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Holiday Gift Ideas -- Skip the Holiday Themed PJ's This Year and Give Pajamas from Brian the Pekingese (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Sleepy time Is Comfort Time for Children With New Night Attire From Brian the Pekingese

Do you have any special holiday traditions?  We started a new tradition last year where we would let the girls unwrap one gift on Christmas Eve.  The gift is usually a new pair of pajamas, a holiday themed book, a new toothbrush and magic dust to sprinkle on the lawn.  The girls got a kick out of all the goodies, especially their warm pj's.  This year will be continuing this same tradition, and it will be extra special as both of our girls now understand the concept of Christmas and have been eagerly awaiting his arrival since mid October when they started to see Christmas decorations fill the shelves at the local stores.

If one of your family's traditions is to surprise your child with new pajamas on Christmas Eve, or you simply like to give comfy new pajamas as a gift, then you will want to know about Brian the Pekingese.  Who is Brian the Pekingese and what does he have to do with pajamas for kids?  Well, here is the back story on Brian the Pekingese, as I, too, only recently found out about this company through a review opportunity...

"It is this spirit that drove Angela and Wes Bentley, creators of Brian the Pekingese®, a full line of night attire and comforts for children and the families that cherish them. Inspired by the Bentleys' family dog, Brian, a fun- and affection-loving Pekingese who immediately took to his new human baby brother, the line is now available for sale in independent children's boutiques".

Pink or Purple Daisies for Girls


Brown or Blue Polka Dots for Boys

The initial launch consists of pajamas for boys and girls  is available in sizes from 18M to 5T, with the recent addition of bigger kid sizes including: 6-7, 8 and 10).  In addition to to the pajamas, there is also a delightful plush toy modeled after Brian that you can purchase to add to your pajama gift. 

Future line extensions will include bedtime storybooks featuring Brian, as well as different styles of slippers and other pajamas. 

"Angela and I created the brand after we brought our newborn son home from the hospital," says Wes. "We were pleasantly amazed at how our dog, Brian, bonded with the baby and took to sleeping under his crib to protect him and barking to alert us when the baby cried. Brian instantly became our son's first best friend."

Adds Angela, who is in the fashion industry, "We see our products not just as products, but as a family lifestyle brand that is differentiated by promoting and strengthening the bond with and role of the family dog in young children's lives."

While I was only sent one pair of Brian the Pekingese pajamas to review, my girls were lucky, as they are both in a 5T (crazy as they are 15 months apart).  The hard part of sharing the cute plush Brian the Pekingese dog that was sent with the pajamas.  Being a dog lover, I instantly fell in love with the plush dog and wished I could keep it.  But, I do get to snuggle with him when reading bedtime books to the girls, so it is all good! :-)  

When it comes to your child's clothes, do they have a favorite shirt or outfit they like to wear, and fight to take off?  Well, the new Brian the Pekingese pajamas we were sent became the favorite day time/bedtime outfit for Savannah.  And, they couldn't have come at a better time, as she was in the hospital recently due to a febrile seizure and per the doctor's orders, has been resting on the couch.  Not only has she been snuggling up with her Brian the Pekingese dog, but she has been comfy cozy thanks to these cute puppy dog pajamas that are made here in the USA from fine 100% pre-washed cotton, offering a comfortable softness and resilience to shrinking. 

Both of my girls fell in love with pajamas not just because they were pink and had a doggy on them, but the prints were playful and full of color. You can't help but smile when you see a child wearing these snugly pajamas.  

And, with the holidays fast approaching and families beginning to look for that special pair of pajamas to share with their child(ren) on Christmas eve, or to leave under the tree, why not consider picking up a pair of pajamas featuring Brian the Pekingese?  Your child will fall in love with Brian the Pekingese, and will fight to take them off, like Savannah does.  I have to admit, if they came in adult sizes, I would definitely be buying a pair for myself...heck, I would get them for the whole family and make it our holiday greeting card -- us all decked out in our Brian the Pekingese pajamas, snuggling up to our cute cuddly plush dog that you can order along with the Brian the Pekingese pajamas. :-)

To learn more about Brian the Pekingese pajamas, including ordering these Made in the USA pj's, visit:  

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Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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