie care package, as a way of letting them know you are thinking about them and thanking them over and over again each day, as they open and enjoy their cookies?!  

"This campaign lets you help fund essential programs for our veterans and their families, while allowing you to positively effect an American military veteran on a very personal level. It’s proven that random acts of kindness can make a difference in someone’s life. Most dramatically, with this special touch we may be able to help turn around the heart-wrenching number of suicides of over 22 per day in our veteran community.  The hope is that a care package will arrive on a doorstep at just the right moment or touch a child that lives with a veteran, empowering the fact that America does care and the veteran's service meant something!"

I was recently sent a sampling of Katy's Goodness cookies, similar to what is being sent as part of this campaign, and have to say my family loved them.  

Both of my girls, who are picky eaters, couldn't stop reaching in the bag for another and then another.  Luckily, I was able to hide a few of the bags, so that we could share them with local veterans in our neighborhood, and thank them in advance of Veteran's Day.  This surprise visit with the veterans was enjoyed by both them and my girls.  My girls got to see pictures of them in their service uniforms and hear their service stories.  The best part next to surprising the veterans with the cookies when when Savannah and Bella thanked them and gave them a great big hug for all that they have done for our country.  :-)  See even children can show their thanks to our military men and women for Veteran's Day! :-)

Learn more about the Thank a Deserving Veteran campaign by visiting

Through the Katy’s Goodness “Thank A Deserving Military Veteran” campaign, we are striving to deliver cookie care packages to two million military veterans’ doorsteps, and, as a result, donate more than $3 million dollars to military veteran support organizations."

Stay connected to Katy's Goodness by following their official website and social media pages:

Disclosure: I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Katy’s Goodness. I received samples for this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

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  1. What a wonderful campaign! I think a lot of times our Veterans are forgotten. We need to remember to THANK them!