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Skip the Pre-Wash By Using Cascade Platinum - Gets Dishes Clean Every Time! #DDDivas #CascadeShiningReviews #sponsored @MyCascade

Disclosure: This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Cascade. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.


Last month I shared with you how I introduced family and friends to the wonder of Cascade Platinum.  During my annual Labor Day cookout, I was cooking up a storm inside and out.  You know what that means -- lots and lots of dishes. Ugh.  But, thanks to the invention of the dishwasher and Cascade I didn't have to worry about breaking a sweat, scrubbing stubborn set in debris and crud on dishes and pans.  Instead, I simply loaded up my dish washer, added Cascade Platinum and could enjoy my company.  :-)

While some of my guests had dishwashers and know the benefits of them if you have kids, others either had them but didn't use them, or never felt the need for them.  But, if you are like me and like to host parties and dinners, especially over the holidays, or just have kids, a dishwasher is a real time saver.  For those who used a dishwasher, I was surprised to hear that not one used Cascade products.  But, that all changed, thanks to the demo I gave.

Cascade Platinum Pacs Dishwasher Detergent

Experience our best clean. So powerful, it leaves your 
silverware and dishwasher sparkling.

  • Delivers the premium, advanced triple action formula that helps prevent residue on your dishes and filming in your dishwasher.
  • Has the Grease Fighting Power of Dawn.
  • Scrubs away tough 24-hour stuck-on food.
  • No need to pre-wash dishes.
  • AVAILABLE IN: Fresh and Lemon Burst scents

Unbeatable Shine, Drying Action, and Etch Protection*

  • Outstanding spot and film protection.
  • Helps rinse away food particles and residues that can cause spots on dishes.
  • Great drying action.
  • Etch protection helps prevent further damage to your dishes. 
  • AVAILABLE IN: Original scent
*vs. detergent alone.

The night before our cookout, I made a couple of batches of fudgey brownies, as well as everyone's favorite comfort food, Mac 'n Cheese (thanks to a recipe from The Pioneer Woman).

After everyone ate, I asked them to come into the kitchen.  At first, they thought I was going to ask them to work for their supper.  But, instead I wanted to show all the dishes, most with stuck on food, and how with the help of Cascade, they would come out sparkling clean -- without the need to pre-soak or wash.  Many thought I was crazy.  But, I was ready to prove them wrong, and that I did.  I wish you could have saw everyone's reactions when I pulled out the glass brownie pan and drinking glasses after the wash and rinse cycles were done.  They sparkled like they were brand new.

This demonstration got everyone talking about how they weren't satisfied with their current dishwasher cleaning products.  Those with a dishwasher planned to pick up a bottle of Cascade Platinum the next time they went food shopping.  I told them they didn't have to wait, as I had samples to send them home with.  Everyone loves freebies! :-)

Shortly after my Labor Day cookout, word spread through my circle of friends about how I showed off the amazing cleaning power of Cascade Platinum.  Those who couldn't attend my cookout wished they had, so that they could have saw how well it worked, and score some goodies.  Thanks to the folks at Cascade, they sent me enough product to host two parties.  So, last weekend, I set aside Saturday night for a girls night in, with a handful of my good friends.  We drank wine, had tapas, a hot meal and watched movies, while catching up.  And, just like at my Labor Day cookout, I made a point to cook a dish prior to the party to let the pans and bowls sit overnight, which would make it hard to clean, if you didn't soak.  I ended up making a French Toast Bake with another The Pioneer Woman's recipes, as well as tray of fudgey brownies.  Come on, I am a chocolate lover and can't host a party or get together without serving up something with chocolate :-)

Just like at my Labor Day cookout, I had the ladies come into my kitchen and demoed how well Cascade Platinum worked at getting all the dishes sparkly clean.  My husband, who was home to watch the girls was in the kitchen.  so, I let him do the honor of taking the dishes out and showing them off.

Before my Labor Day cookout where I showed off how great Cascade Platinum is, my husband never knew how to operate the dishwasher.  Since then, he loves to fill the machine, add the Cascade Platinum and be amazed each and every time how clean the dishes and glasses come out -- always clean and sparkling.

My girlfriends were amazed too at how well Cascade Platinum worked, especially with the stuck on French Toast Bake pan.  You would never have known I had made this, as the pan came out spotless. :-)  Next to being able to have girl time with my friends, the best part of the night was being able to send my friends home with samples so that they could see how well Cascade Platinum works for themselves.

It has only been a few days since my girls night in, but I have received countless phone calls from those who attended about how much they are loving Cascade Platinum, and how their dish clean up is a breeze now, as they don't have to pre-soak or wash, or put through a second wash/rinse cycle to get stuck on dishes and pans clean.

And, check this out, if you don't believe me in how well Cascade Platinum works at getting your dishes spotless and clean each and every time.

New Cascade Platinum & Marie Claire Survey Reveals People Have a Big Opportunity to Improve Their Dishwasher Regimen

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