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Hillshire Farm Introduces an All Natural Lunchmeat Line + My Picky Eaters Love It! #HillshireNaturals #Sponsored @HillshireFarm

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in which I will be compensated by Hillshire Farm for my time in purchasing and trying out the product line, as well as writing up an honest and through review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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Naturals Slow Roasted Turkey Breast

I have shared a time or two about how my girls, especially Savannah, are picky eaters. Well, Bella wasn't a picky eater, until she started doing what Savannah did.  And, when Savannah would say "Yuck" to food, then Bella would do the same.  Because of this, I dread meal time in our house, as it seems my kitchen has turned into a restaurant kitchen where I have to turn out a few meals, in hopes one will be eaten.

Do you have a picky eater in your house?  If so, do they have a limited number of foods they want or will eat?  For my girls, they will only eat mac and cheese, chicken noodle soup without soup and from one store only, hot dogs, french fries, chicken nuggets, pickles, pepperoni, tomatoes and a few cold cuts (they have to be ham or look like pepperoni or salami for them to eat it.  This limited menu makes meal time difficult, as I hate serving up the same things day after day.  

Being apart of a few mommy and me groups, I found that I am not alone when it comes to struggling with picky eaters.  I couldn't believe that in one group, that my girls seem to eat more than other moms' kids.  So, I guess I am lucky, right? :-)

Whenever I go food shopping, I like to go up and down aisles looking for foods I think my girls might like or want to try.  While over at the prepared deli meats area at my local Walmart the other day, I stumbled across Hillshire Farm Natural Lunchmeat.  I am familiar with the Hillshire Farm, but I had no idea that they had a line of prepared deli meats.  This new all natural lunchmeat line includes Slow Roasted Turkey Breast, Hardwood Smoked Turkey Breast, Honey Roasted Ham, and Black Forest Ham varieties.  

Naturals Slow Roasted Turkey Breast
Naturals Honey Roasted Ham
Naturals Hardwood Smoked Turkey Breast
Naturals Black Forest Ham

What caught my eye was how Hillshire Farm Naturals™ Lunchmeat doesn't contain artificial ingredients, preservatives, colors or added nitrites/nitrates Except those occurring naturally in celery juice.  Try finding other lunchmeats that are all will be difficult, as many contain ingredients that are hard to say and that many of us have no clue what it is.  Do you really want to serve your children processed foods or foods with unknown ingredients?  I sure don't!

Knowing that my girls are picky eaters and only eat pepperoni, salami and select ham types, I wasn't sure if they would like it.  Luckily, they were at the store with me, so that I could show them the new lunchmeat from Hillshire Farm.  Savannah was quick to point to the Honey Roasted ham one and asked for a slice.  "Wow," she never asks for things she is not familiar with.  She even let me take a photo of her holding the tub, as she didn't want me to put it back on the shelf. :-)

When we arrived home the other evening from our food shopping, I asked the girls what they wanted for dinner.  Savannah was quick to remind me that I had bough hammy ham as she calls it. :-)  I took the three Hillshire Farm Naturals™ containers we had bought at Walmart out of the fridge, and put the on the dining room table, along with flatbread wraps, tomatoes, pickles, etc. so that they could make their own sandwiches. 

I find that when the girls help make their own food, they are more willing to try and eat it.

So, what did the girls think of the new Hillshire Farm Naturals™ Lunchmeat products?  They LOVED them!  Savannah loved both the two ham varieties as well as the turkey variety.  This was the first time in a long time that meal time went off without a hitch.  And, since then, whenever it comes to preparing a lunch for the girls, or even dinner, I now have cold cut wraps using the new Hillshire Farm Natural Lunchmeat to add to the list of foods they will eat and enjoy.

Having success with my girls in liking this new product line, I couldn't help but share it with the other moms in my meet up groups.  I even brought some samples for them to try, as we were at the local playground for a playdate/picnic.  Not only did the kids enjoy the lunchmeat, but the moms did, too!  And, just like me, the moms were happy to learn that the Hillshire Farm Naturals don't contain artificial ingredients, preservatives, colors or added nitrites/nitrates (Except those occurring naturally in celery juice), like you find in processed deli meats found in the same area as these lunchmeats.  Another thing the moms loved about the new Hillshire Farm Naturals™ new premium line of lunchmeat is the way it is packaged.  

They loved the double-sealed, re-sealable tubs, that lock in freshness and keep the food tasting great.  The moms and kids left the playdate with full bellies, as well as a new go-to lunch for their older kids who take bagged lunches to school, as well for their little ones who eat at home.  Hillshire Farm Naturals provide a wholesome lunchtime meal that kids and adults will enjoy, as the meats are great tasting and all natural.  

If you have found yourself struggling to feed a picky eater, or coming up with lunches to send your kids to school with, now that school is back in session, why not pick up a few containers of the new Hillshire Farm Naturals lunchmeats.  Once you try this new product offering, you find these premium quality lunchmeats becoming a staple in your fridge, and an item you will add to your weekly food shopping list.  

While I found the Hillshire Farm Naturals™ new premium line of lunchmeat at my local Walmart store's packaged deli meats section, it can also be found at many grocery stores nationwide, with a suggested retail price of $4.48 per package. My Walmart is selling three of the four varieties for only $3.48/tub, which is great, as you get a lot of all natural premium lunchmeat in the tubs, compared to the price you would spend if you ordered from the deli counter.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in which I will be compensated by Hillshire Farm for my time in purchasing and trying out the product line, as well as writing up an honest and through review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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