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Help Children Conquer Their Bedtime Fears & nightmares with P'JAMERZ -- Seeking Support Through Kickstarter Now! #sponsored

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post from the Mums the Word Network & P'Jamerz. All opinions are my own.

While Pinterest and Facebook may be guilty pleasures for some people, I love checking out the projects looking for funding through Kickstarter. I love seeing the unique inventions and products people come up with and are looking for funding to bring their ideas to fruition.  I have helped fund a handful of projects so far, in which I received a product in exchange for my support.  Not only did I get to help get a project funded, but I also got to try it out once it was available.  It was cool to see how a product went from an idea or prototype to a final product that was funded by people from all over the world.  

As we gear up for the upcoming holiday season, I will definitely be checking out Kickstarter for projects to fund, and unique gift ideas for those hard to shop for people on my shopping list. Just the other day I funded a product for pastries and chocolates, in which I will be sent some to try. :-)  Another fun Kickstarter project I stumbled across was P'Jamerz, which kicked off yesterday (11/10) and will run through Christmas Eve (12/24).  

What drew me to this project in particular, besides how stinken' cute these plush toys are is that we are dealing with nightmares and monsters under the bed with our four year old, Savannah. A few months ago everything in her room at bedtime became scary, and she no longer wanted to sleep there.  We ended up moving into the guest room next store as we found ourselves putting her back into her bed repeatedly through the night.  She would then manage to sneak into our bed in the wee hours of the morning, which is only a full size bed and not big enough for two adults and  a four year old who loves to turn round and round when she sleeps.

I have read her books to help her overcome her fears as well as bought additional night lights to light up her room.  I know that she is going through a phase and will grow out of it, but, I also know that she is not alone with her bedtime fears. These cute dream catcher toys look like just the thing to help her conquer her fears and finally get a restful night's sleep.  Read on to learn more about P'JAMERZ, their creator and the rewards/goodies you could score when you pledge your financial support to this wonderful kickstarter project, that I truly hope gets funded.

About the P'JAMERZ Kickstarter Project:

Conceived over 2 years ago, P'Jamerz are here to empower children to conquer their fears and nightmares. Each toy comes with an interactive storybook that will reinforce the story and help children have sweet dreams. Four dreamers were given magical animal powers to help the twilight fairies defeat the evil KNIGHTMARE and his army of fear. These dreamers have been chosen to become the magical dream knights known in the kingdom of DREAMWORLD as P'JAMERZ!

The Kickstarter funding will help produce each plush toy plus produce each characters storybook and create an animated version of each storybook.  Here is a short video with Shauntay Michaels, the creator of these cute P'JAMERZ plush toys, talking more about her toys, how the idea came about and more...

Like I shared above, Kickstarter projects offer a fun reward/thank you for all that pledge.  For the P'JAMERZ project, those who pledge will be eligible to receive the following, based on their funding amount (while supplies last!)

Pledge $5 and receive:

***P'JAMERZ STARTER SET*** All 5 trading cards, each with a different P'Jamerz character (Archie, Karis, Tommy, Jia and Knightmare) PLUS get official P'Jamerz stickers. (Free Shipping to US and Canada)

Pledge $15 or more and receive:

***JOIN THE CLUB*** Any 1 P'Jamerz of your choice, plus that characters' storybook and trading card. (Free Shipping to US and Canada)

Pledge $30 or more and receive: 

***P'JAMERZ DUO*** Any 2 P'Jamerz, plus get those characters storybooks and those characters trading cards. (Free Shipping to US and Canada)

Pledge $60 or more and receive:

***THE UNSTOPPABLE FOUR*** Any 4 P'Jamerz, plus get those characters storybooks and those characters trading cards. (Free Shipping to US and Canada)

Pledge $75 or more and receive:

***THE WHOLE GANG*** Get ALL 5 P'Jamerz plus all 5 storybooks and all 5 character trading cards. (Free Shipping to US and Canada)

There are other pledge levels with unique thank you's, so be sure to check these out when showing your support for the P'JAMERZ project, now through Dec. 24th.

With your pledge you can make these cute dream catcher plush toys a reality for children all over the world who experience nightmares.  Let them take back their dreams with the help of their huggable new friends, the P'JAMERZ.

Are you a fan of Kickstarter, either as a way to raise money for a product or idea you have, or do you like to help support entrepreneurs and their dreams through a donation to their project?  Remember projects only receive funding if their funding goal is met.  I would love to see the P'Jamerz project get funded, as I know two little girls who would love to snuggle up close to these cute dream catcher plush toys.

To learn more about P'Jamerz and show your support by helping fund this project visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/655322822/pjamerz-dream-catchers.  

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post from the Mums the Word Network & P'Jamerz. All opinions are my own.

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