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Turn to Best Buy When Looking for New Appliances This Holiday Season @BestBuy #holidayprep #Sponsored

Disclosure: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

Best Buy

Can you believe that there are only 80 days left until Christmas?  Thanks to my two girls, they are quick to remind me that Christmas is fast approaching, each and every time they see a new toy on television that they want me to add to their wish list for Santa.  But, they are not the only ones looking at print and online ads and commercials and hoping that the jolly old man in red will surprise them with a few of their wish list items. Come on, you know you like to put together a wish list, too!  Kids can't have all the fun.  :-)

But, as we get older, our desire for toys changes to things like electronics and appliances.  Yes, you read that right - appliances. Even if you are not a cook or baker, or love spending time in the kitchen, when it comes to planning holiday meals for family and friends, you are quick to see that your appliances could use updating, to help make meal prep a little easier. 

With little ones in the house, I am always finding myself in the kitchen.  When I am not cooking for the girls, I am either washing or drying dishes, bottle, sippy cups, etc.  But, last Christmas, Santa (AKA my husband) surprised me with a new dishwasher.  After having my old one break at the end of September, I found myself wishing for a new one.  If you have children and a dishwasher, then you know what a time and lifesaving a dishwasher is.  You can simply load the dishwasher day or night, let it run and go about doing other things, or playing with the kids.  And, then once the rinse and dry cycles are over, you are ready to put the clean, sparkly dishes and silverware away.  No broken nails or dry cracked hands from having your hands in soapy water all day.

My husband is not one to shop around for deals or know what brands are top rated or not. He is more of a picture and price guy -- if it looks good and the price is right, he will buy it - that is, unless it is a new tech gadget for himself, then price is not a factor.  Go figure.  So, when my husband saw me struggling after our dishwasher broke last year, and heard me hemming and hawing about how tough the holidays would be when it came to having clean dishes, cups, silverware to set the table with, he set out to look for a new dishwasher to surprise me with.  

While looking at computers at Best Buy online, he was surprised to find that they also offer appliances, including dishwashers.  He checked the brand that we had, as well as saw a few I had circled in print ads and had stuck to the front of the fridge.  And, right before my birthday, instead of a car with a red bow, I walked into my kitchen and found a brand new dishwasher ready to tackle my day to day dish loads, as well as upcoming holiday prep and after dinner messes.  

Samsung - 24" Built-in Dishwasher - Stainless-Steel - Alternate View 1

A dishwasher really does make dish washing a breeze.

Just like my girls were on Christmas morning, I had a smile from ear to ear when my I saw my new dishwasher that my husband had picked up at Best Buy.  And, now as we gear up for our annual Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners at our house, with family and friends, I don't have to consider disposable plates and cutlery like last year, as I have a dishwasher ready to help me out!

If you weren't aware like my husband was, or haven't checked out the top name brand appliances that Best Buy carries, why not head on over to to learn more.  Best Buy knows that the holidays are hectic, especially when it comes to cooking and entertaining.  This holiday season why not make cooking easier with the latest appliance technology including induction cooking that enables you to boil water in less than two minutes.  You can find the Frigidaire FGIF3061NF plus induction at Best Buy, which reduces clean up time because spills don’t burn on.  

This Frigidaire range also includes a convection oven which circulates the air in the oven for quicker baking time.  I love to bake and can see the Frigidaire FGIF3061NF plus induction fitting in perfectly in my kitchen. Now to convince my husband that it is the perfect gift for me this Christmas. :-)

Another great innovation within cooking are double ovens that let you cook two dishes at two different temperatures at once like the Whirlpool WGG555S0BS, but still fits within the space of a standard range.

I can see this double oven from Whirlpool coming in handy for those who host large gatherings during the holidays and year round.  Or, if you are like me and like to get the kids in the kitchen to bake -- a double oven sure does come in handy when you are baking dozen of cookies for school functions, sleepovers, etc.

So, as you start to look over your kids' wish lists this holiday season, why not take a look in your kitchen and see if there are appliances that could use updating.  And, if you in charge of cooking the family holiday meal, all of this technology will allow you to get the food the way you want it prepared, while also saving you time, so you can spend it with the ones you love.  Don't go crazy researching the best deal on these appliances.  Instead, head to your local Best Buy or visit to learn more about these appliances, and how they can make your life or time in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable. 

Disclosure: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

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