Thursday, November 6, 2014

New from the Flatiron Film Company -- BBC's Hit Television Series -- WOLFBLOOD: SEASON 2 -- All 13 Episodes on 2 DVDs

"When Rhydian Morris joins Maddy Smith’s school in Stoneybridge, the small rural town where she lives, they form a seemingly unbreakable bond, sharing a secret no one else can know. They are Wolfbloods, part human, part wolf, with extraordinary powers, speed and senses, along with the ability to transform at will. As the wild, wolf side of their nature struggles for supremacy with the human side, they try to find their rightful place in the world. When untamed, wild Wolfbloods dramatically enter their lives claiming Rhydian as one of their own, it puts them both in jeopardy, testing their love and trust in each other and those closest to them. But each triumph over adversity brings unforeseen twists and turns, and the human world begins to hone in on their secret with dramatic, heartrending consequences."

The Scape Goat (Secret Episode): Rhydian’s Background
DISC 1 (episodes 1-7): Leader of the Pack / The Girl from Nowhere/ Grave Consequences / Total Eclipse of the Moon / Ancient Grudge / Mottled Poppy / Top Dog
DISC 2 (episodes 8-13 + bonus): Desperate Measures / Dances with Wolfbloods / Fall of the Wild / The Best of Both Worlds / Going Underground / The Discovery / Bonus – The Scape Goat

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