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I am Loving WaterWipes -- The World's Purest Wet Wipe -- It Contains 99.9% Water! #WaterWipes #sponsored @WaterWipesUSA

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by WaterWipes and Mommy Bag Marketing. Although I received product and financial compensation, all opinions are entirely my own.


Baby WaterWipes

Were you recently affected by the baby wipes recall that they had due to the finding bacteria in the wipes?  Scary stuff if you ask me, especially when you primary use wipes to wipe your baby's delicate skin and private areas.  Thankfully, I didn't have to worry as the wipes I used were not part of the bunch that were recalled.  I had recently made the switch to Water Wipes, and am so grateful that I have.  Have you heard of WaterWipes before? No? I hadn't either, until I was sent samples to try and to share with family and friends.  Now, I and my friends with little ones, and even those with older children have switched to this brand, as they don't contain chemicals or questionable ingredients that you usually find in other baby wipes, including the name brand ones.

So, what are Baby WaterWipes, and why do I and so many other parents, grandparents, day care providers, etc. love them?

Baby WaterWipes

"WaterWipes contains 99.9% water plus 0.1% Citrus Grandis seed extract – aka grapefruit seed extract" -- 
They are as pure as you can get!

Being a busy mom on the go, I oftentimes find myself trying to do too many things at once.  I may be cooking the girls lunch, while wiping down the counters and cleaning dishes, and even stopping to take a phone call, or put the wash into the dryer to dry.  With so many thing that have to get done in a given day, I am lucky I find enough time to go to the bathroom and breath. :-) But, being on the go all the time, I have found creative ways to use products and things around the house for more than just the purpose they were meant more.  Have you found yourself doing the same? :-)

Take for instance the WaterWipes.  I have a diaper station on the corner of the kitchen island with wipes, diapers and changing pad, in case I have to stop everything and change my youngest while she is playing on the main floor. It is quicker to change her on the floor in the living room, than rush upstairs to the bedroom to the changing table (which now that she is bigger, is growing too big for, which makes it difficult to change her). Having the wipes and diapers handy is great for quick diaper changes, so that she can return to the fun things she is doing, and I can continue with my to-do list, so that I can join her and Savannah for fun, too.  

Having the WaterWipes easily accessible on the counter, I have found myself reaching for these when the girls need their noses wipes, I need to quickly wipe up a spin on the counter, dining room table, an end table, the coffee table, etc.  I also love these all-purpose wipes as they are great for wiping down the counter, refrigerator, microwave, etc.  These tough, durable wipes can tackle all the areas in the kitchen that I would have otherwise used paper towels and cleaners for.  And, I have to say, they really do a great job in cleaning and leaving areas sparkling -- and not streaky.  

The WaterWipes have also come in very handy when I am crafting with the girls and need to clean up paint spills or wipe the excess finger paint and glue on their hands.  The wipes are gentle enough that I can scrub to remove the stuff, without irritating my girls' sensitive skin.  

WaterWipes can be used by anyone with sensitve skin: babies, todlers, tens, or adults!

Another use for these wipes that I personally love is to use them to remove my makeup at the end of the day, or wipe my face as a refresher after lugging groceries and other things in the house.  Unlike other pricey makeup removing wipes, the WaterWipes actually remove all the makeup I have on, which in turns helps prevents breakouts. 

Outside of the home, I have also found the Water Wipes to also be great to have on hand in the car, for wiping down the dashboard and seats, cleaning dirty hands when we return from running errands or have a snack in the car.   

So, are you seeing why I am loving the WaterWipes so much?  Not only do I love them for the purpose they were created for -- baby wipes, but I have found multiple uses around the house and on the go that I can use these wipes for.  I love not having to struggle to find hand sanitizer, running out of a roll of paper towels when a spill happens, or not have tissues on hand to wipe a runny nose.  Instead, I simply have to reach for a package of WaterWipes and I am all ready to tackle the task at end - no fuss no muss. :-)  I love the convenience and versatility of these natural baby wipes, but most importantly, I love that they are made with 99.9% water and contain no harsh chemicals. 

So, if you were recently affected with diaper wipes recall, or are just looking to make a switch to a better brand, that is perfect for baby's delicate skin, has no harsh chemicals which helps to prevent diaper rash, and also has many other uses, why not give WaterWipes a try?  People with skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, etc. can use WaterWipes

without any negative effects or discomfort, too!

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WaterWipes are now available at grocery stores nationwide, including Giant Eagle, Martin’s, Stop N Shop, and Giant Food in the states of CT, DC, DE, MA, MD, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA, WV.  In addition, you can also find WaterWipes at online retailers including  

Can't seem to find WaterWipes in a store near you?  Use their online store locator to find a retailer near you who carries these chemical-free wipes -

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by WaterWipes and Mommy Bag Marketing. Although I received product and financial compensation, all opinions are entirely my own.

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