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"Switchcrafted: The Story of the Switch Witches of Halloween" Introduces a New Tradition for the Halloween Season - Available Now at (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a review copy from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Is your family a fan of holiday book and gift sets? If so, do you have a favorite Halloween one?  Up until recently I wasn't aware of any Halloween book and doll gift sets available.  Then, I was contacted and asked to review Switchcrafted: The Story of the Switch Witches of Halloween.  Now, we do, and I can't stop raving about this cute hardcover keepsake box set with family and friends.

While kids love dressing up for Halloween and going door to door asking for treats, parents, on the other hand, probably wish they wouldn't bring too much candy into the house.  I have two little ones, who I rarely give candy too.  So, when holidays like Halloween roll around, I try to find other ways to celebrate with them.  But, last year, was rough, as the girls wen trick or treating for the first time and gave home with buckets of candy.  Many people gave them extra candy because they were so cute.  And, each and every time the girls saw candy falling into their buckets, my girls' eyes lit up with excitement, and they couldn't wait to go home to go through their candy and have a few pieces.

I tried to hide the candy, but when they woke the next day they had tantrums all day because I took their candy away.  If only there was a way to get the girls to give up their candy in exchange for something else?  There is where the Switchcrafted: The Story of the Switch Witches of Halloween book comes in.  


"On a cold and windy Halloween evening, children everywhere asked “Why are witches part of Halloween?”  The story needed to be told, and the children deserved an answer.  Witches are part of Halloween because they desperately need your candy! 
In the mysterious world of cauldron bubbles, flying broomsticks and black cats, witches cast their spells turning nobles into beasts, straw into gold and magic lamps into wish-giving genies.  Staying up late and flying a broomstick to conduct all of these tasks requires lots and lots of energy.  And for witches, energy only comes from candy--any kind of candy to be precise!  But the one spell that no witch can ever cast is the candy spell!
During the month of October, the Switch Witch is invited into your home.  Show her your best behavior and she gets the go-ahead from the Switch Witches to perform the magic of Switchcraft on Halloween night.  She takes your candy in exchange for a new toy!  That’s the deal...
“Remember that only good kids can trade,
So be on your best behavior and a Switchcraft will be made”            
Switchcrafted: The Story of the Switch Witches of Halloween from publisher Four Boys Industries.  Launched in 2014, Four Boys Industries is an independent book publisher spearheaded by corporate moms Audrey Kinsman and Pam Hatcher.  As the moms of four boys under 8, Kinsman and Hatcher's first book Switchcrafted: The Story of the Switch Witches of Halloween debuts nationwide in September 2014."
As you read the story, which will become a new tradition with your family, your children will be given the opportunity to give up all those sugary treats they received trick or treating in exchange for something healthier. Do you think your child would go for this?  This Halloween, I will put this book to the best, but I am confident that the girls will want to swap out their candy for something help.

What happens to the candy the girls will be giving up in exchange for a healthier treat?  It goes to the witches, who need the candy for fuel (energy, heat, broom fuel). Cute, huh?  While I don't think older kids will buy into the witches fueling up with their candy, little ones who are around my daughters' ages and believe in things like Santa, the Easter Bunny, etc. will eat this story right up! :-)

As soon as I showed the girls the book and doll set recently, they were quick to grab the witch and give a thorough looking over.  Bella asked why we had a witch and if she had any magical powers.  This let me segway into our new Halloween tradition, and that night at bedtime, we read this cute 20 page story.  Not only was the story easy for the girls to follow along, but it kept the engaged from start to finish because of the fun colorful illustrations that bring the story to life.

"Along with the hardcover book and whimsical Switch Witch toy, Switchcrafted comes with a keepsake box and signature trick-or-treat bag. Parents can also enhance their holiday fun by visiting -- a robust website and game app full of healthy Halloween recipes, DIY crafting ideas, candy swap solutions, and school-age appropriate games and activities for parents and teachers." 

My girls are not just counting down the days until they can dress up in their costumes and go door to door asking for candy.  But, they are also thinking long and hard about what special toy they will exchange it for.  

Right now, Bella is asking for Despicable Me pajamas, while Savannah is on the fence with either a Paw Patrol throw blanket or more My Little Pony toys (just want she needs!)  I even told them that if they leave out a note card, maybe the witches will leave them a thank you note, when they make their candy exchange. :-) 

So, if you have little ones, or are fans of holiday tradition book and toy sets like "Elf on the Shelf", then you will love this new gift set for Halloween. Don't delay as Halloween is fast approaching. Head on over to Amazon to pick up this cute box set, and began this fun tradition with your kids this Halloween season.  I can't wait to hear what your kids traded their candy for. :-)

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Audrey Kinsman is the author and creator of Halloween’s newest tradition Switchcrafted: The Story of the Switch Witches of Halloween (available September, 2014). A proud mother of two young boys, Kinsman struggled with finding a solution to the piles of candy that her two sons collected while trick-or-treating in 2013. An inspiration on a cross-country flight lead to the creation of the Switchcrafted: The Story of the Switch Witches of Halloween.

A graduate of Cornell University and the University of Southern California, Kinsman currently works in finance. She is an active member of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Young Presidents Organization and became a Certified Sommelier in 2006. Kinsman currently resides in Denver, CO with her husband and two sons. She loves 
to cook, ski and spend time with her family. 


Pam Hatcher has built a successful career developing products for the wholesale gift industry and launching them to market. She is excited to share the vision for Switchcrafted: The Story of the Switch Witches of Halloween (available September, 2014) with parents across the country.

After graduating from the University of Arkansas Hatcher co-founded Inviting Company, a wholesale invitation and paper company that she then sold to in 2012. She currently is an executive for a line of gift and stationery products, and is also an active member of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Young Presidents Organization. Hatcher lives in Denver, CO with her husband and two sons. She is an avid reader, loves food, wine and art, and will find any excuse to spend time outdoors. 

Disclosure:  I was sent a review copy from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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