Thursday, November 6, 2014

An Afternoon Play Date Made More Fun with Ball Pets from Telebrands (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Ball Pets – Pop Up Friends – As Seen On TV

Last week I surprised my daughters and a couple of their friends after school with a toy testing party to try out a fun toy, that will definitely be a hit this upcoming holiday season.  Earlier this month I was sent a handful of Ball Pets, which are an "As Seen On TV" Telebrands toy.  Have you seen the infomercial on these cute roll em, toss  em and catch em toys?

Prior to being sent these toys, I knew nothing of them.  But, as soon as I and then my girls laid eyes on the Ball Pets, we fell in love.  They are really cute, and I love how each of the six pets have a fun name, including Sunny the Puppy, Pinky the Unicorn and Berry Blue Kitty.  Currently three out of the Ball Pets styles are available for purchase in stores, while the additional three colors/styles can be found online at

So, what makes Ball Pets so much fun?  This toys, which is geared towards children ages 3+ and retails for $19.99/Ball Pet, is two toys in one.  

When rolled up into ball, it can be used to play toss and catch or even rolled around on the floor.  But, the real fun begins when you pull open the balls and reveal the cute fluffy plus pet inside.

Ball Pets – Pop Up Friends – As Seen On TV
Ball Pets – Pop Up Friends – As Seen On TV

My girls and their friends had never heard of Ball Pets, so the big reveal was a treat.  I loved hearing the girls let out "Oh, how cute" "I want that one," among other fun comments, before I handed off the Ball Pets for them to play around with.  I was sent an assortment of colors, which made it fun for the girls to choose from, based on the their favorite color and the cute full size pet once they were all revealed.

The girls would have been content with just playing and snuggling with their Ball Pets, but I wanted to have fun at our "Surprise After School Ball Pets Party" and came up with some fun games that utilized the Ball Pets.  Knowing how much fun the girls were having rolling around their Ball Pets, I set up paper towel rolls in the hallways and had the girls use their Ball Pets as the bowling balls. 

They had a blast taking turns to see who could knock down the most paper towel rolls.  More giggles were hand when I blindfolded the girls and had they try out bowl without vision. :-)  After bowling, we moved on to the classic Monkey in the Middle game, where we used the Ball Pets in place of a ball.  This was another fun game the girls like using their new Ball Pets with.  And, for the next couple of hours, the girls played these and other games they came up with using their Ball Pets.  It was fun to watch them get creative and even make up new games using their Ball Pets.

I don't know about you, but I love toys that have multiple uses, as this keeps them fun and engaging for kids.  Usually toys are only played with the first day and then a handful of times thereafter, if they don't offer much interactive play.  But, I have found with the Ball Pets from Telebrands, that the girls not only love to snuggle with their furry friends at bedtime, but will carry them around the house, to play catch, or simple to lay with while watching a movie.  Savannah has even taken her Ball Pets to school for show and tell, and I heard the kids went crazy during the big reveal and couldn't wait to be given the chance to try out the Ball Pets, converting it from a ball to the full size pet.

With the holidays fast approaching, the Ball Pets would make a great gift to give children.  And, with the assortment of colors and styles, you are sure to find a Ball Pet that will put a smile on your child's  face.

To learn more about Ball Pets from Telebrands, including ordering these roly-poly pals online, visit

FYI... Right now Toys 'R Us has the Ball Pets for only $9.99.  You can order online and have shipped to your home, or pick up in stores.  For this price, why not pick up them all for fun rainy/snowy day fun.  It was hard for my girls and their friends to choose a furry friend.  I am guessing that Santa will be surprising them with a few of the other Ball Pets, at this price! :-)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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