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Introducing the New No Sugar Added Fruit Cups from DOLE -- Toss the Sweets and Hand Your Child This Healthy Snack Instead - Review and #Giveaway

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Are your kids finally done with their Halloween candy, or were you able to donate it to the troops or did you have them exchange it for a toy instead?  If you are looking to sweet tooth fix with a healthier snack option, look no further than DOLE No Sugar Added Fruit Bowls. 

While fruit bowls may not be top on your child's list for snacks, once they try the all-natural Dole Fruit packed in water and sweetened with monk fruit, available in Diced Peach and Mandarin Oranges varieties, they will see why DOLE is the #1 brand in single serve cups. :-)

No Sugar Added

I have shared on numerous occasions how my oldest, Savannah, is a picky eater.  And, when my other daughter, Bella, and watching her eat and sees her turn away food, she will do the same, even if she usually likes it. Monkey see, monkey do!  The one thing I can get my girls to eat, however, is fruit.  But, like everything else, it has to be certain foods, like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, bananas and apples with the skin removed.  If I serve them any other fruits they will let out  a "Yuck" and push it away.  

A couple of weeks ago, I was sent a sampling of the new DOLE No Sugar Added fruit bowls t sample.

Even though I know that my girls are not fans of fruit cups, I was hoping that with a change of luck, that they would be open to watching to try it, now that they are getting a little older and like to explore and try new things more.  At first, no such luck.  They were fine with posing for photos, but when it came time to serve up these healthy fruit bowls, there was resistance before they walked away and asked for something else.  But, then, when Savannah came down with a head cold the other day and was looking for something sweet to sooth her sore throat, she was willing to try the DOLE No Sugar added diced peaches.  

I told her that with the water added (no syrup in these fruit bowls like others on the market), it would be easy for her to get down and the sweetness (even though there is no sugar added) of the fruit would coat hand sooth her throat.  She sat at the table and took a little bite.  Instead of getting a "Yuck" reaction from her, she asked for more.  

Not only did she like how the peaches were bite size and easy to get on her spoon and into her mouth, but they tasted great.  Spoon after spoon, she smiled, until she found herself scraping the  bottom of the fruit bowl, before picking it up to drink up the last drops of the tasty goodness of the DOLE snack.

I did try the DOLE No Sugar Added Fruit Bowls mandarin oranges variety with the girls, but they weren't fans.  That was good, as both my husband and I love Mandarin oranges, as a snack or added to our salads, so we were happy we were having a healthy snack to enjoy, too!  

These DOLE fruit bowls are sweetened with monk fruit concentrate, not artificial sweeteners.  They also feature all natural fruit, are gluten free, NON-GMO and have BPA free packaging.

Each DOLE fruit bowl is just 40 calories or less!  How great is that?!  This is perfect for those looking to watch their weight, on a diet, or just want a healthy snack without having to decipher information on nutritional labels.

Since receiving the two packs of DOLE No Sugar added Fruit Bowls, I have since picked up more of the peach one to have on hand in the fridge and to send Savannah to school with for a snack.  
Bella helping me unpack the groceries...

She didn't want to hand over the DOLE No Sugar Added Peaches to be added to the fridge -- 
I guess she was afraid I would eat on them on her. :-)

I love seeing my girls open the refrigerator door and reach for a DOLE fruit bowl for a snack, instead of looking for sweets or another less than healthy snack option.  And, at around $2.79/4-pack, you can't go wrong for the price.  These grab-and-go bowls also make for a  great on-the-go healthy snack, for both kids and parents.

To learn more about DOLE No Fruit Added Fruit Bowls, including the diced peaches and mandarin oranges, click here.  Keep an eye for the pineapple variety coming soon.  Right now, you can also visit and print out a coupon to use towards your next DOLE No Sugar Added purchase. :-)

You can find the new DOLE No Sugar Added Fruit Bowls, in addition to their other product offering at your local grocery store in the canned fruit aisle.  Having trouble locating these fruit bowls at your local market?  Try using the online store locator to find a retailer near you who carries this product offering --

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Want to try out DOLE No Sugar Added Fruit Bowls with your family?  Thanks to the kid folks at DOLE, one lucky reader will win a one month's supply of Dole No Sugar Added fruit bowls, to enjoy with their family.  Nice, huh?  

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Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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