Monday, October 13, 2014

Walmart's Prices Can't Be Beat -- And, They Will Prove It with Their New Savings Catcher Program #WMTSavingsCatcher #Sponsored

Disclosure: I shopped savvy using Walmart Saving Catcher, as part of a sponsored post for Crowdtap #WMTSavingsCatcher.

Have you ever gone grocery shopping only to find a few days later that items you bought at one store are on sale at another?  If only you looked at all the different weekly circulars and planned your shopping trips - then you could have saved money, right?  Well, if you are like most people, you find yourself spread thin when it comes to work and family, and the last thing you want to do each week is sit down and go through all the different circulars, trying to find the best deals.  Unless you are coupon shopper and strategically plan your shopping trips out, you simply write what you ran out of and what you need each week, before heading to a market or store of your choice, where you can get your whole shopping done.

For me, I have found my local Walmart to be my go-to store for my groceries and home essentials.  It is amazing how their milk and meat prices are so much cheaper than the local grocery stores.  But, there have been a few occasions, that after doing my weekly shopping at Walmart that I have ran to another store during the week to grab something I missed, while out and about running errands, only to find a few items cheaper than what I had paid at Walmart.  I would then find myself saying, "Oh shucks," as I thought of the few dollars I would have saved.  While those few dollars don't seem like much in the grand scheme of things -- but, repeat occasions like this add up over time.  If only there was a service, app, etc. out there that could track all the local competitors and inform you if an item you purchased is on sale elsewhere that week cheaper, and give you the difference.  Well, there is!  It is called the Walmart Savings Catcher program.  Thanks so much for the folks at Crowdtap for sharing this great savings program with me, as I would have been late to the game in saving money. :-)

How does the Walmart Savings Catcher program work and why should you download it, if you are a frequent shopping at Walmart, like me?  Watch this short video to find out...

Well, for starters, there is no enrollment or membership fee, and you have the option of downloading the app to your phone or visiting the Walmart® Savings Catcher website to share your receipt information for price comparisons.  

I only heard about Walmart® Savings Catcher recently from Crowdtap, but am already starting to see the savings add up.  

With two recent Walmart store visits, my two receipts have been scanned in, and I have been notified within 72 hours of their review of 32 local stores, that an 8 pk. of Coke I bought was cheaper at another store, and this resulted in a credit of $1.50.  

While I am not seeing significant differences and savings going into my Walmart Savings Catcher account -- which is a good thing, as it shows that Walmart's pricing is competitive and that they try to provide me with the best possible price -- on those occasions when I could have saved on a item purchase elsewhere, Walmart wants to match that price and will add this savings into my Walmart® Savings Catcher account. Neat, huh?  I love how they take the leg work out of sifting through weekly circulars, trying to plan numerous trips to stores just to try to save a few dollars.  But, if you look at the gas you spend, as well as your time, going from store to store, you really aren't saving.

What would you do with the money you will save as part of the Walmart® Savings Catcher program? As soon as you start accumulating Reward Dollars, you can transfer the amount to your Walmart eGift Card, or wait and let the savings rack up before cashing out your rewards dollars at a later date.   For me, I plan to let the saving add up over time, so that I can use it for last minute holiday gifts for family and friends, and even pick something up for myself. :-)  Want to learn more about the Walmart® Savings Catcher, and sign up so that you can start saving on things you buy all the time at your local Walmart, that may be cheaper elsewhere in a given week? 

Visit now to learn more and sign up today, and get ready to save! :-)

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Disclosure: I shopped savvy using Walmart Saving Catcher, as part of a sponsored post for Crowdtap #WMTSavingsCatcher.

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  1. Okay this app is brilliant and one that I for one would love to have. I do that all of the time I will buy a product and then the next day I will see it somewhere else for a lot less. Thanks for sharing this one.
    heather [email protected]